9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money


TRANSCRIPT, SOURCES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=16167

Forget for one moment everything you’ve been told about September 11, 2001. 9/11 was a crime. And as with any crime, there is one overriding imperative that detectives must follow to identify the perpetrators: follow the money. This is an investigation of the 9/11 money trail.


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  1. More Jew theft, deception, crime, and bullshit.

  2. rafael picon says:

    This is far far darker than 17 guys crashing airplanes into buildings . 9/11 was simply a launching of a business plan to make trillions .

  3. Naimul Haq says:

    If Trump wants to get to the bottom of 9/11 and the trillions, he is in for a surprise. He will never get the truth. Even if he does, his story will likewise get distorted.

  4. Bush you lying dog shit lmfao

  5. Cosmos Log says:

    corbett and his bitch are so boring

  6. Jondo says:

    In a biblical sense, 7 is the number of completion, the market crashed on 9-11 777 points. as it did on 2008's market collapse

  7. Jondo says:

    This was a governmental/Corporatist heist with a coup against our constitutional republic. The government took our civil liberties through the patriot Act, military commission act, and the NDAA. a perfect storm.

  8. James Kelman says:

    Did not the U.S. arm the Mujahadin in 1980 on in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets.Did not the U.S. gove Pakistan nuclear thechnology for rights to the Kyhber Pass so as to import arms into Afghanistan.

  9. nickthefox72 says:

    Why aren't these facts followed up by subsequent administrations? The worst kept secret ever and people in authority are happy to believe the official report? Wow

  10. null says:

    Powerful. Stunning. Wow…

  11. Jong Regudo says:

    america will soon go down with its own demise

  12. hategreed1 says:


  13. kyostim says:

    Big money and some religions do not care about human lives! You know who did this when you follow where the money goes of this brutal business.

  14. Ben Vis says:

    jve always though the physical evidence for 911 was a trap used to keep the truth movement stuck spinning in circles without end. Following the money, as this documentary does, is the best way to handle 911

  15. Ben Vis says:

    the deep state and break away civilization

  16. 911 total cost is 4 trillion in stolen money, false insurance, and stolen gold and silver and 16 trillion in interest free loans on 2008 that little has been repaid.  20 trillion.  Forbes has a column telling that the Fed now plans to devalue the US dollar 33%.  As all exports are calculated in dollars as well as derivatives, and international business, The Fed is a threat to the whole world.

  17. notice that "Russian today"and next news network are asking the real questions. our main stream media is shit

  18. A Tabib says:

    Mr. Corbett, I have watched this video when you first released it, and I just watched it again! It would be great if you can do an updated version or a second sequel to know of any new investigative information that has come out, or perhaps that you may have. It has become so apparent that the 911 attach is indeed an inside job.

  19. Adan Rojo says:

    ¡Weird! …What do these criminals deserve?

  20. Antonio Ladd says:

    do you see the all seeing eye on her blouse with the necklace charm

  21. Obwon Kenobe says:

    Follow the Money and Think "No Planes".

  22. Jeff Kay says:

    Blame it on the isis.. Americans normally will go for any crap they are told.. Normal democratic nations kick up a fuss over loose change. A balance sheet has to balance up… Keep on hugging the flag while the elites have you over a barrel.. Hope they use lubricants.. (i doubt they will as they haven't before.. they inflict pain)

  23. and the terrorists or those behind the trades were Arab terrorists?  I added up the theft of 2.3 Trillion theft from the Pentagon by Dov Zakhein, missing gold, insurance claims came to 4.0 trillion dollars.  Add the 16 Trillion given out to financial institutions in no interest loans, has made 20 trillion the real cost of 911 the same as the National Debt of America.

  24. Any wonder there was a finding of "TOO BIG TO FAIL " a few years later brushing away audits connected & back to the weeks preceding & throughout the 9/11 erea.

  25. Dom Jermano says:

    Rumsfeld is a liar. The missing money was used to setup, and do 911, with the real goal of destroying evidence of crimes committed by their Corporate Circle. And you can take that to the bank..

  26. dieter proll says:

    Great Documentary! I am a big fan of James 9/11 Documentaries. If u want to be educated about the Kennedy Assasination watch "JFK to 9/11 Everything is a rich man's trick". It's another Masterpiece like this movie about the ruling Elite of the USA(Bush, CIA, Mafia)

  27. the feeling of helplessness is exactly what they want you to think and feel but its not the case we the people of these united states must do everything we can to not let these people get away without worry, we must seek and expose the truth and take our lives into our own hands

  28. God sees all, all that money they got for doing evil deeds don't end well, unless they don't have a soul or demon in disguise. Feel sad for those who were involved and they will stand in front of God, ?

  29. billy blaa says:

    Zionist are running the world. When you got media military and banking system in control then you can do anything you like. But it's for time being not gonna last longer…..

  30. Alex Ramsey says:

    It is easier than this ask the jews!!!

  31. David Austin says:

    sickening despicable money talks bullshit walks

  32. 27boof says:

    This is an excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT Documentary! So thoroughly researched! Thank you SO much for this.

  33. F your G says:

    the zionists love prime numbers. from George Bush's speech on 9/11/90 to 9/11/2001 is 4019 days. 4019 is the 555th prime number. from the 93 wtc bombing to 9/11/01 is 3119 days. 3119 is the 444th prime number.

  34. hategreed1 says:

    Rockefellers built the WTC. Rockefellers needed to be rid of the ASBESTOS NIGHTMARES, that were mostly empty by 9/11. They needed a ghoul like Silverstein to get rid of them, and they all found a way for TRILLIONS to be made from it, along with control of MANY nations, including this one.

  35. hategreed1 says:

    16:22, and on…..that video of the FAKED plane is so fucking FAKE!

  36. hategreed1 says:

    Trump, Silverstein, and Giuliani, three criminal minds and friends

  37. so money gone .. steal it from Iraq.

  38. Wow, I've searched for info on 9/11 since my late teens and I've NEVER heard or read about the PTech angle. Truly astounding how complex and well planned this entire plot was, this fact makes me doubt we'll ever know the truth more than those assholes laughing that trillions of taxpayer dollars are as good as stolen.

  39. it's more easy to blame the Muslims. #MobMentality

  40. How the software works. Every "state" has a value. EG, a person has acssess to certain areas. What are their choices. What are their actions. Everthing has codes. Do A/B/C/ ect, it has a system code. Do nothing it has a code for that. This is a simple example.

  41. Strange results from the SCE. They had their main base in building 7. All data was held there. Destroyed on 9/11 @ 5:20 pm in the total uniform destruction/colapse into its own footprint. To quote a famous song, "There are more questions than answers"!

  42. Four planes were allegedly involved in 9/11. After the alleged destruction of these planes two were still registered as flying several monthes later! These two were photographed by an exairline empolyee!

  43. America and Israel are supposed to be the closest of allies. So why have Israel attacked the USS LIBERTY causing US deaths.Israel knew very well that the USS LIBERTY was a US ship! And yet the Israelis bombed and straffed the ship although the ship showed a huge US flag and conntacted the fighters that were attacking . Back in 1947 the Israelis attacked the King David Hotel ,HQ of the British Forces of Mandate with a truck bomb. Causing many deaths!

  44. If you go through all the 9/11 videos that expose the criminality you are in the millions of views! TRUMP must do something about 9/11 and the open sore that it now is!


  46. cheese head says:

    Is trade information public record? Name names!

  47. Curly P says:

    The Jews play America like a fiddle. Damn! wake up people!

  48. Bob Wieland says:

    Who is that putz feeding Bremer These media puppets are just fanning the flames to an inferno….they both should be fried ..

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