ABC Kills West Coast Evac Story: Why?


Why did ABC7 news in San Francisco kill a story that shared that a West Coast evacuation might soon be necessary because of Fukushima? While Google cache clearly shows the story, the links take you to a ‘page not found’ even through the Google search link. Screenshots of cached story and google search link showing this dead story are below. In the censored story, Dr. David Suzuki, one of Canada’s top environmental scientists, stunned the audience when he described what will happen if a massive quake did hit today. Why is ABC censoring this story? Video below.

ABC Kills West Coast Evac Story Why

“It’s bye-bye Japan, and everybody on the West Coast of North America should evacuate,” Suzuki said. “Now if that isn’t terrifying, I don’t know what is.”


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  1. Guest says:

    It’s a BAD IDEA for ABC News to write/tell stories like this as “it’s bad for business”. Think about their advertisers. Why, upset the viewer. They couldn’t sell ad space, or even make a living!

    Studies show that by upsetting the viewer (even if the product/commercial isn’t even related), “they won’t buy the product, when it’s connected to a negative news event.” It’s a corporatist mentality. Seen it many, many times. It’ll get them in the end, & similarly like the demise of CNN.

    Back around 2010, a realtor in L.A. told me about; “how many celebrities/oligarchs were selling their ocean front properties at a surprising rate”. (Maybe someone’s knew, things before hand?)

    IF, there was a television station in L.A. “They could sell blue-green algae, liquid zeolites, & powered cabbage, broccoli, & cabbage flower, etc that are proven to keep one from getting radiation sickness.”
    While educating the viewers about the truth, that ABC & Affiliates, will never, as their very survival, depends on it. It’s a HUGE market, just waiting to be tapped. With many 100’s of millions, who TOTALLY deserve it!!

  2. Don De says:

    Why are the Nation States of Japan and the USA denying their citizens a chance to escape or evade the worst man made disaster the world has ever known with a total news blackout? If the radioactive fuel rods remaining in the Fukushima facility explode while they are being removed or if there is another earthquake near the plant, it will compound the worst nuclear catastrophe the world has seen since the Chernobyl meltdown. There can be no question that it part of their intended de-population agenda.

  3. 5 War Veteran says:

    Who owns the media? Who has a depopulation Agenda? Who wants all Goyim dead? Who are the wealthiest people on the planet? Who bout the members of the US Government? Who created a Domestic Threat in America and who are undermining the US Economy?

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