6 bigfoot caught on live cam at Yellowstone on Christmas 2016


Bigfoot family of six captured on video on Xmas day at Yellowstone? Watch it til the end and see something very unusual that was captured off of Old Faithful’s …


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  1. Polly g says:

    i think you got a viral

  2. hussar16 says:

    can u just post the video not record from camera

  3. bet they are breeding

  4. Bahinko, thanks for uploading this video. I think it's very interesting. I would like to talk to you about it more. What is the best way for me to contact you? my email is [email protected]. I look forward to chatting with you.

  5. Matt Smith says:

    as real as it gets OMG up there with the patty film.

  6. Musabe009 says:

    To me they don't act like how a group of animals would act. They are acting more like a group of snowshoe hikers. It would be nice to do a size comparison or see the original footage. If a park person sitting at the desk seeing this they would have zoomed in on a group of Bigfoot. I know I would have if I seen them. They clearly seen the group. So why not zoom in on them.

  7. Get this to thinker thunker

  8. Awesome catch,awesome,awesome

  9. One was injured,the only reason they came out like that

  10. The operator either figured it was a prank or just lost their shit when they saw them.

  11. The way he or she motioned to the geyser and back to the two sitting tells me they were worried some dummies were gonna do something stupid at the geyser but quickly realized something else classified was happening.

    Too late now fucker lol thanks old man for filming this.

  12. Swear Gryllz says:

    Oh come on?! who you trying to fool? The spokesman came out and said it was just Bison….we can clearly see Bison here…standing on two feet….walking around.

  13. LuckyHarley says:

    Hell yeah, this is good.

  14. Why doesn't anyone own a decent camera or keep a subject in focus?

  15. Jeffro Doe says:

    It was established long ago that the bigfoot buffalo video was a group of park rangers cross country skiing. Why people keep bringing up debunked bigfoot videos is beyond me.

  16. LuckyHarley says:

    It is a much better video with the commentary.

  17. Karen McClay says:

    After hearing your commentary this music is horrible. Much prefer you two and your reactions. I get the feeling you have seen them before? Do you have other recordings? Please post them if you do :)

  18. Puppy Bonz says:

    Awesome-that's hoe Greeley filmed hers. Everytime I go to that webcam it never moves. It looks like they were coming out of a portal.

  19. Looks like the first two are laying down in the snow..?… think this is same family group from the Thinker Thunker yellowstone vs buffalo breakdown? Please share your thoughts, this is better quality footage, even without a tripod, than some of the breakdowns being done. If you have more please share & I will share your vids from your channel so you get recognition. Luv the commentary, keeps it real. Thanks!!

  20. They seem pretty relaxed. Doesn't look like an injury emergency. Funny how they turn and look at the camera. Could be, "Good grief. The camera's on us again." Certainly they know that the Yellowstone staff know that they move around the park-they're probably quite aware of all cameras. Christmas day family portrait? Fascinating! Good catch with your camera!

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