A Vote for Hillary is a Vote for World War 3


You want war? FIREARMS UNTIED http://www.firearms-united.com/ RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS – RUSSIA http://ongun.ru/ FRENCH ASSOCIATION OF …


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  1. 12cm32 says:

    You want this?

  2. Clearly we all must vote for Trump

  3. they're too fuckin stupid man.i fear the devil worshipping war pigs r gonna let her sit. the people I fear are just toofuckin stupid. in any case His Will be Done. hope your well my friend.blessings to you.

  4. Purav Patel says:

    Hillary started cyber warfare with Stuxnet… And now she's threatening other countries if they do the same… lol the hypocrisy is real in 2016

  5. I m afghan and I want war with Iran too.

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