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  1. Uryel99 says:

    There is a huge difference between "some people believed the experiment could destroy the world". and "the experiment could actually destroy the world. Seriously, nothing to see here.

  2. dogsRoxXD says:

    5. Our planet survived a kilometer wide asteroid moving at 108,000 kilometers per hour (thats going around the entire earth once in around 15 minutes).
    4. Nitrogen is one of the most inert gases on the planet. The chances of it self-igniting like this would be like one person winning every single lotto ever and then also for the next 100 years.
    3. The smaller the black hole, the shorter its life time. Black holes of that size would evaporate almost literally as fast as the light it takes to interact with them.
    Despite this, CERN actually doesn't even have the energy required to make a black hole.
    2. How does destroying our iPhones cause the destruction of the world?
    5. Actually yeah, that one could kill us pretty quickly.

  3. Bruce Kaplan says:

    Wrong! We are already dead …. long ago. The aliens wiped us out. We are simply "living" inside the Matrix.

  4. I promise you if you talk in stead of writing walls of text this video will get allot more views

  5. Spudmaster87 says:

    Which scientist thought it was a good fucking idea to make a 6 billion dollar machine that make mini black holes that could wipe of earth?

    FUCKIN Genius??????

  6. Dusters s says:

    No.2 The high nuclear bomb knocked out many satellites. Hello; There were no satellites in 1962. I recall an age pre-tech when people lived normal lives and didn't care about the lives of strangers. Since when did we look at ourselves and count our worth in bytes ?

  7. ThomasakaDes says:

    But why the fuck would you want to create black holes?! 😛
    There are some things we shouldn't mess with.
    But scientists will never stop, no matter how fucked up their experiments get.

    2 was the most interesting one out of these. Since they managed to create a new protective layer. Maybe they could try and perfect it, in case the ozon layer goes completely away at some point.

  8. Tyler Durham says:

    I wonder if #2 played a part in giving people cancer…

  9. Scott Minium says:

    You do know that rock does not melt at 350F right? Yeah, the world was going to end because nothing was going to happen at the bore hole.

  10. a phone because it just could

  11. You missed one. A bio-engineered bacteria, " Klebsiella planticola", was created to artificially create inexpensive ethanol fuel from decomposing agricultural waste. This product was approved for use by the FDA specifically because they require testing to take place in sterile conditions. They never once tested what it would do to a living plant. Thankfully, a group of scientists eventually did the kind of tests that needed to be done. They learned that, if released, this bacteria would literally have consumed all life on Earth so the FDA quietly retracted their approval. (That's not a "maybe" destroy all life, that's a "definitely will" destroy all life).

    Isn't it interesting how easy it is to doom the world though? It wouldn't be that difficult to recreate such a bacteria either.

  12. not true this video

  13. Dunlop Mbeki says:

    scientists are stupid sometimes.

  14. 3. the large hadron collided- those people who say it can cause a black hole are brainless. the chances for creating a black hole is microscopicly small. But if it did create one, it will disappear within milliseconds.(hawking radiation)


  16. Will the World’s Largest Supercollider Spawn a Black Hole?

  17. James Heart says:

    if there are aliens ( and I belive there are somewhere) 80% of life on earth is linked to the lizard family somehow,,, as Steven Hawkings said, it may not be a good thing, if they have observed us for years after bieng here before and helped us create as a species then bu now they would be like " what the fuck did we teach them that for?, it was meant for energy and now thier bulding fuckin bombs from the stuff",,, tell you what will happen, they will let us bomb the shit out of each other , they would just be stood back waiting for the fireworks show to end then they will down here sorting shit out for the next generation of mankind to start,,, maybe cave men all over again but slightly better at it this time once we learn how to fend for ourselves without all our modern shit,they may be warmongers themselves and once it kicks off they will jump in just for the fun of it, or they may be thousands of years on from us and a lot more intelligent and peacful who dont do wars , they have learnt ther lesson over time like we should have done by now so want no part of this planet bieng destroyed by its very keepers, non of the animal kingdom harms it,,,, they will just let us get on with it and then try and sort the damage out later,,, back to the drawing board lads, that idea was shit, they all went mental, ,,,,strike off the chem lab for them this time, they cant be trusted lol

  18. 21 kilotons ain't nothing compared to the tsar bomba produced 50 MEGATONS 50!!!!

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