40 Shocking Photos: Germany 1940, U.S.-Israel 2014 (Warning! Ultra-Graphic Content! Mature Audiences Only!)


GERMANY 1940                     ISRAEL 2014



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  1. FRED says:

    FUCK isreal!

  2. John Venter says:

    Ja Jannie, jy is omtrend n jammergat!! Tiepies Afrikaanse slapgat. En dan noem jy jouself seker nog n Christen ook. Moenie verbaas wees as Jesus trugkom en vir jou se: gaan weg van my af nie, want ek ken jou nie: Matthew 7:23

  3. Janniejammergat says:

    Glad all the german photos are shown, never again will jews be allowed to be killed like they where in Germany! Ah (last photo), these black men must have been so innocent, how dare someone stop them from killing innocent men,woman and children…really so sad! Go Israel keep these terrorists from entering into the holy land, protect yourself from these killers of innocent men, woman and children, wipe Hamas off the face of the earth, then send your soldiers to South Africa to stop the white genocide!

  4. David says:

    Where Hitler failed the Israeli’s will succeed. Succeed in their own death and destruction which will befall them because of evilness that Israeli has become and destruction will self inflicted !!

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