A Shot that Changed the World – The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand I PRELUDE TO WW1 – Part 3/3


On June 28th, 1914, Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, a nationalist working for the Serbian underground organisation “Black Hand” (officially known as “Unification or Death”). From today’s perspective, the assassination is seen as the event that triggered the chain reaction leading to the outbreak of the Great War. These events are known today as the July Crisis. Only one month after the shot, on July 28th, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.

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30 Responses

  1. Gavrilo Princip. His lastname is wrongly pronounced in this video with soft c. His lastname literally means "principle". Soo, its properly pronounced PRINCIP(LE) without this add "LE".

  2. Roy keane says:

    2 and a half years later and its still going strong. Much respect, Ive learned so much

  3. JuGoSfRj says:

    Fals Flag attack

  4. DJT says:

    I don't know if anyone knows this, but The Great War messed up (misspelled _great_), at 4:00. Just wanted to let everyone know.

  5. Several monts before he said he is going to kill franc he kept hes word he was a man that fought the slavs be free in a slav country the other europians dont give a thing abaut slavs so he is a slav and a serb hero

  6. PaulMag says:

    250 000 animals killed? That's an average of 14 animals killed every day over 50 years. I find that hard to believe.

  7. Gavrilo Grincip was paid by the Austrians to kill Franz Ferdinand.

  8. Морамо се борити до краја,тако рече херој из Обљаја,који међу хиљаде жандара,аустријског уби господара!ИЗ ПРИНЦИПА!

  9. the Great war was started by Slivovice and TB

  10. Ronii says:

    What about theory that he was killed by his own people, huh ? You kill one man that will stop war with serbian and rus. lets be honest, world was ready for war in that time, only thing needed was a spark and there you go….

  11. Mengfan Lou says:

    A lot of historians regards the Arch Duke as a moderate.

  12. Princip's motive was to avenge the seizure of Bosnia by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and to prevent the possibility that the Slavic people might warm to the idea that the Empire was a good thing. The New York Times ran a front-page headline that said "Heir To Austria's Throne Is Slain With His Wife By A Bosnian Youth To Avenge Seizure Of His Country".

  13. There is one theory that Gabriel Princip was sponsored by the British government. Another is that he was a Freemason.

  14. As a 14 year old kid in his village of Obljaj, Bosnia, Gabriel Princip carved his initials into a rock along with the year 1909. His reason was that "maybe some day people will remember me"…..

  15. Here's a really interesting fact about Gabriel Princip: when he was born, his mother was going to name him Spiro after her brother. However, the Orthodox priest recommended that he be named Gabriel (Gavrilo in Serbian) after the Archangel Gabriel.

  16. Gabriel Princip's application to join the military had been rejected because he was "small and weak". Princip was much shorter than his colleagues Dan Ilic and Ned Cabrinovic, the latter being the guy who threw the bomb that just failed to hit the Archduke prior to the assassination. Ilic and Cabrinovic were tall Slavs at about 6 ft 3 inches while Princip was about 5 ft 7 inches. tall. I think it really bugged Princip that he could not join the military.

  17. At his trial in October 1914, Gavrilo Princip uttered these immortal words: I wanted to take revenge, and I regret nothing.

  18. Princip had no idea that the assassination would lead to a world war. When he was in prison, he was somewhat depressed at the thought that a world war had ensued. However, he did not regret killing the Archduke. As he said at his trial, "I wanted to take revenge, and I regret nothing".

  19. Thank you for the prelude series! I teach Intro. to International Relations at a university. We examine the causes of WWI through the main IR perspectives. My Gen Y students respond well to these videos, they help them realize that there is no singular cause for an event. Any hope for a series on WWII and the Cold War?

  20. Is there any evidence to suggest that The Black Hand knew exactly what they were doing when they assassinated Ferdinand? That is to say, did they kill him with the intention of starting a multi-national war with Austria-Hungary? Were they just really cynical and cared little for the casualties the war would inflict upon their own nation?

  21. 1982vergil says:

    These days even a graffiti can spark a war 🙂 Just look at Syria
    What's next? a fart in front of the political elites?

  22. Casey kasum says:

    Take me out. Hell yeah

  23. Thank you Gavrilo for Battlefield 1?

  24. ZENOIST2 says:

    One way to look at it is the car lacking a reverse gear could have started world war 1.
    I think a lot of the major European powers were spoiling for a fight though but didn't want a full scale war.
    PS your studio could do with a bit brighter lighting ? , I know you might do it for the mood of a long ago conflict.

  25. It would be interesting if Princip were to return to the Earth today and see how his shot changed the course of history. All Serbs would welcome him with great acclaim.

  26. And what about Franz Ferdinand organizing and leading a huge military practices at Serbian border on serbian holly day Vidovdan 28th of June? Regards.

  27. Ronin T says:

    I do believe that this assasination was determined by interests coming from Austria or maybe Germany no Serbia . Serbs are not that idiots . When you sit next to a force like AustroHungary you are not spitting in his face , this is not nationalism , this is retardation .

  28. COCAINUM says:

    “Our shadows will walk through Vienna, wander the court, frighten the lords.” Gavrilo Princip

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