A Nor’easter Winter Storm Could Hit The East Coast By Election Day


A nor’easter could hit Mid-Atlantic and New England States by Tuesday (Election Day) into next Thursday, the National Weather Service’s prediction center warns.

The storm is weaker than Hurricane Sandy and is expected to be far less damaging than Monday’s megastorm.

“It should be noted that this system is expected to be much weaker than Hurricane Sandy and produce impacts much less extreme and mainly away from the region most strongly impacted by Sandy,” the center writes.

Weather.com has more:

At this time it looks as though coastal impacts would be farther north along the New England coast than we saw with Sandy. Snowfall would be confined to northern New England.  Also, this system will not be anywhere as impactful as Sandy. That being said, it is much too early to discuss details and we will need to keep a close eye on future forecasts to fine tune the evolution of this system.

The storm is still six days out, so things could change, but it’s something that should be watched since it could disrupt clean-up efforts in the wake of Sandy.


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  1. Steve A. says:

    Wonder if they are adding geoengineering to this new storm coming up like they did to Sandy..Will have to check out weatherwars info com.

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