7 Creepy Conspiracy Theories About The Denver Airport


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  1. Abby Makara says:

    my father is the president of the freemason's in sturbridge.

  2. SKGO Studios says:

    The demon bronco

  3. XxNightly says:

    Ayye that moment when you live in Colorado IN THE CITY OF DEBVER

  4. Bruno Cars says:

    Doesn't Ricky look like Josh Peck????

  5. My conspiracy is that they were 16 months late and 2.8 billion dollars over because the construction workers bought so many doughnuts that they got fat and couldn't move

  6. ive been in that airport billions of times but never ever thought this stuff

  7. TheCatLord says:

    But the New World Order Commission doesn't exist……YET
    Maybe in the near future it will.

  8. Aubrey Crain says:

    i bet there are so any pokestops there

  9. jack moopoo says:

    the only thing creepy about it is the demonic horsey :)

  10. stella h says:

    i live in colorado and that horse thing is weird af i see it all the time

  11. OK, I guess having a very simple and obvious explanation to all of this wouldn't be as exciting as having a crazy conspiracy theory. Believe, I love a conspiracy theory as much as the next guy but some of this is stretching it way to far

  12. Irene Kim says:

    I know a friend of mine who is in the freemason.

  13. Also on the dedacation plauqe its dedacatied to a organization that dosent exist.

  14. i live in colorado and everyone's saying they love this airport but damn i hate it iTS SO HARD TO NAVIGATE

  15. Cameron says:

    why doesn't someone but a go pro or something (a tiny camera) on their bag before they send it down to actually find out?

  16. Never going back to my airport again….

  17. Wolff Wolff says:

    does anyone know the background music?

  18. There's a free mason right next to my house it's not that secret

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