2nd WallBounce Gnasher Montage Gears of War 3 – ImmortalBounce World Championship 2013


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OetUZXAzHCU second part of the world championship 2013 How to trick people with a banana: …


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  1. DJ Pachi says:

    man I dont even know anymore…

  2. karl kavo says:

    I can't angle bounce when looking at the right wall, but I can when looking at the left. Are you on default and how do you hold your Controller

  3. GNB FAMILLY says:


  4. Kyle Peters says:

    I know he plays with female characters because of their hitboxes but i play with savage hunter and savage grenadier elite for locust and Anthony and commando dom for cog. Will this setup work?

  5. Scott Chasse says:

    wow your connection is insane. Ive played with a shit connection ever since gears 1 and it makes a huge difference

  6. Bobby Jones says:

    modd controller obviously 

  7. taikaze says:

    best bouncer on the planet…
    there are extremly good bouncers in Ess, Deny, Avenge and other clans
    but Aldo Raine is the best of all times
    smoothest bounce ever
    he does not even look at the walls
    simply the best
    sorry if you not understand me
    my english is very bad

  8. james wayson says:

    its mostly speed and skill,but great connection is a factor….my connection is trash I could never move like that even if I played for 10 years

  9. Wow nice man! Do you still play? I trying to get my bouncing as smooth as your lol

  10. Craziest wall bouncing ive ever seen lol good video Bro.

  11. eric cruz says:

    What is name the song and the wallbaunce please say me 

  12. Jarad Louisy says:

    In both videos…..

  13. Bro just to let u know ess destroyzz isn't real bro, he's a teen poser…

  14. Oblivion 44 says:

    Nice the original soundtrack is back

  15. Andrew K 907 says:

    his bounces mind Fucks you

  16. sube mas videos de tu wallbounce! me gusta mucho verlos por favor!!!!

  17. Xernexes has nothing on this guy.

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