A tale of conspiracy gone haywire: Indian campaign on ISI


Startling revelations on the activities of a leading Pakistani media group have emerged with disclosures made by Mr. Mubashar Lucman in his program on ARY News on Friday, October 25. 

The program host gave details to the background of an article that appeared in a leading Indian daily “Hindustan Times”, both in its print and web editions on the 29th of September 2013. This smear campaign was read by millions of viewers in its print and web editions.

A tale of conspiracy gone haywire

The article focused on an upcoming TV channel to be launched in Pakistan and alleged that this venture was being backed by Pakistan’s premier intelligence together with members of the underworld.

Following the appearance of the article, a legal notice was sent to Hindustan Times which resulted in an internal investigation by the management, the removal of the offending article from the website along with a clarification and inconvenience caused was regretted.

All three documents: The story, The clarification and The internal investigation report of Hindustan Times are being reproduced in their original form without any alteration, editing or addition. This is being done for the readers to get the complete and correct perspective of the entire episode.

You can see all three documents below.

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