Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Joseph Dussault for the Christian Science Monitor reports Half a century ago, cold war tensions nearly came to a …


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  1. master smith says:

    50 years latter and nukes are still the main weapon ?

  2. wulfgar says:

    there is so many nukes, how many will they pop off? 2 or 3? what cities will be hit? newyork,chicago? moscow?

  3. Kyle Hurling says:

    Why the fuck do we care about what happened in 1967? Click bait…

  4. Zac Webster says:

    Wait wait, russia was developing that satan weapon, OR is STILL developing that satan weapon?

  5. Info is power…Great Job!

  6. JAE Heaphy says:

    'Shooweu', That was a close one, back then!! But now we don't have an active sun ☀ to make a big mistake to happen there in Ukraine, this time!!!

  7. 1 Question…

    Did Ukraine ruled by legit govt ?

  8. Aharon Max says:

    fresh,research,balancing news,just in here no block another side for present the information…..rejoice.

  9. like wow they blame russia on almost everything

  10. Dave Jan says:

    think i read in a "tabloid" years back a solar flair lit up all the "war boards" & both U.S. & russia were on final countdown for full nuclear launch. small silver balls appeared & circled all the launchsites & turned OFF all the "toys" globally. WW3 cancelled. just not time for armageddon……..yet.

  11. more home made hand fed News' who cares about way way way old news? like I said subscribe to CNN.

  12. justaman6972 says:

    awesome, let's take out France! ok and Texas too..and DC.

  13. ***BREAKING! Putin Semen still trending! More at 3

  14. Brandy Getz says:

    The timing of this news report is very convenient. If WWIII breaks out now they can blame it on the solar flares. Preconceived notion?

  15. Kraowl says:

    I was tryin to find somebody getting triggered and i found this

  16. Gary! Get back down here.Stop
    messing around with the sun.

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