A Poisoned World Why the illuminati Killed George Carlin



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  1. 123kctheboss says:

    sounds to me that you know a lot about their rituals….I'm sorry that you are a bitter person…. how sad for you

  2. Daisy Roots says:

    Brilliant man. Really missed x

  3. dipasasky says:

    George carlin spoke alot of truthes and was a threat to the nwo ! He might have been killed . How would we know ?

  4. the older he got the more real he got

  5. most Freemasons are gonna be left out in the cold anyway

  6. Mike Perry says:

    or he was old and died not every famous persons death was some grand scheme by people in power u think they give a fuck carlin and people like him have been calling them on their bullshit for ever and nobody listens nobody does anything about it they didn't need to kill the man

  7. 420Tarzan says:

    why do people think its a good idea to play music over WORDS they are trying to showcase? ARE YOU RETARDED?

  8. can anyone tell me about the background music.

  9. Greg Geis says:

    Which special was this from?

  10. this is crap. if an organization wanted him dead it would have been long ago. not at 71. come on now, he spoke against them his whole life. let him RIP. he certainly got his message out there

  11. this I do believe 100% everything you can tell

  12. Mr. George Car­lin. A truly fantastic, realistic and honourable man! I, as a non-American, learned a great deal of facts and figures from him, especially about so-called "American politicians"! Hopefully, the whole American population will also learn truths, before it´s too late!

  13. I don't know what to think ? should I believe this or not

  14. braig crogan says:

    he was 80 odds anyways

  15. Redrobinjohn says:

    spoilt by the background music that is far to fckin loud

  16. The thinking person's comedian. He and Fran Lebowitz are my idols. They are the embodiment of political incorrectness, and they were and are great thinkers.

  17. ivan kostic says:

    Joe Bless you all!

  18. I have very few heroes in this world, but George Carlin is definitely one of them! I get goosebumps when I see his sketches, so much truth, so much intelligence & he was decades before his time in the way he thought. It still upsets me to think another soldier fighting the good cause lost his life for telling the truth. He's one of many, miss you George…wish I could see your sketches live during the freakfest of a world we have now in 2016. He would have SO MANY hilarious things to say about it

  19. Same thing Robin Williams. I never believed he took his own life. Another highly intelligent, able to see thru all the bullshit and influence the thinking of mankind type individuals that had to go.

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