A World On The Verge Of War?


Tyler Durden

Here is a summary of where the world stands:

From Reuters:

Members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) are providing non-military assistance in Syria and Iran may get involved militarily if its closest ally comes under attack, commander-in-chief Mohammad Ali Jafari said on Sunday.


Jafari’s statement is the first official acknowledgement that Iran has a military presence on the ground in Syria where an 18-month-old uprising has left tens of thousands dead.


Western countries and Syrian opposition groups have long suspected Iran has troops in Syria. Iran has denied this.


“A number of members of the Qods force are present in Syria but this does not constitute a military presence,” Iranian news agency ISNA quoted Jafari as saying at a news conference.


Qods is an IRGC unit set up to export Iran’s ideology. It has been accused of plotting attacks inside Iraq since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.


Jafari did not indicate how many IRGC members were in Syria but said they were providing “intellectual and advisory help”.


The Islamic Republic has backed Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad since the crisis began and regards his rule as a key part of its axis of resistance against Israel and Sunni Arab states.


Jafari also said Iran would change its policy and offer military backing if Syria came under attack.


“I say specifically that if Syria came under military attack, Iran would also give military support but it … totally depends on the circumstances,” he said.

Next up: satellite photos somewhere “confirming” beyond a reasonable doubt that weapons of mass destruction are being prepared for usage, and a preemptive war is the only way to not only preserve peace, but to be awarded the Nobel prize in said activity.

What is perfectly obvious to anyone but the most jaded and biased, is that the West will use any opportunity of conflict escalation which in turn will send crude, and gas, prices soaring, to commence the launch of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve release, arguably at just the right time to push down gas prices, which as we showed on Friday have never been higher on this day in history. “Right time”, because any SPR release will have the short-term benefit of boosting Obama’s re-election chances even more, even if it means surging gas prices after the election.

The reality of course is that the bulk of upside pressure on commodity (crude and gas included) prices is as a result of the Fed and ECB’s recent monetization expansion and liquidity tsunami, which does the usual: soothes the symptoms for a few weeks, crushes volatility and creates the impression that all is well…. if only to lead to yet another far more grave outcome. And since there is now officially no limit much debt the Fed will monetize, there is so no limit on how high commodity prices will go.

So while in reality any war, supposedly one which is “regional” and “contained” will merely be a smokescreen to the central banks officially taking over ownership of the insolvent developed world, the likelihood is that a war will neither be “regional” nor “contained” as both countries that make up the axis of a future hard-backed currency, China and Russia, have already made it quite clear that any intervention by the US in regions they themselves consider strategic, such as the Senkaku Islands, Syria and/or Iran, will result in retaliation.

And retaliation by one or more rising superpowers to another fading superpower, will inevitably lead to yet another World War.

Needless to say, nobody could possibly foresee war as the outcome to the global depression ver 2.0: certainly not the Princeton historian who will be, more than anyone else, responsible for it.

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13 Responses

  1. No life would be spared, typo correction, can’t leave it like that.

  2. There shall be wars and rumors of wars, be ye not troubled. A Christian scripture, and the Words of Jesus Christ.. Those who live by Faith in the Only Holy One, all acquire an eternal prospective.The wages of sin is death, and all have sinned and fallen short, thus we are mortal, and no one beats this rap. The Command of God is Life Eternal, thus all love does not end in death. The Way of Peace, is the Vision given to all humanity by the Christ. Obedience to it insures balance and harmony is all 3 major relationships of mankind, God to man, man to man, and man to his spiritual and physical nature. The responses of the Christ to the temptations of the devil in the desert, address each major relationship. Do not tempt God, ( man to God), Love and serve God alone,( man to man),live by the Word of God and by bread,( man’s spiritual nature in relationship to his physical nature). These obeyed will create at least inward peace, for in the world we will have tribulation.
    Disobedience, self serving, living for bread alone, and tempting God, by jumping off the tower in false pride. This is a process that starts with the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth and ends with the abomination of desolation. THIS SHOULD BE SPOOKY ENOUGH TO ACCEPTABLE ON THIS WEB SITE. What the Holy Scripture describes is the absolute worst thing that can happen to an individual or all mankind. You cannot kill a dead horse, it has to be alive.If all 3 major relationships are made desolate, by 3 abominations( great whore,beast, and dragon, there is nothing else left to destroy..This is what the scripture says will be accomplished by the antichrist. The line in the sand is the mark of the beast., step over this line and your eternally dead. The Holy Place is the last relationship to be made desolate, which is in Jerusalem and is the site of the most profound miracle in Christianity, the Holy Fire. The antichrist will be able to fake this with foreign fire. Rev 13 vs 13.
    The ram and he-goat war is well underway in Media and Persia, but this in only the beginning of the end, says the Archangel to Daniel. The accuracy of Judeo-Christian scripture, ending with the obvious RFID Universal Vat tax, carbon tax and a host of other taxes, is the new fiat money, fractional reserve banking system which enslaves all mankind. The IRS is played out as a cash flow source for the Fed and cannot keep the pyramid scheme afloat. The Bric and dollar countries will meld with SDR’s , surrendering economic sovereignty to the Central Banks. Who can wage a war without their funding? I have written this to those who wish to address the coming total war against humanity, launched by God upon the desolate( those who have received the mark of the beast.) Spiritually desolate mankind will not prevail in a total war with God. Where were it not for the sake of the Elect, no live would be spared. The elites wanted a fight, they got it.. Eternity is a long time!!

  3. francsi says:

    The US isn’t going to start a war – it will work frantically to avoid it because it knows that if it does, its decline will be sealed and India/China/South America will be the superpowers. Picture either of these two scenarios: Israel strikes at Syrian and Iranian weapons of mass destruction plants (for fear of them being used against Israel, which will happen within one year unless Iran backs down or Assad suppresses the revolution, which is looking increasingly unlikely), or nationalistic Japanese soldiers open fire on nationalistic Chinese ships as they try to pull off the same coup around the islands that happened last week. The chances of war have never been higher. the depression has fueled nationalism in the far east and weakness in the west. Japan goes to war with china (both sides have also been building up arms), which drags in the USA (a UN ‘peacekeeping’ mission) and various east asian countries (south korea, north korea, taiwan, australia – through the US). This conflict could possibly be contained, but it is unlikely. India has an alliance with japan, an interest in the weakening of chinese power, a large adept military, land disputes in the north with china and pakistan, and most importantly, internal problems that it wants to gloss over. This drags pakistan into the war. This will almost certainly lead israel into the war against iran and syria, if the middle east already isn’t in total war because of the high oil prices. russia will side with china, maybe not as a combatant – it has affinity with china and land disputes with Japan, and an interest in keeping eyes off internal affairs. europe and the rest of nato will already be engaged with the US, maybe even with a third front against russia (look to history). War is especially appealing here because it will guarantee full employment, nationalism and emergency powers for the governments (again to ease internal problems). Africa will be a huge jumble of proxy wars between china, the US and india, with india gaining the upper hand due to proximity. South America will be the worlds supplier and banker (although Argentina may invade the falklands again and there are chances of instability) and stands to make an absolute killing, before maybe getting involved towards the end. nuclear weapons will not be used until one countries imminent collapse if the other side aren’t stupid enough to cater for this. THIS ISN’T THE WORK OF THE OBAMA’S ELECTION CAMPAIGN – THAT WOULD BE LIKE USING A BAZOOKA TO GET RID OF AN ANT. THIS ISN’T AN AMERICAN FALSE FLAG OPERATION – IT SHOWS THE OVERREACH OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE – AMERICA STANDS TO LOSE THE MOST!!!!!

  4. Marie Lowrance says:

    the world is getting ready to enter a thousand years of darkness, Obama and Lucifer, Islam and the Mahdi . Take your pick. It is written!

  5. Get Ready for the Big One!! says:

    You can’t ‘ever’ believe ‘anything’ that comes out of the mouth of the US presidents or the local biased media. For decades, they have controlled the thinking of people to the point that they can pull ‘anything’ off and the public will believe them.
    Romney / Obama = Corruption. The agenda? One World Government where ‘we the people’ will be slaves to the elite. While everyone slept and believed the media.. more than 1000+ FEMA concentration camps have been built..with barbed wire pointing in.. already manned and ready to go. Fields with 100’s of thousands of family sized coffins are ready. Do YOU really think the government is looking out for Americans when these things are there FOR Americans? NOT. By the Way…Obama got it passed today.. Indefinite detention for Americans (until Sept 28) till it’s confirmed. He has a plan folks. And it doesn’t appear to be a good one… Also.. more worthless Fed Notes (Fiat money) are printed to keep you quiet until he completes the details of his plans. Don’t think Americans will enjoy any of that either…

    To all the Military and Service men: PLEASE Remember Your Oath !!!

  6. cliff cox says:

    Got Bomb Shelter?

  7. jerrt16 says:

    As far as China’s & Russia’s Threats to any interference in the region is stupid on there part and the biggest mistake these two countries would ever make. That region IS Not The World and They better understand that 3/4 of the world is all around them. That goes for China & Russian also

    • Chaos says:

      No…You are WRONG AGAIN. We (The USA) would be stupid to start another WAR for Israel. Messing with China and Russia would be our BIGGEST MISCALCULATION. By Placing our Warships in the Persian Gulf within striking distance of Iran, we have made an Aggressive move towards WAR. Iran supplies 20% of China and Russia’s Oil. So… by the USSA (the Unfree Socialist Slaves of Amerika) and Israel gearing up for another Zionist War, our Zionist Occupied Government is really Threatening China and Russia’s Oil supply. Another Threat of War to even bigger and more powerful countries. China and Russia have their sights set on gaining new territories when this World War III breaks out, so they will benefit from Israel’s and Our Stupidity. Russia gets to acquire Georgia , Armenia and Azerbaijan as they roll south to Aide Iran and the USSA gets to fill a shitload of Body bags. China gets to acquire the disputed Japanese Islands and The Islands near the Phillippines in the South China Sea , and the USSA will have the Persian Gulf as it’s largest underwater Cemetery. Israel will slow or maybe even stop the Iranian Nuclear Program and will KILL Millions of the world’s Goyim (Cattle), and the US will be left with the Bill. Good Old Amerika will foot the Bill for Another Israeli War in Trillions of worthless Dollars and Blood.

      • Marie Lowrance says:

        I don’t think BARACKA will lift a finger (missile) to help Isreal , IT IS ALL ABOUT THE CALIPHATE !

        • Chaos says:

          If that is the case, then The USSA has it’s warships in the wrong region and put them in harm’s way in ONE MAJOR MILITARY MISCALCULATION. No…. anyone with half of a normal brain can see that the USSA (Israel’s Puppet) is poised to Strike Iran from the Persian Gulf. Israel, the USSA, Britain and Others are staging ANOTHER HUGE Military Drill to “One Up” the Military Exercises that Iran, China and Russia just had. USSA President , “O’ Commie” may Now have a stance that he is a Pussy and not Unconditionally committed to doing Israel’s dirty work, but you have to remember, it’s Re-Election season. “O’Commie” has to make it look like he is rethinking this to get more votes, but in the end , you can tell by his actions , that HE IS STILL ISRAEL’S PUPPET, and that the Deaths of Millions of people is exactly what Israel wants.

  8. jerrt16 says:

    Really don’t want to see war but the free world is being pushed against the wall. THAT’S a MISTAKE by the Muslims, China and anybody else who think this world is going to except there way of life. They are either stupid or underestimating the resolve Of the FREE People of this world.

    • PEACEMAN says:

      jerrt16 — – your limited brain capabilities are no help here as you don’t know what “real” world around you is like — you get your biased info from biased sources or are simply biased yourself – you are clearly incapable of construing what is really going on around you!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chaos says:

      The FREE WORLD? Where the fuck is the Free World? Amerika has a Zionist Controlled Government fighting Wars for Israel . Amerika’s Poor and Working Class Military Sons and Daughters are cannon Fodder for Israel. How many of the Elite Jew Bankers are sending their Sons and Daughters to Die in Iraq , Afghanistan and Soon The Persian Gulf ,Iran and Syria? Answer : None. We (The USA) don’t have to accept any foreign way of life, Whether Chinese or Muslim as you say. So with that being said, why do we have to accept the Jewish way of life? Why do we have to accept their Parasitic Infiltration of our Once Great Country? Why does Israel have the largest Lobby in Washington? No other country has control over us like that. Why do we have to accept the Rothschild Banking Conglomerate and all of the Control it has over US? I would really like to know where this FREE WORLD Is. FREE, Yeah FREE to Die for Israel on some Foreign Battlefield , and If you survive, Badly Maimed , Injured, Banged up with PTSD, at least you can come home to massive Unemployment , Economic Depression and SLAVERY!

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