300 MILLION Are Gravely Affected By The Shutdown – Not 800,000

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Ted Twietmeyer

 A government “By the people, and for the people.” Can you remember it was like that? I cannot.

That simple profound statement of our country’s values is completely ignored by those in office today. It is now a government of the self-centered, and for the lobbyists.

300 MILLION Are Gravely Affected By The Shutdown - Not 800,000

Approximately 800,000 government employees on furlough. If each person has 4 people on the average in their family, that translates to 3.2 MILLION people who are affected.
But that’s not all. Defense contractor Lockheed plans to furlough 3,000 employees. Multiplied x4, that’s another 12,000 people affected.

With numbers this high, almost every reader probably knows someone who has lost their paycheck.

Defense industries are similar to the auto industry. This industry often buys sub-assemblies for cars and trucks from small companies. Large defense companies like Lockheed also buy small systems and sub-assemblies for building aircraft from small businesses. I know this, because I was in the defense industry for over 25 years. Lockheed was a customer, too.

A ripple effect travels through the entire defense industry when large prime contractors like Lockheed are negatively affected. This affects far more people in small businesses than just the 3.2 million in government families, or the 12,000 with Lockheed.


What if a complete shutdown occurs on October 17? It can become the end of government as we know it. Maybe a false-flag attack is planned to finish off America. It will make the crazed woman who attempted to drive over a barricade in Washington look like a minor event. Then the dictator will use it to declare code red and establish the open dictatorship he wants. How much more crap from him will be tolerated by the military?

How is it possible that one man could cause so much hardship, with zero regard for the American people who were already struggling before all this and who put him office? Perhaps the root of this problem isn’t where everyone is looking. About a year ago, the president was asked by a reporter about starting a new war and that he needed permission from Congress. His bold answer was, “I answer to the UN, not Congress.” It has been publicly known for a very long time that the UN wants to take the wealth of richer countries like the USA and give it to third world countries. Maybe the UN is bringing America down by using the office of the president is a means to an end. Now the puppet’s strings are showing. Those strings need to be cut.

A retired, disabled senior citizen veteran friend lives in a high rise apartment building for senior citizens. There is a day room on the ground floor of the building where many residents go during the day. The building is almost completely occupied by black Americans. When Obama was running for office, you should have heard how they raved about how great he is. Recently my outspoken, patriot friend went down to the day room in his wheelchair. He said to them, “Well, how do you like it? You got what you wanted! What do you think of him now?!” No one answered; you could have heard a pin drop. Some looked down. Clearly even the black community knows they’ve been screwed.

As a former Navy seal friend of mine has stated, “Obama told everyone he was for change when he ran for office. But no one asked him exactly what the change would be about.”

Now it’s right out in the open – communism and socialism for everyone whether you like it or not, starting with a health care system no one can afford.

It’s time Congress stopped playing games, stop the puppet traitor and stop the suffering. They MUST use their VETO POWER to put a end to this madness before it becomes irreversible.

Enough is enough.

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  1. John Cook October 11, 2013 at 5:45 am - Reply

    I wish that Americans weren’t so silly as to think Obama represents “Communism”. It’s much worse than that.

  2. 5 War Veteran October 11, 2013 at 3:48 am - Reply

    “How is it possible that one man could cause so much hardship, with zero regard for the American people who were already struggling before all this and who put him office?”

    Pay attention now so I can explain it ONE MORE TIME!
    Yes Obama is a USURPER dick. No Doubt. HOWEVER he is surrounded by criminal political elite who all want the same thing Obama wants. More money from the Zionists.

    They do not give a rats ass about the American people and only see us as a small pay check. The real pay checks come from the Federal Banking Elite who also run the UN.

    Why does this seem so hard to understand?

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