300k farmers hope for lawsuit against Monsanto


Around 300,000 organic farmers think that Monsanto, the biotech giant known for genetically modifying Mother Nature’s handwork for profit and pushing over the little guys all the while, is pretty seedy.

Now a judge in New York is debating if Monsanto’s questionable methods will go before a jury.

Judge Naomi Buchwald of the Southern District Court of New York says she will have a decision on March 31 in regards to whether a lawsuit waged against the mega-corporation Monsanto should make it to trial.

Last year, 270,000 organic farmers from around 60 family farms tried to take Monsanto to court over issues pertaining to a genetically-modified seed masterminded by the corporation. Not only were the smaller farms concerned over how the manufactured seeds had been carried by wind and creature alike onto their own plantations, but the biggest problem perhaps was that Monsanto was filing lawsuits themselves against farmers. Monsanto went after hundreds of farmers for infringing on their patented seed after audits revealed that their farms had contained their product — as a result of routine pollination by animals and acts of nature. Unable to afford a proper defense, competing small farms have been bought out by the company in droves. As a result, Monsanto saw their profits increase by the hundreds of millions over the last few years as a result. Between 1997 and 2010, Monsanto tackled 144 organic farms with lawsuits and investigated roughly 500 plantations annually during that span with a so-called “seed police.”

Farmers have been concerned that unless Monsanto is stopped, their reign over the world’s agriculture will surpass anything imaginable. They are seeking pre-emptive protection from those questionable lawsuits and next month Judge Buchwald will weigh in on if the matter should go to trial. Her honor recently listened to oral arguments on Monsanto’s Motion to Dismiss, which the corporation hopes to win to cease the charges being brought by a total of 83 plaintiffs representing now over 300,000 organic farm-affiliated businesses. The legal team for the small-time farmers also offered their arguments.

“Monsanto’s threats and abuse of family farmers stops here,” says Jim Gerritsen, president of the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association. “Monsanto’s genetic contamination of organic seed and organic crops ends now. Americans have the right to choice in the marketplace — to decide what kind of food they will feed their families — and we are taking this action on their behalf to protect that right to choose.”

Elizabeth Archerd, the director of a Minneapolis food co-op, adds in support of the farmers to the New York Times, “Pollen and DNA do not play by the USDA’s rules.” Although hundreds of thousands of farmers feel the same way, it’ll take a judge to decide the next step in the case. From there though, things could get dirty. Michael Taylor, a former attorney for the US Department of Agriculture and lobbyist for Monsanto was recently appointed to a federal role as the deputy commissioner for foods at the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Since then, the FDA has refused requests to label genetically modified products as such despite demands from consumer protection groups.


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3 Responses

  1. tome says:

    All judges are bought and sold. What Judge has ruled for the little guy in the last 10-15 years. Money talks. Who has the money.

  2. qbhawk says:

    Stop Mono-satan at all costs … is the only rallying cry that will bring to an end, the destroyers of our food quality. The time is now, to recognize that we must insists on freedoms to grow our own foods free of GMOs and artificial methods without any controls from the profiteers and controllers, who want to destroy our civilization.

    Monsanto is “an interest” designed to control what foods we can produce and eat for our own health concerns. Satan will allow for the successful destruction of the human race and life as we know it, if we don’t act now.

    Those who are “supporters of this Satan agent” are also against natural health & foods while promoting pharmaceutical interest to maintain a vegetable state of human kind and the continuation or existence of poor health, will stand up & be counted while the rest of us dilly dally around doing nothing. This leads me to believe that they (those who control us) don’t want to kill us out right, but are systematically preparing us to be food for another species who may be already occupying this earth for the coming future.

    Note: Insurance companies do not promote natural healing methods, good nutrition or preventive medicine concepts to keep costs down, but rather they promote the use of pharmaceutical interest also.

    What’s up with that/this??? Because Elected officials (Democrates and Republicans), don’t get it either!….

  3. Chaos says:

    Judge Buchwald will rule in favor of Monsanto in this lawsuit just as the US Supreme Court “Prostitutes” ruled in favor of Monsanto’s patenting living organisms. She will be protecting “the chosen people” and her own bloodline. When will you peasants of the world finally get it and just bow down to your masters as all good slaves should?

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