8 suspicious events surrounding the Miami zombie attack



Larry Berreth, Examiner

No one can deny the recent face-eating attack by the Miami Zombie in Florida is a gruesome and criminal tragedy, and one easily rationalized away by the never-failing explanation of severe drug abuse.

However, when examined in the overview of recent events in Florida, this cannibalistic attack appears to be an escalating part of a series of strange events that began in that area ten days before.

The Miami Zombie, or Naked Cannibal, incident was on May 26, 2012.  Here are eight other odd events which occurred within 13 days of that attack:


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89 Responses

  1. doc usn says:

    The Lord comes soon I think…” all will pass away”. stupid humanity….could have been a paradise…

  2. CGB says:

    * pharmaceutical *

  3. military brat says:

    idk maybe its a farmasutical company makeing bio wepons

  4. hooah says:

    check this out this should make some peoples head spin last year cdc put on there website how to survive a zombie apocalypse cdc actually have a website a how to guide why the hell would they put this up there???we know now 4 months after this event that more like it have occurred all the United State and that the quote unquote bath salt is what is making people freak its bull why would a C D C the Center for Disease Control be looking into drug usage for the so called zombies

  5. Anony says:

    They already ruled out drugs

  6. Rose says:

    3 Toxicology reports from outside sources have said the Miami cannibal wasn’t actually on bath salts.

  7. squeaker says:

    you all are just pathetic. you make me lose faith in ALL humanity to actually believe ANYTHING on this website.

  8. shane says:

    nd there now one where a women in texas cut her three week old sons head of nd ate parts of the brain nd toesnd fingers

  9. Skullz says:

    You should check out Project MKUltra.

  10. Skullz says:

    Government microwave mind control experiments

  11. hannah says:

    ok seriously this can not be lead back to drugs, and they are in a zombie like state not actual living dead zombies. I bet its just a cover up and are blaming it on a drug so no one will suspect anything, but eventually people will find out the truth. Its probably the government making up the lies to the publicity so no one will be scared. It most likely has something to do with area 51

  12. josh says:

    the first attack in fl the eugene incident was confirmed that it was not bath salt he only had pot in his system

    • Raul says:

      I dont believe it was pot. so many people are doing pot as we speak and you dont see anybody eating anybody at the moment. i think its just a cover up. they are going to blame it on something else i bet.

  13. Hannah says:

    IF the zombie thing is real, which honestly no one can say that it isn’t possible because lets be serious here you don’t know everything, and they wouldn’t be how most people are imagining them, I highly doubt they would be crawling out of graves or any of that. I’m not saying that I am convinced that it is zombies, but I sure as hell am not ruling it out, because clearly there is something going on and we don’t know the whole story. And Giselle, I’m sorry but I disagree it very well could be a biological agent because they can manipulate just about any kind of virus these days and they can manipulate them in ways that would blow our minds. And as for the synthetic drugs I can see how they could make someone that was not mentally stable freak out, but he only had cannabis in his system and I am pretty sure any one who actually knows anything about cannabis knows that it is VERY unlikely that that would cause him to react that way, but there have been lots of reports about the synthetic drugs causing homicidal and suicidal tendencies. However, from what I understand the synthetic drugs do not register on your typical drug tests so they had to have a specialist come run the tests, but even then who knows how long it is traceable in your system.

  14. Rob says:

    Ok for the Ppl who believe this is some kinda sick joke your right. This whole legal drug thing is a way for them to blame pot for zombie like actions. When in reality its just some sick twisted science expirement that the America government is just gonna sit back and let it happen. Cuz according to the toxicology report on the Miami zombie said only marijuana was found in his system. Wake up and smell the coffee dumb asses its really happening and for those who doubt its the fake drug ur dumb. Now y are the naked when there found Idk maybe that was the best way for the government to run there test when they used it on live test subjects by injecting the unknown chemical into them instead of just having Ppl snort or smoke them. Who knows maybe its because the legal drugs put quarter size wholes in your brain. For those that think its impossible your probably a Bible thumper and think there’s gonna be some rapture. No not happening because there’s also things like aliens and science to prove every Bible but one wrong. Believe me don’t believe me idc that’s your issue not mine.

    • nicole says:

      when you take bath salts or do coke for that matter your body temp increases and you become very hot, take that into consideration. although i do not believe that these attacks where all drug related i just wanted to add that to the thought you had of why his clothes were off

  15. Anonyms says:

    I may be young & not smart, but seeing all these zombie attacks scare me & I think of what will happen if it is a virus ,but then I remember of the swine flu when people said its the end of the world. Will it wasnt ,i dont believe in god. But if he was real, wich he might was ,he wouldnt let us die like this. & I know cause every night I ask myself “WHY ME” & everyday im in one piece 🙂 wich im glad to be. & I know this isnt over cause I just know ! He picked me to calm you guys down & to defend the world. Im 14 years old & I know my journey isnt going to end !! NEVER !

    • Darlene says:

      Dear Anonyms;
      My heart breaks for you. Being so young and living a childhood that is like something out of a science fiction movie..I thankfully didn’t have to grow up having to deal with such heavy stuff and dealing with such a broken world…We are in really interesting times but trust that things WILL get better in time. Please know that you are not alone and there are people everywhere with really big hearts doing everything they can to make the world we live in a better place. That means you also. Do your best to be loving to all those around you and loving to yourself. You matter and are not alone.

    • savon says:

      youre going to hell and god ddnt tell me that its just that well you said you didnt belive in him.

      • Dinky says:

        if your a christian then your a horrible one don’t be ‘that guy”. the BIBLE SAYS DO NOT JUDGE UNLESS YOUR WILLING TO BE JUDGED AND HE WHO IS WITH OUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE. DOUCHE

  16. giselle wilding says:

    And don’t forget transmitted ELF waves from various transmitters can change behaviour; just leave of the virus.

  17. giselle wilding says:

    Oh PLEASE it is not a virus. Chemicals yes but biological agents no.

    • Darlene says:

      Does it really matter? Either way…I mean, come on…it is completely possible that it be biological…Why would you not believe that? Look at history.

  18. giselle wilding says:

    There will never be a virus that will revive dead people; that is Hollywood lunacy.But yes drugs will make people behave in odd ways and they are being prescribed for profits.Also many nut cases that should be in forensic prisons permanently are allowed free and not take their medication. And yes people will appear drugged out with whatever is being sprayed on them and additives in food etc.

    • Drew B says:

      It could very well be biological. I mean, The already dead coming back to life, now that is Hollywood BS. But If it is a virus, a new one at that, then it would take months or even years for it to “mutate” to have noticeable effects. In this case such effects would be permanent violent behavior, dead or dying nervous system (the miami zombie was shot a few times and didn’t even flinch before he was put down), or even so far as decomposing skin. (It would take days for your skin to die and rot off.) A “newer” zombie wouldn’t have immediately noticeable symptoms as soon as he is infected.

  19. ryan says:

    Your an idiot, these incidents are hardly related at all.
    Get a grip.

    • Darlene says:

      Ooh, sounds like you’ve been infected with the jerk virus…no need to be mean dude.

    • nicole says:

      I agree, there is no reason to be rude about it, people are simply expressing their opinoins and views, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. You were obviously interested since you got to this page and read this far down so why leave that as a comment instead of maybe looking a little less ignorant by writting your views on why these incidents were not related, ingulge us, that is the point of a forum

  20. alyssa says:

    uhhhh.. i liked your information but some unclear pleasere phrase for mee thanks good job it was very un forgetable…. 😀

  21. samantha says:

    This is just the begining. People have been on drugs for years and they never once ate a persons face or any other body part. Something crazy is going on and only the CDC knows about it. The government doesn’t tell us everything because they know the public will panic. And the whole bath salts thing is a load of crap. There is a bunch of teenagers on bath salts who never ate a person at all. I truly think its some type of virus.

    • Nic says:

      I have to concur with this statement, I have people telling me that it’s all just crazy people. Well I say “They are crazy, they’re zombies”…but definitely, people have been doing all sorts of drugs forever and there haven’t been any reported cases of getting an overdose and eating there fellow humans. I’m not saying that there is going to be a zombie apocolypse but then again I’m not going to say there isn’t. Personally, even if you have doubts, I suggest at least making a plan in case if something apocolyptic does happen, zombie or not. I actually hava a plan listing where to hold up at, the best places to get food/water/ammo, and also gas. I have a very detailed outline of everything I would need, and exactly the order to do it in, and also back up plans are quite necessary just in case if you have to switch plans for any reason. People might call me paranoid or crazy if they want, but regardless whether or not anything happens, I’d like to be prepared. I have a bag with all things that I would need out of my house if for any reason I had to leave in a hurry, like they say “Better safe than sorry”.

    • Darlene says:

      Agreed, and Yeah, the Gov’t doesnt tell us anything because the shadow gov’t is BEHIND this…Last year the CDC put out an OFFICIAL document on “Zombie Attack Preparedness” …hmmm, wonder why??

    • nicole says:

      I agree, they are more common in fl, isn’t that where the cdc is located?

      • Dinky says:

        the main CDC hub is in ATL… they also have a level 4 lab in Galveston,Tx. on other comments i agree with some of y’all but the government hides things from the populous because of mass hysteria. about the article who’s to say that they guy didn’t have a weird rash and he took off his cloths and then he changed to the “zombie” state. i believe this is possibly what the author was getting at. i think all you need to read World War Z because it all started with the government playing with chemicals and creating biological type war fair that caused zombies. and if you haven’t heard there is a new drug out of Russia called krocidil that causes your organs to decay and your flesh to fall off. true facts.I am building a zombie shelter in a forest and stocking up.. if all else i am prepared for some form of bad shit. the world is getting scary and i am going to be ready

  22. Guy says:

    The link I had no lingers exists for CDC. They had the toxicology report and link on their site for zombie apocalypse. It is our civil right to have information broadcasted, but not for a set amount of time. The report came clean of the nOrmal toxicology, but of its not looking for certain chemicals found in bath salt it will not find it. The report was already out, but now is told it is pending, government put a seal on the report to avoid public viewing, and now they denie that they even had the adds posted. Anyone rember the incident of 15 people killing themselves in a small building and start it on fire? That case too is now sealed

  23. Guy says:

    If you really think of zombie as walking dead, then no it’s not. But if you thInk of it as normal brain activity that has been shut down to primal urges and increased self defense plausible. If you look up more on military excitements they had introduced whooping cough in Florida. Later years they released Mosquitos with diseases to see what they could spread an how quickly. Florida is one of the main hubs for in and out travel. Schools with hazmat teams is the alarming part. Multiple out breaks don’t just occur with out a cause. What ever it was it had to be airborne. All students who were in close proximity of a carrier broke out in rashes and they all seemed to happen when in close proximity. Chemistry class room, school bus, middle school with teachers and students in one small room. The man who died from mold when he looked at a ditch? Report does not say what the homeowner told the man that made it so dirty. The tenet said it had to be cleaned, old man comes cleans it, gets sick and dies. Investigators come say oh look he cleaned and we found traces of the chemical spill we ha that we forgot to tell everyone about. But for worry nothing is there cause if there was we wouldn’t tell you.

  24. Robbie says:

    Starting to think this might be a terrorist attack. Maybe they are releasing something into the air that is only good for short range and causes blisters, boils & cannibalism ?

  25. Mrs. Johnson says:

    OK!!! Zombies DO NOT exists….this is just the horrific things drugs do to u!!!
    and im just curious….did the naked man just see a ginormous pizza outta that mans face?? lol

    • Sherri says:

      I live in Florida and have my whole life. I’ve never heard about any of these cases but than again I don’t care about the news its depressing in MY opinion. The majority of Miami is Hispanic. I don’t want to sound racist because I MOST CERTAINTLAY AM NOT. I think racism is terrible. However, being said, Columbians and Mexicans are NOTORIOUS for their drugs. If drugs can make people think their god (no I’m not joking) then they can most certainly make people act like a zombie or ghoul. Drugs can also cause terrifying deformities. In some cases it may be a mentally challenged person, but I don’t know, you don’t know, none of us know. Only God knows.

    • Darlene says:

      You’ve obviously never done drugs, and if drugs were doing this there would be a ton more! This is not recreational drugs…it’s time we all stop being afraid of the truth and look at what is happening right now. Best to you.

  26. Ruan says:

    Wow wait is this stuff real !?!?

  27. Paul oehler says:

    Not sure if this relates to any of these happenings but a few days ago at my old middle school in Pa, 11 people passed out/got really dizzy and a chemical team was called but nothing was found. People there said their eyes got really wide and they just sat their and starred at nothing.

  28. Batman says:

    id just like to ask how some of you know what zombies really are? watching movies?
    i mean come up its a movie (that means its not real) and secondly im going out and buying ammo and shotgun and some concrete to build a bunker! lolol

  29. Jenna says:

    The form of drug that the ” zombie ” injested is a form or LSD , which makes people hilusinate extremely . Also if he was a zombie his victim would also turn into one as we know the virus would the be very contageous. The only reason everyone thinks hes a zombie is because of movies, this is reality people, canabulism is a real thing.

  30. Lynn says:

    {{ALERT}} this 55 gallon drum floated up on May 14th… 2 days before all this crazyness started http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/broward/hollywood/fl-hollywood-suspicous-drum-20120514,0,144948.story

  31. angel says:

    There is also the woman who ate her three week old’s toes and brain in san antonio

  32. Paranoid says:

    It could be a biological weapon, I mean think about it. Make the country destroy itself from the inside out and you’ve won the war after you’ve crippled a country nuke it and take the infected and all survivors out making it look like ” that’s what needed to be done’.

  33. Amber Bucci says:

    okay, no one except the government knows the truth so will you people stop making assumptions. your just making yourself look like an ass. who knows they could be zombies and maybe not. maybe its a virus maybe its drugs. stop insulting others because who knows you could be wrong. just stating a fact there. i for one hope that the government finds the cure for this unknown out break. i for one pray to god that no one else gets hurt. i am also going to do more research on this topic…for an 18 year old i know i might not find much but im not a reporter and cant go and do my own research. so good luck to all you. and stay safe. lock your doors.

  34. trigsim says:

    These are all very interesting, but none insinuate an outbreak of any kind, some random rashes and people biting other people aren’t enough. 1. the miami guy stripped himself and his victim, zombies don’t have the coordination to do such things. It anything zombie is happening, get supplies ready now and wait to see if there is anything soon that involves multiple dead people in one place with a very odd reason for their deaths. Also the maryland guy was completely conscious about what he did and tried to hide it, no zombies there my friends.

  35. Brianna says:

    I’m not to keen on the idea of zombies but, what if there is something deadly out there? Maybe it is “zombie” related. Not in the sense of people rising from the dead but a virus that is spreading causing people to become cannibalistic and primitive? Explain the mysterious rashes, explain all the strange happenings. It can’t just be drugs. Maybe they do play a role in it. Food for thought here but, remember the major disaster in Japan at the beginning of this year? All the reactors exploding and whatnot. The debris is just now washing up on shore about a month or two ago. What if the chemicals are affecting us? Look at all the attacks. All along the coastline. San Antonio, Miami, Maryland, New Jersey. Plus, what if it is drugs? People apparently have access to them and it’s escalating.

  36. T says:

    necrotizing fasciitis , its a flesh eating disease you can get by injecting bath salt, maybe the miami zombie snorted some bath salt, caught necrotizing fasciitis in his brain, that will have the same effects as Kuru.

  37. el says:

    another attack, another incoherent naked zombie. This time its spread to CA. They try to blame drugs every time but we know better. run! Its spreading!


    • Darlene says:

      Remember recently all of the dead birds falling from the sky and millions of dead fish? We are being poisoned on a regular basis…Chemtrails, genetically modified foods, floride and litium in the water, oil spill, nuclear disaster, Our enviornment is paying us back..we need to treat the earth and each other better.I

  38. Annon says:

    Illnesses and rashes happen all the time that has nothing to do with zombies. People arrested often spit, bleed, pee, and crap on police officers that is ‘normal’. The man who ate his roommate and the face eating guy they are creepy! But people acting crazy, violent and even biting people is not new. Eating people that is sick.

  39. Lori says:

    ): I just bought a house…

  40. Amanda says:

    Also, I dont think the maryland or new jersey men would be considered so called zombies. And don’t be biased and say its zombies, it could be a weird new drug, or combination of drugs. We dont know everything they had in common, this article however, only points out jow they would be zombies. its misleading.

  41. Amanda says:

    It is weird. I dont know what to think of it yet. Zombies are cool in movies, games, and books, but not real life. Living only 15 minutes away from the guy that killed is roommate and ate his brain and heart, and saved parts of him, is a bit unsettling. I think its something the government was testing but accidentally got out. If it was a virus, the so called LQP-79, it could be highly contagious, which would by why so many people got it. It would really depend on how you react; how strong you immune system is etc., once you get a virus, and you live, you normally don’t get it again. I read an article that said the Miami guy was tested, and a virus called LQP-79 and they quarantined people in the area.

  42. chris stath says:

    Ok i agree with everyone A) this might just be nothing and we are panicking and letting our minds get the better of us. B) what if <— Just what if its not panic and its genuinely real ? yeah that is ever scarier then paranoia ! when i was reading this something occurred to me ?!! has anyone seen night of the living dead ? where the has an experimental gas ? which does have these effects on humans what were are seeing here ? just a thought but it really did seem quite odd that in every case there were rashes and gas exposure of some sort and chemicals where none where evident ! think but dont over think seems like the answer is right in front of us but we are choosing to ignore it which is ever worse then denying the TRUTH ! i for one am a lil worried.

  43. geebo1980 says:

    Drugs are reported to be the cause of the face eating attack in miami, however toxicology test results are not in as of the last report i read. Sounds like a cover up in progress…idk

  44. Stan Sikorski says:

    A ‘man’ was arrested in Maryland for eating a roommate and sectioning body parts and dumping them around his area. Ate the other guy’s brain and heart. This was today or yesterday. All I know is Im ready. I have my zombie plan all together.

  45. Mpr says:

    Ummm and now the Maryland zombie… dude ate his roomates brains and heart…

    and NJ zombie who pulled out his own instistines and threw them at police…

  46. matt says:

    ok what about this ?!?!?! WTF??!!!!

    “The New Jersey man allegedly cut out his intestines and then threw them at the police on Sunday. The gruesome scene played out at Carter’s Hackensack, N.J., home, after Police were called to the scene based on reports that the 43-year old man was barricaded in his room with a knife and planning on harming himself, according to the local NBC station.
    The cops kicked in the door and ordered Carter to drop the knife. Ignoring the officers’ orders, Carter allegedly began stabbing himself in the abdomen, neck and legs instead. Attempts to subdue him with pepper spray did nothing but seem to enrage him.
    That’s when officers say Carter began throwing pieces of his skin and entrails at the cops. Wisely, the police retreated.”


    • trigsim says:

      He was using a knife and not trying to attack the police or anyone else, nothing even close to living dead there.

  47. Karina says:

    Bull crap!! This whole “zombie” thing is only a theoretical belife. A pure minded human can not just turn into a so called zombie. A human mind is a complex machine. A viral contamination or a genetic default would most likely have to happen for a result of a “zombie” creature. And such matters would take quite awhile to develop due to human population and human physical health. Yet again life has crazy twists and turns.

  48. Jayne says:

    So can we safely assume that Mike Tyson is a zombie? He bit the ear off Evander Holyfield…

  49. Ajax Adams says:

    Did you hear that there is a recent vampire outbreak in Mexico. And the plains of Utah have seen a dramatic increase in the number of warewolves roaming around on nights where there is a full mood. Seriously people, get a life and stop letting FICTIONAL MOVIES cloud your judgement between REALITY and FANTASY.

    Did you ever think that the drugs he was on made him think he was a zombie from one of the movies he watched? You people really do have no life.

  50. Terry says:

    How did TWO naked men get to this point without anyone noticing them? Why were they naked? Were their clothes found; if so where? What is the unbiased history of both men?This has the marking of something staged as a result of some kind of an experiment

    • Nick C. says:

      The one who got his face eaten off was homeless. The man who did it was apparently on “bath salts” which makes your body temperature rise so he stripped down. I don’t know why he ripped the clothes off of the homeless man.

  51. karen says:

    The CDC and the zombie apocalypse, the weather channel and the zombie apocalypse they both have something on this.

    • vanessa says:

      Im Freaked i absoulutly believe that these events are just the begining.. i dont want to cause panic but i am panicked. I want to move now somewhere remote rather than wait for this to be at my doorstep

      • chris stath says:

        agreed this is unnerving to say the least ! whether or not we watch movies does not make anything less real to the fact that its happening in front of our faces !!! BE AWARE !

    • chris stath says:

      im kinda worried karen this seems to far fetched to be untruth which is even more scarier !

  52. karen says:

    You are so right!!! I have been investigating into this myself, something just kept going through my mind about the man in Miami, and the media always gives the story on drugs, I went to wikapedia and researched PCP no way could it have been PCP you have to have a history of being violent, and if you read the story in daily mail his family and friends said he was not that way, he had some problems like most of us do but not anything that would make he do what he did. Than the media brings up bath salts, a name for another drug, no way would it make a person do what he did. Something is really wrong here, and I am afraid more of this is going to happen.

  53. amicus curiae says:

    you Missed this one!
    days to die and disfigured?? but no ones bothering to examine the area???

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