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  1. Nonsense. This was transmitted live by different stations and networks. The original transmissions can be seen on You Tube, How The different programs were interrupted to bring the bad news. Besides, real people died on those planes.

  2. I don't understand why people make fun of this day. My uncle died that fateful evening. I'll never forget his last words.

    Allah Akbar

  3. Sarkis says:

    It's true … What kind of country won't wanna take over a country full of oils.

  4. Kal El says:

    His office is in space! Cool!

  5. Your face, your ass!! What is the difference? Suck it down!! Maybe shit does not smell shit!!

  6. Phil Fflow says:

    How about extending your 'ball theory' to the source of its trajectory. That hurricane?

  7. skipson1211 says:

    Hahaha if it was a insidejob, why havn't they just blown up the towers with bombs? U doesnt need Planes and edit video and so on.. That would have been much more easier, less people would've had to know about it.
    Believe me. That was terrorrism.. Fuck those people making money by fooling people.

  8. George Lambe says:

    can you actually shut up so what it happened and everybody knows two planes hit it

  9. 911 was more than a conspiracy or Terrorist attack.
    911 was the start of America under God's judgement.
    End of story.

  10. What a festering pile of horse crap THAT was.

  11. ALX 65091 says:

    wow, I never realised exactly how much I hate conspiracy theorists until now

  12. asdfgh says:

    You're a very good liar but the video doesn't match your delusions.

  13. Naz Amosey says:

    EXCELLENT well researched video. Only 4 intelligent and smart people. Dopey stay away go get a suitable job.

  14. bizuca says:

    How they faked the sound of the planes ?

  15. don frank says:

    Here is something that was discussed on another video that confirms both……….the wing of the plane goes behind the building in the background. look at the slow motion and see the left wing go behind the the building on the left. Its a layering problem which means either the background is fake or the plane is fake

  16. its called fire ever heard of a fire explosion. btw fire called the tower to fall.

  17. Oh so all the planes that day were just balls? So the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was just a ball killing over 100 bystanders in a field? Oh and the pentagon didn't have the ass end of a plane sticking out of it it was added in? How arrogant can someone get? Have some respect for the thousands of people that died that day and take your so called "graphic analysis" and drone and shove it. Get real

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