9/9/12 London false flag..illuminati clock.. Satanism



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  1. Nothing will happen =)

  2. the information came from documented archiological finds of ancient times, the orrigional 1 hour video was put together by another account, i just researched in to it to make sure it was genuine, then i reuploaded the vid with different music to it.

    History shows the six pointed star, image of the so called jesus linking the signs of Jesus to other ancient teachers and with this the sign to the baphomet.

    The illuminati clck links can be found in the description box.

  3. dirihan1 says:

    damn ur maths is good

  4. 1 day 13 hours away… lets see what happens 

  5. Do you reckon that a bombing could happen tomorrow? I watch "TheGroxt's" videos, and he has suggested the possiblity of a nuke hitting a certain powerplant in America (I have forgotten the name). This would most likely start WWIII and possibly cover up the Rapture (if you believe in it)? What do you think?

  6. dirihan1 says:

    no i don't mean that i understand what ur saying

  7. iiXeno says:

    I think you went a little over board with the triangle angles parts. You showed them like 5 times lol, but other than that, a very interesting and strange video.


  9. hey do you know about the clock. It's already counted down but nothing is happening. Could you please explain coz I don't understand.

  10. Hey does anyone know about the clock and if something is meant to happen. It has already counted down so I'm not sure what happens next.

  11. so far nothing hppened, now we wait for the closing ceremony of paralympics in 12 hours, and hopefullly nothing happens tonight or tomorow 10/9… lets wait and see

  12. akashuriken says:

    very nice vid. The clock just stopped here in the netherlands… we'll what ll happen. Again, very nice vid mr Wilson:)

  13. akashuriken says:

    ah, the website dissapeared…its not reloadable anymore…

  14. Abiyah119 says:

    ok first of all saturday is not the sixth day its the 7day. sunday is the first day of the week but of course the devils got every body so blind the truth is in your faces Yahweh said remmember to keep the 7 day holy and imstead yall keeping the sunday ,and are saying saturday is the 6th day boy you guys dont really look at your calendar

  15. Abiyah119 says:

    you need to do some searching first like i said saturday is not the 6 day saturday is the 7th day dont go spreading things you yourself arent searching for and its called the truth people worship on sunday and THE ALMIGHTY said 6 days you shall work but on the 7th you shall keep it HolyPLEASE LOOK AT YOUR CALENDAR SUNDAY IS 1 AND FRIDAY IS 6 SO SATURDAY IS 7

  16. ptbfm11 says:

    what utter shit

  17. Only 40 minutes til 11:11

  18. dirihan1 says:

    lol but still it didnt even happend

  19. dirihan1 says:

    i tought u deleted this 

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