5 most powerful families who secretly control the world


Illuminati confirmed? Rothschild Bush , meet the five most powerful families who control America and the world in 2015. Subscribe to Dark5 …


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  1. Boys Blood says:

    Fucking families…criminals.

  2. The music in this vid is so… damn awesome!

  3. kururuguy says:

    This is when some crazy bastard really wants to GTA 5 the powerful families…

  4. Bommelmensch says:

    I guess it's about time to use some pesticide on those parasites…

  5. anthony blue says:

    ALL the american presidents have a common origin

  6. The satanic, jewish, talmudic Rothschild family, is the entity controlling the governments of the Western World and China, with the help of the devil himself. Russia and Putin is the last sovereign nation of the West not engulfed by the Rothschild "Central" Banking system. READ: "The New Babylon" by Michael Collins Piper, the pdf is online

  7. Brady White says:

    wheres the kardasains ???

  8. This not right–Rothchild —Romanoffs–Windsors–Rockefellers –the Bushes are just cheer leaders

  9. and thay sayd bill gates richest man in the world lol

  10. mofos rule the world

  11. Where are the Addams Family?

  12. dirk müller says:

    Forgot to mention the involvment of George H.W. Bush in the assasination of Kennedy.

  13. all of this is incorrect

  14. You forgot the royal dutch house,they are the richest familie in the world.

  15. hoden sack says:

    du pont never smoked a joint

  16. hoden sack says:

    rothschilds are the most powerful family in the world. all presidents are puppets of them

  17. Must say that t analys is correct.And even worse in its usefulidiotsyndrome.Zion ruleZ ZghalÖm

  18. MOHAMMAD JO says:

    the whole world fucked up because of these rich mother fuckers dame this is insane as fuck

  19. 100ohms says:

    We all going to die … What Then ?

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