Adamu: An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families


Adamu: An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families. Source: …


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  1. wow another Jason A, cant even speak in your true voice, trying to make money off of youtube…be real expose yourself, for all I know you one of the top truthers who trying to milk the game

  2. brysonk22 says:

    Y'all are ridiculous to believe this is a real message from pleiadians. Look at y'all saying "thank you love you" and all that. You guys sound like damn idiots.

  3. New Heaven says:

    Great peace have they which love thy law and nothing shall offend them. ~ Psalm 119 KJV   Jeshua is the way to the FATHER… there is NO other way….

  4. Indigo Heart says:

    Meow shemeeeoooowwww now rawwwrrrrrrr! Hissss!

  5. Tears, I love you Jesus and miss you so much. Thank you for sending me this message. Amen.

  6. Love & Gratitude for posting this message, I had read it today & had hoped it would be spread far & wide, & here it is, on your site, nice work ! It does bring an alternate, perspective on the situation, that may not be adopted by the hidden ones, but it is their choice, if they choose to know Oneness & Unity with Source, or separation from, All That Is. ~ Peace, Joy, Light & Love to All. ~

  7. Adamu when are you coming? It is past soon already! Why don't all the Pleiadians just come and whack the crap out of them?

  8. Ric Ritenour says:

    Love and compassion are the only answer for every question of the heart which encapsulates all. Peace to you.

  9. i can't believe a Bill Hicks joke has embedded itself so far into the conspiracy nutter world… it actually makes me ashamed that i found Hicks funny. -_-

  10. push the good i know excipt her issu is red line. pay back is my chose .and i dont want thanks or graet names or love frrom any one am not 3rd world leader wants songs to be written for him just leve me alone i know right . sir must of ur talk is satincs story . my work was to bring things to lord allah to bring the end so we see or family in meet in paridse with clean hurt my work was not to roll the world i will love to be be lead by some one


  12. Roode Margot says:

    Everyone must stop fighting & threatening each other.  No one has the right to judge another………. , especially to judge one lifetime over THOUSANDS OF LIFETIMES.  They may need to be caught and watched closely if they no longer represent the people.

  13. Short Shyt says:

    this is a beautiful message. Thank you. I often need to be reminded of the need to forgive, stay positive and show love to all. I needed this. Much love & gratitude.

  14. Fear spreads fear… True knowledge of things comes from within yourself when in communication with your higher selves..

  15. L Walker says:

    This is great!! Dark days are over and we will have light no matter what the illuminati try to force. Thank you God and all the lightworkers that have helped made this happen. Yea choose to do the right thing for a change!!!

  16. This does not sound like the same Adamu I heard decades ago. Yea, I get that they played their part. Yea, I get that they can make another choice and I hope they do. But..seriously?? Retire to a peaceful life, become loved and adored by the masses and lead us all into paradise??? Wow…I don't know about the rest of you, but I have spent decades (life times!) having my ass kicked every which way from Sunday through my spiritual path. I have had to balance every single thing I have done, felt, thought and even thought of doing. STILL…they get to walk away from everything they have done and…"retire" or worst yet.."become great, adoring leaders to the masses??? I don't think so! I DO NOT CONSENT!

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