5 biggest No Campaign Economics Scare Stories Debunked


The people of Scotland are making an important decision on September 18th.  They are making a choice between becoming a self governing independent national democracy just like almost every other nation on earth or a decision to be governed by a distant, disinterested and dysfunctional Westminster government over which they have no control and absolutely minimal influence within.

5 biggest No Campaign Economics Scare Stories Debunked

The campaign has become a battle between those with a Vision for Scotland such as Business for Scotland and other elements of the wide-ranging grassroots Yes campaign and the politically led and the relentless negativity of the No Campaign.

Early on in the campaigning the No camp confessed to a journalist that their internal nickname for themselves was “Project Fear” and the mostly unionist friendly media promotes every scare story as a devastating blow to the YES campaign, even though one after the other they have all been proven wrong.

We have taken the 5 scare stories most used in debates with Business for Scotland speakers and provided all the information people need to make up their minds and see through the scare stories.

You can watch the videos that are embedded in this blog or go to YouTube and click on the links at the end of each video to see another scare story debunked. Watch the ones that interest you but please share them around.

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5 biggest No Campaign Economics Scare Stories Debunked 

No Camp Economics Scare Stories Debunked #1 – The Bank Bailouts

No Camp Economics Debunked #2  – Know Who Subsidises Who?

No Camp Economics Debunked #3 – Pensions Secure and Guaranteed

No Camp Economics Debunked #4 – Currency rUK Needs Plan A

No Camp Economics Debunked #5 – The Costs of Independence

There are two sides to every argument and Business for Scotland has just tried to give you the facts as we find them and the arguments as we see them.  If the No campaign had a positive vision for Scotland, or indeed if they could articulate solid benefit to Scotland for being in the Union that isn’t just as likely to be there after independence, they would not need to be so negative. Indeed if they could guarantee more powers rather than just hint at them they might be able to give a reason to vote No but they have left the Scottish people feeling patronised and marginalised by their relentless negativity and often ridiculous scare stories.

Business for Scotland has created a positive Vision for Scotland that you can download here – all we ask is that you compare and contrast.

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