25 Creepiest Places on Earth


Aokigahara Forest

It’s not just the dense shrubbery that makes this place so creepy. It’s all the dead bodies. Located at the base of Mt Fuji, ever since the 1950s the Japanese have been committing suicided here in droves. In fact, its so bad that there are now signs scattered throughout the woods with sayings such as “life is precious” and “think of your family”.

Bird Suicide Grounds of Jatinga

The small village of Jatinga in northern India seems like any other quiet, isolated village in the world except for one thing…every year around the months of September and October hundreds of birds dive to their deaths within its city limits. To make things even stranger the incidents only happen in the evening between 7pm and 10pm across a roughly mile long strip of land. The village has even taken steps to capitalize on the phenomenon by setting up “bird watching tours” around area.

Catacombs of Paris

Around the 17th and 18th centuries Paris’s cemeteries were getting so full that residue from decaying organic material was getting into the water supply and creating very unsanitary conditions. Hence the creation of the Paris Catacombs.

Candido Godoi

This town in Southern Brazil holds an interesting distinction – it is the twin capital of the world. In fact, it’s twin birth rate is 18 times higher than the world average. Why? Well according to the locals it was after chief Nazi physician Mengele, who fled to the village after World War II, that the births started happening. Oddly enough Mengele was known to have a strange fascination with twins. Modern scientists, however, propose that it is most likely due to toxic waste or inbreeding. Either way, it’s pretty creepy.

Hellingly Hospital

If the name of this English hospital isn’t enough to convince you of its creepiness consider the fact that it’s not really a hospital at all. It’s actually an insane asylum, or rather it was an insane asylum before being abandoned several year ago.


Literally translated as Battleship Island due to its supposed resemblance to the massive vessel, like several other places on this list Gunkanjima used to be a mining facility, and just like those other places it shut down. Since then it has deteriorated even further and even been featured on the History Channel’s show Life After People


As a result of Turkish intervention on the island of Cyprus, several areas are no longer accessible to modern Cypriots. For this reason entire seaside resorts like Varosha sit completly empty and abandoned.

Prague’s Old Jewish Cemetery

Normally 1 overcrowded cemetery is enough to be considered creepy. The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague, however, takes things to a whole new level considering that it is actually 11 cemeteries stacked on top of each other! That’s right, the cemetery got so full that not once, not twice, but 11 times they actually decided to just build another cemetery right on top of the old one.

Isla de las Munecas

Found deep in the swamp of former Aztec country is what has come to be known as the Island of the Dolls. Although it is now abandoned at one time it had a single inhabitant. His name was Don Julian Santana Barrera and according to legend, one day a young girl drowned just off shore (don’t ask us how she got there). At any rate, not long after this, Don Julian found her doll floating in the water. Then he found another, and another. Supposedly as tribute he decorated the entire island with the dolls before mysteriously drowning in the very same canal as the little girl.

British Sea Forts

Constructed by the British Royal Navy during the Second World War as an advance line of defense these forts now sit abandoned a few feet above the waves of the North Sea.

Matsuo Ghost Mine

Located in northern Japan, this was once the largest sulfur mine in the Far East. After closing in the 70′s however, it was abandoned and the only thing remaining are the large residential complexes that used to house all of the workers. What makes this place so creepy though is the heavy mist that constantly shrouds the area. It’s so heavy in fact that some people have reported taking days to find the place.

City Hall Subway Station

Resting deep beneath the busy streets of New York City lies a subway station that no train has stopped at in almost 70 years, except for one public expedition on the stations 100 year anniversary

Ruins of Detroit

Detroit is a land of contrast. Although it has a bustling downtown area, many parts of the city are little more than memorials to a time long gone. With large industrial structures crumbling throughout, it is the face of urban decay.

Winchester Mystery House

It’s a strange tale but it starts with Sarah Winchester, the heiress to the Winchester fortune. After the death of her husband and daughter in the late 1800s she consulted with a medium claiming that she was being haunted by the spirits of all those who had ever been killed by a Winchester rifle. The medium told her that the only way to free herself was to start building house…and never stop. Surely enough until the day she died the Winchester Mystery House was under construction and it should come as no surprise that visitors today are likely to get lost within its deliberately winding and confusing interior.

Ghost City of Fengdu

This 2,000 year old ghost town is something like hell on earth, at least the Chinese version. Believed by locals to be the spot where spirits “crossover” after death, the place is chock full of burial sites and mock torture devices.


This medieval citadel located deep within Transylvania is best known as the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, the real life inspiratin behind Count Dracula.

Ryugyung Hotel

As one of the 20th century’s greatest architectural failures this hotel was only partially finished due to the barely surprising fact that the North Korean government ran out of money. At any rate, a huge abandoned North Korean hotel will certainly find room on this list.

San Zhi Resort

Found in Taiwan, this place was originally constructed to be a luxury resort but after a series of fatal accidents it was shut down by the government. Since then it has been shrouded in secrecy and not even the locals will dare to venture near the “death pods”.

Staten Island Tugboat Graveyard

Just north of Rossville on Staten Island, New York, you’ll find the final resting place of hundreds of tugboats, ferries, and barges, most of which are century old remnants of a time when New York Harbor was still alive and kicking.


Once home to over 50,000 people this Ukrainian city housed the the workers of the Chernobyl nuclear plant until its 1986 meltdown. Given that the city is in what has come to be known as the Zone of Alienation, or the 30 km radius surrounding Chernobyl, it is quite literally dead. These days, however, the government has started allowing tourists due to decreased radiation levels.

The Sedlec Ossuary

Ever since soil from the Holy Land was sprinkled over this small town in the Czech Republic people from all over the world have claimed Sedlec as their final resting place. After hundreds of years though, the number of bones on this relatively small property began to get a bit out of control and the priests realized they had to do something. Their chosen course of action? Redecorate…using bones. If you go today you’ll be greeted by an entire church built from seemingly nothing but human bones.

Beelitz Military Hospital

It was the year 1916 when a young German soldier was sent to this Berlin Hospital in order to recuperate from injuries sustained in World War I. Later to become the infamous Adolf Hitler, the hospital where he recovered was to suffer nary a scratch over the course of the next century. These days its abandoned halls stand as a tribute to some of the darkest days in human history.

The Overtoun Bridge

Found near the village of Milton in Scotland, this bridge is the location of numerous suicides – over 600 to be exact. Every year since its construction roughly 12 to 15 dogs launch themselves to their deaths…that’s right…dogs. Why? Well although there are numerous theories but no one really knows. One thing is for sure though – the dogs are hell bent on leaving this planet behind as some people have even witnessed dogs jump off, survive, climb back up, and jump off again.

Takakonuma Greenland Park

After opening in the 70s this theme park was abruptly closed down supposedly due to a number of deaths on its rides and what was once intended to be the happiest place on Earth is now gradually being swallowed by the encroaching wilderness. The close proximity to Fukushima (where the nuclear reactor melted down) and the ever present fog make this one of the top contenders for the next big zombie outbreak.

Actun Tunichil Muknal

Also known as the Cave of the Stone Sepulcher, it’s like something straight out of Indiana Jones. Housing numerous skeletons, the creepiest thing about this place is that most of them belong to children…sacrificed children to be more precise. Most likely many years ago there was a drought and these unfortunate youngsters were the ones chosen to have their skulls crushed.

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