A Must Watch – The Arrivals – (PT30) The Checkered Floor and The Gods


The arrivals series is a great production made by youtube users noregaaa Achernahr. http://www.youtube.com/user/noreagaaa …


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  1. NourTV says:

    OMFG youtube blcoked the sound again

  2. guilleman9 says:

    yup, first they claim copyright, then we disspute, we win, couple of days later, they banned again, claimer block the video for several countries, then they completely banned the video and give 3 options, this is the result… is a little strange really, but is the newyoutube way. where "you" does not matter anymore.

  3. moeed says:

    they no that these kind of videos reveal somthing and have meanings to them thats y they block them

    fukin assholes!!!!

  4. yousufj56 says:

    can someone please explain the checkered floor thing to me?

  5. guilleman9 says:

    the best thing is: u should research it yourself:

    Dark light (Black) White light (White)
    Symbol of water
    Connexion between dimensions
    Transportation/communication medium
    Both belong to the same end
    Dark Rituals requires them

  6. Penabiri Bey says:

    They can't stop the truth from getting out.

  7. wow. this stuff is truly amazing and eye-opening

  8. thank god i understand spanish so i could read what the guy was saying
    all the other vid´s had no sound either

  9. playkai says:

    check the original video
    i saw it ON a normal Speed

    This video Is fast because spanish people Talks
    fast ..

  10. 2paacalipse says:

    So is the Croatian flag a mason flag ?

  11. cowleshome says:


  12. it would have been nice if u pasted the convo in thr description bar.

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