22nd Century New Sign of The Arrival of Dajjal


In no way do i claim to know the future but at the end of this video youll see the scientific research which suggest around the 22nd century there will be a great …


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  1. beeps says:

    The voice at the end is a liar, the worlds cultivated lands do not equal the size of Africa. You take every man woman and child on the planet and they can all live comfortably in an area the size of Texas. Surely the cultivated land is not 8x that. Over population is a myth. While famine is certainly coming these not good proofs that it is here.

  2. Can you please name the scholar?

  3. Why do people keep telling us ,you have to believe in god jesus etc and if you do not you will get nothing,you will not go to gods kingdom and so on,its almost like blackmail or false promises so that you will join them in their beliefs,surely something so good would not expect you to believe all the bible or quoran etc says without offering any proof that any of the events ever took place or offer any proof of the existence of jesus or god.I myself believe there is a god and i pray directly to him,that is me being me i was not influenced by anybody or thing.

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