Click here to watch more conspiracy theories: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDs0tNoNYTz2e3dax_MtldWVf_7XrX6ij Featured Videos: September 11, …


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  1. that's my birthday

  2. He said they did not fall down because the '''trains'' hit it instead of planes

  3. Shane… they fell straight down because the iron girders supporting the buildings melted. Not, because there were bombs.
    Also, the flight 93 one (the 1st one) same thing, the debris melted by the fire.
    The 2nd Flight 93 one makes no sense. Why would the government execute there own citizens?
    As for the rest… I have no explanation.

  4. Halah Zoubi says:

    My dad made me watch that 2 hour long 9/11 Conspiracy Theory and it was literally just about "bush did 9/11" rip

  5. I live in NYC and my mom and dad tell me the story about what happened all the time. This was really interesting to watch and compare it to what my mom and dad tell me about what happened.

  6. I like how at the end of these creepy videos, he puts in one of his happy funny vids for the outro

  7. Reese4105 AJ says:

    hey shane wat ( I know how to spell what) state do u live in or country im 11 who cares i live in nevada

  8. He said the trains hit it

  9. Priya K says:

    Maybe the government started conspiracy theories to keep the bad events alive and strike fear and madness so that USA can start wars.

  10. This are amazing Shane! Please keep it up!

  11. Louise VI says:

    I had to go into the living room with my family with my headphones in cause I was that scared sitting in my room alone watching this.

  12. amy22 x says:

    Boy get more shirts I have seen this shirt 1 MILLION TIMRS

  13. Alphabet Boy says:

    If Bush did this…… What would Trump do? IDK what to believe anymore :/

  14. MadJADNerd says:

    0:59 "because the trains hit it" do you mean "because the planes hit it"?

  15. UltraSnake says:

    reasons why I want to move out the U.S in 4 years

  16. Claire Smith says:

    Make more like these!

  17. Taco Cat says:


  18. i love these videos a lot! i'd love to see one on the Titanic haha

  19. Nick Enright says:

    @0:58 I didn't know trains hit the WTC ?

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