5 Real Horror Stories That Inspired ‘American Horror Story’


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19 Responses

  1. You spoiled AHS for mee I didnt know lobster boy got his hand chopped off yet dangitttt

  2. what is the phobia of clowns called

  3. Emily Nieves says:

    Why am I watching this on Christmas Eve

  4. None of those slaves could overtake that crazy white slave owner?

  5. Well, time to get nightmares tonight :D

  6. Umar Farhan says:

    how can he hold a shotgun with those hands?

  7. David Bowe says:

    The Axman was very raciest ;_;


  9. is john cena there???

  10. 12:15 For real? How disgustingly disrespectful.

  11. Paula Deen says:

    you know the show was made for you when u knew all of these B)

  12. kid u not my neighbors sister or bestfriend was married to john waynegasie idk how spell so im not lying

  13. that's y I hate clowns

  14. Epix TM says:

    Should have put a spoiler alert. You spoiled much of the 4th season for me.

  15. Hannah Jones says:

    i did a ghost tour in new orland and all of these were mentioned cool

  16. ааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа

  17. By Odin this is terrifying

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