9 illuminati Conspiracies


nine Illuminati Conspiracies and how the anti Illuminati aim to enlighten the rest of us about the dangers of the Illuminati.

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29 Responses

  1. fuck that illuminati praise GOD jesus christ

  2. This was weak. No actual evidence or documentation just rumors.?

  3. Sharon Allen says:

    Ha Ha Ha….What a bunch of bullshit…..can't believe people actually believe this shit…

  4. William Ward says:

    Still have the original Little mermaid art poster here at home and that sure is a huge…..

  5. OMG THE Eminem one might be true becuase in one of his song he says new world order

  6. Dank Doge says:


  7. ben tramer says:


    / ?

  8. Sand9woman says:

    Illuminati and Anti-Illuminati: #FrictionlessSpinningWheel

  9. My child hoods over now kids shows seriously

  10. Daniel Pinci says:

    jesus christ… stop.

  11. Did you know if you look at the arch way on the top you will see the ILLUMARITI :p

  12. Neptune3652 says:

    I'll believe all this Illuminati bullshit when it happens to me

  13. Kitty says:


  14. Ray the Best says:

    bla bla bla u sound boring

  15. Dylan Justin says:

    wht the hell Is the illuminati

  16. Lance Garner says:

    REALLY i mean really take the fun outta watching movies everybody the devil i mean dam

  17. 8:45 – What exactly am I supposed to be looking at pertaining to Perdita's spots…?

  18. dont even know how I cliced thi vud

  19. MakaveliMCG says:

    Walt Disney is….

  20. ah fuck you why did you have to ruin eminem for me

  21. doge life says:

    illuminate mean's you're 3rd eye

  22. it sucked that paul walker died now hes not in fate of furios

  23. They want all religion fight…

  24. about Eminem is not true

  25. Diego Perez says:

    what a fucking retard

  26. yea this stuff does sound believable. hard to think its a coincedence

  27. Also, if you play Disney Infinity 3.0 and make a sidekick suite, there is a chance to get an illuminati rug and/or illuminati window (or curtain. Something like that)

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