5 Most Haunting Photos of World War I


The Messines crater filled with 10000 German soldiers, a dark pyramid of German Helmets, the eerie silence of the Armistice, the mountains of artillery that …


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  1. Omar 1995 says:

    The allies were just as responsible for the creation of the next great slaughter as the man with the little moustache was.

  2. the scariest part about the last photo for me was the fact that people usually didn't smile for photos back then. it shows you how far from reality he really is.

  3. Daisy Lea says:

    WWI was just simply horrendous, so many lives lost, and I always think about the 8 million unsung heroes that died, all of them soldiers as worthy and brave as any other…………… the horses, dogs and mules and carrier pigeons.

  4. that Guy says:

    If ww3 dose happen I hope they dont use nukes it wild be no far to all who don't have nukes

  5. that Guy says:

    They're we're kids as young as like 9 in ww1

  6. Way2Spirited says:

    At 02:05 how many americans in 1919 had 4.5 billion dollars to spend in the first place and who thought giving away a complimentary german helmet would make such a transaction reasonably enticing? That MUST have been some type of typo or mistake.

  7. i have BAD anxiety and im tired of finding videos that make it worse.. i dont know why im watching this honestly….

  8. Actually the Halifax Explosion was the largest one before the atomic bomb, not the explosion at the Battle of Messines.

  9. I kind of hate the music

  10. This video is so historically inaccurate it hurts

  11. The music keeps me coming back to this video.

  12. i visited the crater in pic 1

  13. 3:00
    Nice WW2 photo on the left side for a WW1 video.

  14. chew bar says:

    Some photos aren't from world war one

  15. Only a sociopath will kill without feeling guilty for doing something terrible.

  16. TR-8R says:

    One of my great great uncles got shellshock from the Somme. He had a hard life after the war, as even car sounds triggered him into terror.

  17. fuu** you allies!

  18. SLYR237 says:

    The canadians invented the rolling barrage

  19. I came back for the music….good stuff indeed. Congratulations. Greet me Dark 5 please.

  20. The behavior is not abhorrent as long as you are the one swinging the axe in the other motherfucker's face. As soon as it's you, it becomes abhorrent as a result of the terror. That being said, war is a means to an end: social stability. It benefits the ruling classes(in our day and age central banking)to send young, aggressive males to war over arbitrary issues when the masses or certain groups gain too much power. It is also an outlet for the aggressive tendencies that tend to build up over time in stable, stagnant societies that are not actively expanding. The only way war ever ends is if every individual alive comes to a certain level of reason where they understand what is in their individual best interests. Fuck the corporate world. MIA.

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