5 CRAZIEST Illuminati Conspiracy Theories


5 CRAZIEST Illuminati Conspiracy Theories
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44 Responses

  1. how your get so much information about a conspiracy theory you moron how about changing it to facts retards people like you are the reason society is dumbed down and never admit the truth

  2. The anti crist is the leader

  3. muhitrakib says:

    why u people thinking critical. dont follow satan thats it

  4. Ant_1220 says:

    Not cloned but put under Mk Ultra mind control.

  5. you don't have to believe it. but allow yourself to be open to the possibility. (besides the lizard part) JS

  6. Hello I wish all you scrolling through the comments a good day plz sub to my channel

  7. The sad thing is that I actually believe all of these things except for the lizard one

  8. Whenever I watch a illuminati video I always get a dream about the illuminati

  9. its still real.. all of it.. illuminati.. free masions.. knites of templar.. etc… they touture kids. sacrofice people and babies.. it goes on and on..

  10. MMA Warfare says:

    The "new world order" is actually the "old world order" that has been refined over the Millenia. 'The elite' don't want a new world order because the world is already dancing in their hands, why change a plan that has been working for centuries. A 'new world order' favours is because that's what we need. 1 race, 1 nation.

  11. I bet this guys in the illuminati

  12. legend27 says:

    Can I get 50 likes its my birthday

  13. Its illuminazis. Not illuminati

  14. Hay guy's can i got 100 subs gor my bday in one month please

  15. Lauryn Manda says:

    OK so Jay Z is definitely in the illuminati because there is another conspiracy theory that like Jay Z time traveled because there's old picture of someone who looks exactly like Jay Z or do you know Jay Z so he could definitely be in the low Menotti shape shifting into this character like the way Jeezy legs and in each lifetime he's like a different character yeah it's real guys

  16. Lt.Melon says:

    Omg the illuminati is fake

  17. Just cause 3:Illuminati Confirmed.

  18. If you play just cause 3 Bavaria sounds like Bavarium

  19. This is all FAKE News!

  20. Pronunciation bro makes me question your intelligence and research

  21. The illuminati is coming and there coming in hard

  22. Ya'll just gonna straight steal Buzzfeedblue's whole video though??

  23. Moses Molley says:

    I know about the third order

  24. рщде лпсрюмю г.р. от р ж о т эл и

  25. can i have 666 likes i lost my front tooth

  26. Rezaul Haque says:

    I think the Illuminati stole herobrine's eye

  27. trapstep x says:

    nexus if I get 100 likes in my comment and you get 900,000 sub's would you do a face reveal

  28. Dominic S says:

    at 3:54 where it shows the 5 hooded figures if you look at the middle one then the one to the right in between them in the clouds there's a face

  29. Paint Brush says:

    ITS ICKE NOT IK and your rambling on is just reseach from wikipedia….

  30. is it only me or did some one else had a headache too?

  31. XxNemesisxX says:

    Most people think Illuminati is just a group of evil people controlling the world. They're so uneducated of their purpose and objectives and yet they think they have a say in whether it's real or not. It is real. There's no more conspiracy…stop waiting for your government or school to Tell you

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  33. Or
    it was on my birthday

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