A Message to America From a Syrian Mother


Dave Hodges

What is lost in the discussion of the holocaust that is unfolding in Syria, is the suffering of the innocent Syrian people. Even with the conflict is just getting warmed up, an estimated 100,000 Syrians have been brutally murdered. These events are buried as a whisper in the mainstream media regarding this human tragedy.

Don’t make the mistake of looking for government to either care about or try to minimize the loss of life. The expression of humanity starts with you and me. There is no humanity in government and there never will be.


Today, we listened to president Obama tell the nation that he was going to approach Congress about attacking Syria. However, at the end of the day, Obama will still attack Syria because he, as I have pointed out, is being blackmailed by the bankers who are holding six Watergate type of events over his presidency (e.g. Benghazi) and he is compelled to save the Petrodollar by eradicating Syria and Iran.

Today, a responder to my website, a mother of two, from Syria, took me to task for not writing about the horrific plight of the Syrian people as a result of the criminal actions of the Obama administration on behalf of the bankers who have hijacked the American government.

In the following paragraphs, I will make her case to a national audience. She has called out all Americans for their insensitivity and she is 100% correct. Here are her words…

“I am Syrian and a mother. since about 2 years, this proxy war installed by the USA and her western, Turkish and Arab lackeys, is devastating my homeland and killing my people. I have lost several friends. Your mercenaries shot at me and I got wounded. Some days ago, my daughter, aged 15, said, it was better we’d die now rather than suffering the rest of our lifetime as she expects this war won’t end. What shall I say to her, at the eve of a huge war to come? That life can be nice, in case the greedy US-Imperialism would allow you to live? Can you really imagine how life is for a 15 years old teenager seeing bodies in the streets and destruction and displaced people and hearing the shells of the terrorists exploding and the cries of the wounded and the noise of grenades and shooting all day, 24/7?????”

I want all of you to pause for a moment and consider that if this woman was writing to us from Kansas City, would we feel her pain more intensely than we do for a Syrian woman writing to me on behalf of her family and fellow citizens who speak a different language and live thousands of miles away in a foreign culture?

What do we say to a mother when her child has given up hope for living a good life with such a dramatic expression of fatalism? What would you think if it were your child telling you that life has no hope or meaning, only suffering and that they would be better off dead? And the suffering that this15 year old daughter is experiencing is the direct result of the the actions of what can only be called war criminals and these war criminals would be the CIA, al-Qaeda and of course the Obama administration on behalf of the bankers that they serve.

This administration does support al-Qaeda.

This administration does support al-Qaeda.


I would also ask the American people who have debunked my ongoing assertions that the banker controlled Obama administration is supporting al-Qaeda in their overthrow attempt of Assad in the exact same manner as these same players did to Gaddafi in Libya, to reconsider their misinformed position. Even this Syrian mother knows who her enemies are even if we choose to bury our collective American heads in the sand and deny any responsibility for the criminal actions of our government.

This Syrian mother went on to say…

“…with all due respect, in all your words I do not see any concern about the lives of Syrian women, children and men which are threatened and taken away here by your mercenaries of al-Qaeda. Don’t we count? Are we worthless?”

If one goes back and reads the last three articles on my website, I have made repeated references to the Syrians that will be victimized by our imperialistic government in the ongoing and soon-to-be expanded war.

I responded to this Syrian mother and attempted to demonstrate my expressed concern for the Syrian people. The following excerpt from a recent article serves as an example of my response to these allegations.

“If war breaks out in Syria the best possible outcome will be the … approximately 2,000,000 innocent people will perish and the world will witness the installation of the Muslim Brotherhood as the new leaders in Syria…”   I have also written and spoken of the Syrian female reporter who was raped by a CIA, al-Qaeda backed rebel leader a few months ago…”

However, when I finished defending my sense of honor, I had to admit she was more right than she was wrong. I have done what most of us have done, we have written a clinical analysis of the situation along with our perceptions of the unfolding consequences resulting from Obama’s actions. But at the end of the day, I have not done nearly enough to call attention to the suffering of millions of innocent people who have absolutely nothing to do with what is happening to them. To the Syrian mother’s allegation, I have to plead guilty and I need to re-examine my priorities much more closely as do all Americans.

To this Syrian woman, I would say that the American people do not hate the Syrian people and that I and most of my countrymen ache over the suffering of the innocent Syrian people. However, we do not ache enough, or we in America would do something about the criminal actions of this administration.

In my response to this woman, I also told her that we in America do not know how to stop what is going on because our government has totally been hijacked by international bankers. The bankers want the Syrian pipeline. The bankers also want to occupy Syria, for strategic reasons, from which to bring down Iran for the sole purpose of Petrodollar preservation.

America, how does it feel to know that your tax dollars go to support the al-Qaeda backed rebels?

This woman also chastised my lack of overt support for Assad given the complexities of the situation.

And, please, Sir! do not name Assad that negatively, recognizing that even your CIA had to admit (and reported it) that he has the utter loyalty of about 70 percent of the Syrian people – how much support can Obama gain in the USA? So are we Syrians dumb to follow a ‘dictator’? No – we are united with our families, friends, our sons and husbands serving in our army to DEFEND our homeland. Every US-American would do the same if the USA was attacked. And we stand with our president as we realized he does his duty to defend his people. You do not need to be a fan of someone in order to be fair.

She has a point in that the Syrian people have no choice but to rally around Assad, if for no other reason, than to survive. And as I have said before, I hope Assad survives this crisis based upon principle alone. However, I think that everyone reading these words knows that Assad’s days, like Gaddafi, are numbered.

America, how does it feel to know that your tax dollars go to support the al-Qaeda backed rebels?

This woman is also correct in that Assad is preferable to Obama, whether we call the President a dictator or not.  And she is right, Assad should be judged in comparison to Obama.

This eyewitness to this tragedy went on to say…

“Apart from that, I am optimistic that we Syrians already have won the war against you – by all evidence of high moral, dignity and the persistent will to defend our nation. We Syrians show the world that  resistance against the Evil can work and in any case will help you to preserve your dignity.”

How can any reasonable person say that the Syrian people and Assad do not hold the moral high ground? For those who say that Assad released chemical weapons on his people, dig deeper, he did not.

If America had this woman’s resolve, we could rid ourselves of the banker controlled government who have perverted what it means to be an American. I am an American and I love my country, but I will not support these actions being perpetrated by psychopathic lunatics.

“…please just invest a minute to think about it as if all this would happen to you, your homeland, your family, your friends – what would you do?”

I fear that this woman’s questions will soon have answers. When we consider the consequences of allowing the Patriot Acts, the NDAA and Executive Order 13603 to continue to stand and to fly in the face of our Constitutional Republic, we will all be asked this question in the coming months and years as the tyranny will surely come to our shores. And what our government will do to the Syrian people, they will surely, one day, do to the American people!

Does anyone really think that this criminal government will continue to allow Americans to question the actions of this banker controlled government? When “they” feel the time is right, these criminals will turn their evil attention on to us and we will be asking what we’d do if this “were to happen to you, your homeland, your family, your friends-what would you do?” I know what I am going to do, what are your going to do and what are we going to collectively do about the imposters who are presently controlling our government? I fear that someday, the words of this Syrian woman will come to have special meaning to all freedom-loving Americans.

“So, by telling you all this, I just want you to know that Syria is defending not only her homeland and her families but all the values that make her. If we Syrians loose our values, our history, our civilization, we were dead. You can kill us all but you will never see us kneeling in front of you.”

Regards from a Syrian female, mother, patriot (temporarily staying in Europe)

Obama and the bankers do not want to see just the Syrians kneel before them, they want all Americans to kneel as well. This Syrian woman is our ally in our fight against abject evil and governmental tyranny.

I have never been a proponent of the Domino Theory which purports that it is better to fight them over there (e.g. Vietnam) than it is to fight them over here (USA). In this case, if we, as Americans do not stand up against this tyranny, not just for the Syrian people, but for all of humanity, we are hopelessly lost.

America, do you realize that we are on the wrong side of history? Don’t you know that if the good people get to write history at some future point in time, that they will talk about the despotic regimes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Obama? Do you really want to stand in the shadow of this company, or are we going to take a stand? Are we going to scream from the roof tops, write to Congress and engage in civil disobedience until we force the banksters to abandon their subjugation of Syria?

This is not about war, my fellow Americans, this is about genocide and I would rather die than be an active or passive participant in this evil chapter in world history.

syrian mother of 2

And God help me, I do not know how to ease this Syrian’s woman’s suffering along with the millions of Syrian people who not deserve this fate. But rest assured that Karma can be a sobering fact of life and I promise you America, if we do not stand up to Obama and the bankers he serves, the forces of Karma will be visited upon this country in untold amounts. God help us all!

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8 Responses

  1. Where was our government when all those thousands and thousands were killed and being killed in Africa? No where to be seen or heard from. Now, Obama comes out and says he is concerned with the killing Syria. 90+% of the American public see thru Obama lies about Syria. Reliable sources tell us it was the Mulsim rebels that used the chemical weapons, not the government. We all need to write, call and e-mail our congressmen and tell then no to getting involved anymore in the middle east. The bankers may control Obama but they don’t control us the American People.

  2. PHUGEMAWL says:

    GJS >>> take work conditions & wages back 30 years ??? God forbid, thirty years ago most of us were happy with conditions, wages and cost of living. I know I could fill my gas tank without taking out a mortgage (it’s around $7.50 per gallon in Australia), we weren’t so paranoid that we were ready to shoot our neighbour and we could comfortably feed our family. I have total empathy for this Syrian mother and all victims of the Satanic agenda. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

    • GJS says:

      Surely you don’t think they’ll reduce the prices back to the same level too to compensate do you ?
      I started work in 1976, we got 29 minutes for lunch with 1 minute to get back onto the job or we were docked, no morning or arvo tea or god given things like that.
      Either you started work later than me, was in a union controlled sector or you had a decent boss, you are right but I would much prefer to be living back then, life somehow meant something, now everything is so much trouble for everyone & you are considered lucky if you get what you paid for.
      God help the next couple of generations, if there are any.

  3. GJS says:

    Does anyone actually think it would be any different if the other mob were in power ?
    Think about it honestly & logically.
    Party politics will bring down the entire western world YET most people still give totally illogical lifetime support to one of the 2 main political parties, it makes NO sense & is actually empowering the people & groups whose agenda is to take work conditions & wages back 30 years.
    So until the bulk of the western worlds voters realise that many of our problems are directly from the Party Politics they support we can expect to stay on this course to oblivion, I just hope time doesn’t run out before they realise.
    Good luck all.

  4. Adam says:

    There is more at work than just the international bankers gunning for a few states that have not bowed to their control. This is a multifaceted plan. None are honorable except for the aspirations of the soldiers who will be duty bound to follow orders. Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama is a Muslim. Worse, he’s a closet radical. I say worse because I’d rather be shot in the heart by a known enemy than be stabbed in the back by a sworn friend. But his true colors are apparent to anyone paying a nth of attention.

    God has quickened my heart of compassion.

    To the little mother who is rightfully angry- my thoughts and my prayers, and I say that with all earnestness and sincerity, are with you and your child.

    I do believe we serve different gods. However it is not out of belligerence. Rather earnest error. I pray with all my heart that God will look down. And that His eyes would fall on your plight and the rest of the innocents. And I pray that He would send down His angels to wrap you, your daughter, your friends and their children in His divine comfort. That He would look down with pity and love and mercy and be there in only the way He can in your time of need. God does not micromanage. Not yet anyway. And the deeds of evil men succeed in this fallen world. And evil flourishes. But one day God will say enough. And He will send His Son back to take back this world from the tormentor. When all error will be corrected and when there will be no more war. No more pain. No more dying. No more separation.

    My love extends to all peoples. Of any and all race. Of any and all religion. So long as they are not violent and abusive out of glee toward evil. Those I pity but will rise up against if necessary in the defense of myself or other innocents.

    My heart breaks for you and your daughter. All those who have been ravaged by senseless war my heart breaks for. You may be experiencing it by yourselves some thousands of miles away. But you aren’t hurting by yourselves. We hurt with you.

    And to the young one who will never read this, take heart. For the One your faith calls just a prophet is really the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and He has overcome this world and He will overcome this world again at His return. And I pray that He has made divine provision and mercy to rest upon you. For there is mercy in His wings. And I can’t see Him turning away in wrath those who were never allowed to hear of His Truth. I believe He will make Himself known in some way, shape, form or fashion and give everyone the chance to embrace Him with full understanding of the Truth that is Him. I rest my hope and faith on Him and His abundant grace and mercies. I trust Him that He will not turn an innocent away.

    In Christ’s Holy Name it is my prayer. Amen.

    • Freewheelinfrank says:

      The whole Arab world is in upheaval! And the US and its allies are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. The US is cutting back on Arab oil and has plenty of oil from current sources. Not to mention all other fuels including nat gas, coal, wind, and solar. China and the Soviets are supportive of Syria yet we don’t see them help defending Syria against the attacks made by Al Qaeda and the rebels that are attacking Assad. You say the chemical weapons are not being used by Assad against his own people? Maybe you need a looksee for yourself instead of heresay from abroad. That evidence will be presented to Congress by Secretary of State John Kerry. If you want us to feel sorry for you well maybe it worked on the other hand I feel sorry for the dead Syrians who were killed by their own leader. Saddam Hussein did the same thing! It seems the Arab dictators are ok with killing their own people with chemical weapons. You talk about International bankers, what about International Arms dealers who are so willing to sell guns and weapons to make money. In addition compared to the Palestinian conflict with Israel, Arabs killed by their own Arab brothers and sisters are over the top. And still we see the 23Arab states sitting back letting it happen… On the other hand they are all to willing to blame the Israelis for defending themselves against these same miltiants…

      • BitterClinger says:

        And of course we should believe everything Kerry tells us because we have never been lied to by Big Brother before…LOL

      • AdamC says:

        Many good points. I missed covering a few of the multifacets I mentioned there being in play. But the fact that we are cutting back on Mid East oil doesn’t help matters. If you understand the petro dollar you’ll understand why we have bought from them for all these years. Not only that but the oil companies I BELIEVE, believe that we are operating with a finite amount that they can run out of the mid east. THEN WE sitting on a massive amount of reserves can turn around and export that oil to the rest of the world and make obscene profits. But they want to run the mid east out first so we won’t have to compete with them.

        It is true that the Arab world is in turmoil. I personally tend to believe locals from over there who testify to who did what above even my own politicians. Remember, Psy Ops is in play. It’s not that I think that Assad is a good guy. Don’t get me wrong. But he is a bad guy that we can control. To a great extent anyway. The rebels are the same ones we are on alert for in our country. They have just given them a facelift and are calling them “freedom fighters”. Remeber Psy Ops are in play. The media plays a big role in that and that is where we get most of our information. It’s easy to manipulate the American people because the government has such tight controls over the dissemination of information. And if we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t I’d just as soon be damned for not getting involved than getting involved. No telling what action an attack on Syria will bring but I can tell you it will not be good.

        Again. You’ve got some good points. But I believe this mother when she says it is not the will of the majority of the people of Syria to receive us. Or receive our missiles for that matter.

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