5 HORRIFYING “Hidden Meanings” Behind Company Logos!


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  1. how to troll boobs

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  2. liojohn says:

    Was this a school project?

  3. Sheepydj says:

    Now im scared…..

  4. Jaylon Brock says:

    I share a brithdat with apple ?

  5. Alice Tea says:

    lol hiphop artists and music artists in general aren't considered to be honest working people when compared to ppl who do manual labor, aka the ppl those boots were intended for.

  6. Alice Tea says:



  8. Seth Bell says:

    /timber/ land. of course its a tree logo

  9. Dani Wallace says:

    Timberline is all so in the UK

  10. The illuminate is just something made up by the government lol

  11. The Illuminati has been dead for well over 200 years, the man who created the Illuminati was shunned by his peers (Freemasons, yes, the man was a Freemason) and when the Bavarian government caught wind of the Illuminati they disbanded it and had a manhunt for the originator of the Illuminati Johaan Adam Weishaupt. Johaan died a worthless homeless bum with nobody who cared for him.

    The number of the beast really is 616 and not 666, 666 was the last 3 digits of the year a horrific fire broke out in London. The fire broke out on the 2nd of September 1666 and was finally brought under control 3 days later, on the 5th of September. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Fire_of_London <——- Click link for more information on the incident.

  12. Texas 322 says:

    So thats why brooklyn is always so dead ass ?️

  13. The apple logo is a symbol of the original sin. Eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil or Satans first appearance in the Bible AKA mark of the beast and you're all carrying it around on you.

  14. Hunter Allen says:

    The Apple logo was an adaptation from their original logo – which was Newton sitting under an Apple tree. Everyone knows the story, Apple falls on Newton's head and he takes a bite.. If you've watched documentaries on Apple and Steve Jobs you'd see that.

  15. akaplan123 says:

    Where is my tin foil hat?

  16. that ending scared the holy shit out of me??

  17. Zach Smith says:

    The apple logo is a is a phone because apple has a history with phones look it up.

  18. Lit Versace says:

    Or maybe Steve jobs was eating a apple while thinking of a logo and name?

  19. nerevar says:

    fuck you this video is shit do some fucking research you fucking retard

  20. Brue i had my timberland boots on sawing down a big Douglas for in the mountain's in Canada when my mate slipped and fell in a big hole turned out to be some kind of alien craft with the Starbucks logo on the side,he was whisked away he came back in a flash drinking a cup of tea whilst wearing his boots and a tutti mini skirt ,he looked rediculous what with him being 6foot tall,well built and black beard,he also had a blue Vince and new hair do,but what was weird was him drinking a cup of tea,he never drinks tea!!? ONEFLEWOVERTHECUCKOOSNEST

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