A LINE HAS BEEN DRAWN! The Rectilineator Documentary



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  1. WeRightNow says:

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  2. WeRightNow says:

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  3. WeRightNow says:

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  4. WeRightNow says:

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  5. Does CE theory explain how airplanes maintain altitude without diving up constantly?

  6. Adam Reeves says:

    Evidence for Earth's Concavity

    The Cellular Cosmogony

    In 1897, Ulysses G. Morrow and Cyrus Teed conducted the rectilineator experiment which showed the curvature of the earth is upwards.

    Newly created documentary of the experiment

    The Tamarack Mineshaft Plumb Bob Experiment

    Showed that we are not being pulled down towards the center of a sphere but actually pushed away from the center of the concave earth.

    ^ These show concavity to earth which means that the earth is actually encapsulating the everything in the known universe in its 25,000 mile circumference. Which means the stars, sun, and moon are all small orbiting inside of it.

    How do we not see the other side of the earth then?

    Bending light experimentation
    Showed that light is curving upwards which is actually creating a false horizon.

    This bending light is why we don't see the other side of the concave earth.

    How the Horizon Works in Concave Earth

    Let me show you an example of what you can see in the world.

    "Supposed" Superior mirage of Chicago skyline seen from Michigan shoreline

    Pay very close attention to the words he is saying. "Typically would not be able to see this" "viewable from much, much higher in the sky… in space"

    A) This is not actually a superior mirage which shows that this is actually just one of many images viewing past the earth's curavture.

    Real superior mirage examples.



    B) A heliocentric scientist would tell you that it is atmospheric refraction causing the light to bend around the earth.
    This is why you can see farther than the 2.99 miles that you should mathematically see if light is straight in the heliocentric model.

    This bending of light though throws the whole heliocentric model off though.

    This is more accurate to what is actually happening.

    For example:

    1 AU = Astronomical Unit (which you probably know)

    An AU is measured through a method called "stellar parallax" which uses straight lines of light to provide the triangulation of the sun which acquires its distance. If you and I are standing on this curved sphere and there is a bending of light from the atmosphere that allows you to see around the earth's surface to see objects on earth. Then you can too see the sun before you could see it in a straight line.

    This is one example of how the heliocentric model is inaccurate.

    Even more so when you try and calculate the sun's distance with straight light you end up with multiple locations for the sun.

  7. BrokenToe says:

    Steven now says they lied, lol.

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