Able Archer 1983 The Brink of Apocalypse


This documentary focuses on “Able Archer 83” exercises that almost led to third world war between NATO and Warsaw Pact. [PL] Dokument opisujący manewry …


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  1. MrAwsomenoob says:

    so you mean to say if it weren't for soviet spies telling the soviets everything the paranoid old men in the Kremlin would have really pushed the button, so these people in essence saved us for nuclear war?

  2. Cam O'Neill says:

    At 58:48 the spy types "Boobless" into his calculator. I'm so happy that this was the code to save the world.

  3. Alprazolam08 says:

    Anyone know the song at about 48:05 ?

  4. Larry Lauger says:

    This one hits home. I was in the USAF 27th EMS Cannon AFB NM I worked in the bomb dump. We had F111's there was allot of activity going on. It was in late Oct around the 30th 1983, We were having a fully mobility war games.All at once every stopped out of the blue. We all knew something was not right but we were never told anything. It wasn't until after 2000 did I find out what almost happen.

  5. TheUnatuber says:

    I'll never understand how the Soviets ever worried that WE would start a nuclear war! I mean, we're the good guys! Weren't they aware of our peace-loving history?

  6. Pure propaganda, everyone knows Matthew Broderick saved the day

  7. cheese says:

    whats the soundtrack at the beginning?? Also those soviet leaders had nurses and wore diapers and used catheters and they were all 130 years old

  8. jutubaeh says:

    homocentrick mekkalömania -.^ ^

  9. I'll never forget that week in the Cannerberg JOC November 83.

  10. Calbeck says:

    Let me get this straight:
    Soviets pile hundreds of SS-20s into Europe – NOT provocative, NOT first-strike-capable, totally just defensive, honest
    Reagan responds in kind – ABSOLUTELY provocative, sends world to brink of Armageddon, shame shame shame

    There are people who honestly live with that kind of mental dissonance?

  11. Calbeck says:

    KGB General: "Evil Empire? Us? We're shocked! Shocked, we tell you!"

    I legit broke out laughing. The ONLY intel agency in the world nastier than the CIA was the KGB! -XD

  12. quit whining, Regan brought the Soviet Union down and ended the cold war…. the shit going on now is peanuts compared to the Communists threat to western culture …socialism is going down the drain…

  13. John Sanford says:

    By this time Andropov was a clinical paranoiac. He alone believed in this upcoming WWIII crazy business, not the West. Clearly the exercise was routine, done every year. This is all down to Andropov's psycho-War-Mongering, almost led to disaster until we got him calmed down…

  14. wcatholic1 says:

    Was this the last of the "Stalin" generation?

  15. wcatholic1 says:

    Colonel Petrov saved the world.

  16. I love all the kids and teens in here crying about politics and politicians they have no idea about.

  17. ned star says:

    I also got that time a telegram and has to join. I remember it was a nervous time and we have to prepare for a real war. We were very lucky it stops right on time and could return save home.

  18. The Master says:


  19. harris3693 says:

    Able Archer was hardly a fake war game. Soo much for making NATO look like the red cross. It was infact a battle plan to kill the soviets completely but they got whistle blown so they are now calling it a war "game" not a war plan.

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