_Why in the World are They Spraying__ Full Length Documentary HD



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  1. HotBurmees says:

    I'm glad , i'm allowed again to upload large video's at my channel.
    So this is my first one again in months.
    i hope everyone will learn, hear or see about chemtrails.
    This is The most biggest issue to mankind.
    This is about All Life on Mother Earth.
    When The power To Be have all control on Air, Water and Soil/Earth.
    Then you can no more hide , seek shelter or try to get out of the system.

    Then your their Slave.
    Act Now , Say NO to Chemtrails.
    Our lives are at stack

  2. HotBurmees says:

    Understandably , plz don't be angry, in fact TPTB , are a pity full kind of people , they believe they can stop the Cosmic way.
    they really believe, they are the chosen One.
    Plz do not trap in the other traps of them, like Thrive or NESARA, is a trap.
    listen what your heart say.

  3. HotBurmees says:

    And still my beloved mankind, be awere of the trics they will use on us.
    they give us disinfo and then info in the disinfo and so on.
    If fact don't believe what i place or say, believe your own heart, that is the best advisor today and of all times

  4. HotBurmees says:

    Sorry i make allot of spelling errors. is late and i'm bit fed-up.
    They , who are awake, see throw my errors.

    Thanks , just spread the word, stop this before is to late.

  5. HotBurmees says:

    Love in the light your are.
    Love in the light.

    Why? i say that , because we lost the love in the light.
    Only the Light never lost us, we lost it.
    Now is the time to bring it back.

    I'm not a genuis, just a human who see throught the facts they are.

    in fact the mater is so complex, is hard to see it.
    At the other side , is very simpel

  6. HotBurmees says:

    Very old protest song , today still fucking true.

    Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

    is a YTcode

  7. Who the Heck are Bill Gates and Monsanto?
    They need to be stopped, this is worse than the Dark Ages.
    This has to be the work of Satan, these are pure Evil that needs to be extinguished, 2 people against the world, what is wrong with you all? We have to stop this now, it's our way of life to protect this Earth we were given, we are the Custodians of this Planet, not it's destroyers.

  8. Got it!
    Why don't these Arsoles get into their Space Rockets and go to Planet Phlegm and carry out your dirty deeds there and leave us to clean up your shit.

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