6-9 Leviticus 17 & Demon’s of Music



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  1. happyrv says:

    I watched the video series recently and it really gave me alot of spiritual warfare.I had no idea music was so tainted.Still fighting with it.Watch the video..THEY SOLD THEIR SOUL FOR ROCK AND ROLE" '''… It WILL chage you forever.

  2. pianohbc says:

    @333333344444 oh yes they do- most people dont see them because they live in a world without hope. When Jesus Christ comes into your life you see the true agenda- a bit like the matrix ( not a god analogy but close) Fallen angels are in the atmos where Lucifer is described as Lord of the air or "atmos".

  3. pianohbc says:

    We live near Boleskine house- it is indeed a disturbed place .

  4. pianohbc says:

    Stairway to Heaven is littered with occult symbolism written by Pages angel (fallen). Its about changing cnsciousness through drugs- ( all that glitters is not gold) A staircase is a symbol of spiritual knowledge- used by masons. Theres still time to change the road youreon – this song is an enticement for youth to go along with the drug and fallen agenda of Satan -they sing- you know sometimes words have 2 meanings !!

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