2/3 ~ SPECIAL Report – 1985 CNN ~ Electromagnetic – Radio Frequency Technology



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  1. Soulfree2008 says:

    most intellectuals these days are sooo caught up in needing absolute undeniable PROOF that they are blind to the secret war waging for decades now… I think I WILL put on my tinfoil hat, thank you very much!

  2. wolf2jon says:

    and yet we still have overhead power lines, cell phone towers, and 'smart' meters springing up all over, with the sheeple no closer to pulling their heads out of the 'talent' and 'reality' shows… thanks for uploading, luvly lady ;-j

  3. DianeDi says:

    @wolf2jon True + more & more of these "toxic towers" popping up all around us…. & people wonder why they feel so sick and/or sluggish, brain fog, etc. I honestly don't know where to run and neither do the bees (could also be chemtrails). This is nothing new, obviously & sure glad you "get it". I wish Tesla was around today to explain his technology. Dr. Judy Wood has evidence that this may well have been responsible for turning the World Trade Center towers *to dust*. drjudywoodDOTcom

  4. Woodpecker = HAARP. Sounds like the Soviets had it way before the US. That must have really pissed em off.

    "American RF programs have not yet been funded". Then where did all those billions go??? LOL

    Check out the Navy's RFMP (Radio Frequency Mission Planner) program which depends on Barium Salt aerosols and high-tech massive computers and satellites, all of which are here on Maui, and well-funded.

  5. RandyBful1 says:

    Nothing to see here, citizen – move along. I love that phrase!

  6. maybe all those years TV made fun of people thinking their teeth were picking up some radio program were closer to the truth then the population could of ever imagined. Very informative report Thanks for sharing this

  7. mind control is really not that hard people do it to people all the time just look at history

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