30 Best 2016 HD Alien UFO Encounters Caught On Camera That Will Make Skeptics Believe


We operate all however CGI filter and they all are legit flying UFOs & that’s incredible.
But if u can make clear any of these outside of weird objects, make sure you, remark
one. Texas. Discover how UFO disk jumps by means of the room
2. Oregon. 20 feet (6m) Flying metal polygon
3. LA. Weather camera twice caught an item shifting with hypersonic pace
four. New York. Object appeared look and vanish
5. New York. Exact same item caught by distinctive camera
six. UFO filmed in excess of Atlantic Ocean.
seven. LA. UFO in excess of LA filmed by a lot of folks.
8. LA. Exact same UFO by distinctive camera.
9. Texas. UFO filmed in corn area.
10. Washington. Discover UFO jumps by means of the room.
12. North CA. What you are seeking at is not Solar
thirteen. Florida. UFO in excess of the ocean
fourteen. LA. Discover Extremely hard sharp flip UFO manufactured
15. North CA. Large Energy Ball in the sky
16. North CA. The Exact same Ball by distinctive camera
17. San Francisco. Numerous disappearing saucers in excess of the metropolis
18. Montana. Room bending UFO
19. Arizona. Bright UFO in the sky
20. Oregon. Metal UFO in the sky
21. Nevada. Flying Saucer in the sky
22. Santa Monica. UFO described in the news
23. Carolina. Large UFO seen 20 miles away
24. Texas. Corn area UFO.
25. North CA. UFO in excess of Toyota stadium.
26. Nevada. Cigar shaped UFO.
27. Nevada. Double Moon UFO.
28. Nevada UFO leaving Earth environment.
29. Las Vegas UFO described in the news.
30. New Mexico UFO.
30. Malibu Seaside Two UFOs.


49 Responses

  1. Balloons, natural phenomena, birds, and two that were obviously airplanes.

  2. Rhyming Daze says:

    If you can animate a fake explosion how are we suppose to believe these aren't photoshop as well?

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  4. Jeff B-c says:

    Bruh 19 is just a fuckin planet

  5. Mad9977 says:

    the metal polygone looks like some kind of balloon

  6. Enes Koc says:

    yav hehe ölüm yalandan yapıp bize yalan söylüyorlar fahr you galabnnser banka tarn you dart biig

  7. jason truong says:

    I don't even see an ufo all I see is light I rather stair at the stars than this BS.

  8. Ana Flow says:

    In spanish ..what means "UFO"?

  9. Herb Shannon says:

    This is as boring as spotting airplanes near air field. Wow, an UFO! uh oh…

  10. I love the thumbnail

  11. 최춘식 says:

    w d n htech south korea s s s n f k

  12. The mother ship is coming people it will destroy all of earth

  13. P. E. says:

    They must have something against Ohio.

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  15. so i wonder hypothetically, what if the bright things glinting light are the result of some kind of optical jamming?

  16. 28 thats just a fighter jet that leaves smoke trails behind we see that 9 times a day in turkey

  17. Your CGI Filter sucks ass. All these are CGI.


  19. MAY GUVENLiK says:

    None of them are real…

    Listen please; Listen!!

    This is a technology game revealed by NASA BiG FAKERS

    This is a fake game made with blue light technology

    They are trying to convince people that the creator has crushed their shaken hands

    This devil is a trap for humans

    There will be no change in the order of God| Allah, your Almighty lord
    You have to have your mind in mind mean?

    But the devil builds games and traps people by forgery

    Come to yourself and pursue the truth,Satan follows you dreaming and dreaming

    Obedience to the Lord the BiG GOD ALLAH c.c.


    BiG ONE GOD Victory is your Lord THE ONE GOD

  20. Railee Red says:

    i think the num. 2 is a balloon ..haha

  21. Number 9 is not a alien spaceship

  22. that not a ufo that's a boat???

  23. evgen sta says:

    Всем удачи в поисках истины !

  24. Eriz Ownuh says:

    does anyone really believe this shit is real?

  25. maliwulis says:

    Continuous weather balloons but an optical phenomenon that's if you see in the sky over the Pindos bright flash, and separated from it by 28 parts know it's not exactly a UFO and ss 20

  26. you called the cloud top, the ocean. that was literally above the clouds. have you never been on a plane?

  27. I was a skeptic but now I definitely believe in balloons

  28. you have an interesting channel thanks to see my video

  29. hahahahahahahahahahahaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah…

  30. number 13 where?????

  31. if you shake the camera more it will bake the balloon look more evil

  32. Drone with flashlight on it

  33. blimp      imp !!

  34. This is identified " helium filled " – plain and simple.  Just like the people wjhp want you to believe it is an alien ship.

  35. Не верьте всякому явлению, это отец лжи. Иисус Христос придёт и в этом момент будут трубить ангелы и одновременно вся земля услышит, а до этого будут всякие запустение о котором писал Иоан Богослов в своих окровениях. Читайте Библию, там все написано о сегодняшних днях в том числе. Предсказания сбываются. Не обольщайтесь лжезнамениям. Время каиться и выбирать кому служить и кого призывать. Пустите в ваши сердца Иисуса Христа, спасителя. Пусть Господь Благословит каждого из вас. Аминь!

  36. Thank God for helium gas and Mylar film.  Birds, the planets, airplanes and good old CGI.

  37. Jorma Teräs says:

    another balloon in the cornfield too!

  38. Jorma Teräs says:

    "metal polygon" LOL more like a balloon being released. you're a fucking idiot if you think that is alien

  39. 9.Making crop circle XD??

  40. You touch my talala. ….

  41. the first ones edited

  42. Hasan Basan says:

    drones very useful for some ufos lol

  43. Al Mac says:

    Like most porn stars tits,…….this is SOOOOOOOOOO fake.Not one is convincing in the least.Metallic balloons or CGI for sure.You people are lying.There is also no such thing as a CGI filter.Another BS channel

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