“A WORLD WAR has ALREADY BEGUN. Break the Silence” – John Pilger


They talk of PEACE but do the Opposite! Mass Media is NOT telling the TRUTH thus leading to CHAOS and INJUSTICE worldwide! “A WORLD WAR has …


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  1. Steve Coz says:

    ..thank you ma'am, for your excellent reporting and for the truth. amen.

  2. your hideing truth an failing to care about notifying your subs of the false flag that took place yesterday ,322 skull n bones day. im unsubing if you dont.

  3. I love you videos good morning good morning

  4. The world is ripe of its own insolence and deserving of its reward, and may the righteous be on safe ground when it occurs!

  5. Lu Hoffma says:

    read the book WITNESS by Josyp Terelya and know the truth about the Ukraine and Russia

  6. JiM Beamer says:

    World war 3 …was started on 9/11 ………………….. that's the only war.

  7. September 11, 2015.

  8. Carol Jones says:

    http://www.catholic.org/news/hf/faith/story.php?id=65403 Nov, 2015
    "Pope Francis has invoked World War III, saying that it has begun in a piecemeal fashion. The Third Secret of Fatima could provide Christians a framework for considering this terrifying new development."

  9. Cherp Perks says:

    I dread Clinton making it into the presidency. I think it is going to happen as I think she has already been picked by the ones who run this world. This saddens me greatly.

  10. Jack Drusus says:

    America is now the world's first''democratic' police state and where the US leads the world will follow-especially the West.
    America is the Antichrist nation/it will either cause world war three or bring down the world financial l system as in 2008/1929. It is in a state of moral/social/political/economic spiritual decay.. Its bread and circus/punch and Judy political show grows worse by the day. The country has been taken over by Wall Street/corporate fascism. The plan is to make a socialist state/which Obama, the man of peace, has nearly done. It is the harlot nation of the earth/babaylon of the West.

  11. ZNEOPEC says:

    Obamanation standing in the "holy place" Cathedral of Archbishop Bergoglio where he does NOT belong, on the 40th Anniversary of the bloody Revolution instigated by the USA? DEFIANT after a stern warning of the incendiary nature of the staged "visit" on March 24, 2016 – After the beast's Triumphal Entry in Havana Cuba on Palm Sunday mocking Christ? Think he might Arise again on the 3rd day — in time for the Pope to verify/venerate the resurrection "miracle" on paganized Resurrection Day aka EASTER?

    Abomination of Desolation standing where IT does NOT belong on PURIM or THE TRUE PASSOVER? http://www.torahcalendar.com – Jeremiah 6:16

    How would conservatives and Trump supporters react to an Obama Assassination? How would George Soros' "Black Lives Matter" paid agent provocateurs/ agitators and other black people react to the Trump supporters and conservatives after such an attack on the first black president and resulting jubilant celebration by many? Perhaps this is the true goal and endgame of the evil puppet masters? Obama has long projected and tried to emulate Abraham Lincoln, another civil war president from Illinois with a serious incendiary slavery/race issue at hand. Time now to pray for an Awakening to the TRUTH, and A LOVE REVOLUTION instead!!

    WATCH: IF the Above scenario unfolds, prepare for sudden Massive Global Earthquake, and EXODUS 2.0 !!
    EXODUS II: The Bride goes to the King's House!! Signs in Heaven & on earth: http://www.informedchristians.com


    True Shalom in Yeshua aka Jesus Christ Alone. – Leo

  12. MIQU MIQU says:

    Makes me cringe. We Are Babylon! The UNITED STATES IS THE BAD GUY.
    America is Not!

  13. An accurate report …shared.

  14. RISQUE1963 says:

    It's so funny that they keep saying Obama is the first black president, His mother was white, so if anything that males him the first president of mixed race (at least as far as the public knows.) His father is Kenyan, so he ancestors never went through the horrors of slavery or jim crow as most black Americans ancestors had to endure. He grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia. It's like he is of a totally different culture.

  15. I found and subbed your channel a few weeks back and you do come up with some interesting topics and you do your homework also, well done it takes a lot of dedication to do this and keep peoples attention

  16. twowitnisses says:

    Another great report M. As we can see(that have eyes to see and ears to hear) everything is grinding to a halt. And that's a good thing for us that trust in Christ. God bless.

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