8 Big Changes A Comet Brings

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Eight things there be a comet brings,

When on high it doth horrid range:

Wind, famine, plague, and death to kings;

War, earthquakes, floods,

And direful change.

— From an old German poem.

by Zen Gardner

We all watched with bated breath when several comets recently converged to invade our solar system. Elenin is still passing through while forming auspicious alignments, as have other under-reported smaller visitors. The periodic “Draconids” (you heard that right) meteor shower will peak on October 8th, and a possible dwarf star is reported to be looming out there and having unknown influences.

The science is sketchy and apparently suppressed, while the theories abound.

Personally? I side with the ancients on this one. Comets and other major celestial events have always signaled or coincided with change. To NOT believe that is an old wives’ tale.

And change? That we are getting.

Check the list

That old German poem is pretty ominous. And for a reason. That knowledge has been passed down for millennia. The “heavens” cause, reflect, and can predict conditions on earth. Not that complicated. The Universe knows everyone needs a map. But you have to read it to get the message. But who looks up anymore? Too bummed out. And besides, the skies are polluted and covered in chemtrails….another story…

Earthquakes, winds and floods and other serious planetary disruptions continue, with an amazing uptick in seismic activity worldwide and strange weather reported across the globe. Whether it’s the shift in our magnetosphere, galactic alignments or solar activity, things are in turmoil down here on Earth. (which the PTBs are exacerbating and playing on of course…)

Famine, War, Death to Kings? Check. As worldwide economies fail and inflation rises, food shortages that have already begun will soon escalate. Meanwhile seemingly arbitrarily chosen “non-cooperating” national leaders, most recently of whom are conveniently located like dominoes in the middle east, are being eviscerated from the face of the earth at breakneck speed. And with no contest from international bodies or hardly a squeak of protest from the media of these imperialist invading countries. Surreal.

And Direful Change!

This is big. We tend to think things are gonna be worse for us, the “proletariat”, while the ruling elites who’ve helped engineer most of the societal mess we’re in will somehow get off free. Sorry, the whole list applies to everyone.

And direful change is two-edged. And they know it.

What got me going about this whole aspect are the events causing, and resulting in, the current occupation of Wall Street and other Elite bankster institutions revolution in America and suddenly that old poem came back to me. And this stepped up Occupation Revolution on American soil is as clear an indication of “direful change” as you can imagine!

The Uprising

Following on the heels of the color revolutions and Arab spring uprisings and the on-going European austerity protests, this movement began and grew up just as Elenin began making this ominous recent pass that many of us were reporting. As is often the case with intuitive and seemingly esoteric indicators, we can sometimes miss their fulfillments due to being so focused on an expected result based on previous ones. I.e. another mega quake.

But the earthquake we were concerned about DID happen. While seismic activity has continued to increase, there was an even bigger spiritual and social upheaval to finally hit the shores of the world’s most powerful and influential nation as well.

The Rising of the “Occupation” Begins

An amazing outpouring of passionate awareness is finally hitting the streets of America, joined by sympathizing unions and even ex-military. Now angry mainstream celebs and pundits are chiming in to lend their support, following the bravery of those few who took the first blows to get this all started.

This is huge. Especially considering the MSM blackout and now belittling of this movement. And the more they polarize the more fuel to the fire.

For example, here’s fellow New Yorker and MSNBC Financial Analyst, and whistleblower, Dylan Rattigan giving his view:  Video HERE

So the Comet Came, Change Is the Game

Take it for what you will. I find this encouraging. I do know the PTBs could try anything, and most probably will, to thwart this movement and outcry, but that doesn’t change a thing.

The Swell Is There

Be alive and part of the solution.

We are the change we’ve been waiting for. In whatever form it calls for. Most profoundly it’s ourselves, not participating in their scam, getting out of their banks, turning off the false programming and mindless entertainments and living a conscious, loving life. Unplug from the matrix….and talk to people. Every person who finally makes the shift is another pixel of the true picture instead of the big lie.


If you choose to join in with this outcry, watch out for agent provocateurs, taunts to incite violence, and allowing anything you participate in to be misdirected. They work hard at being nasty. Many will try to steer things awry. Watch for and identify voices heard that do not represent yours. Be strong and stick to your principal convictions. And steer clear of and expose phony, “placed” leadership.

What we work hard at most is being loving and truthful. THAT’s power!

So Mr. Obama, you said you wanted change we can believe in? There’s your gauntlet.

Love, Zen


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