Adolph Hitler: War Hero, Street Cleaner, Prostitute or Secret Agent: A Psychohistory Analysis


By Katherine Smith

Adolph Hitler: A Modern View

Leader of Nazi Germany, progenitor of genocides and arguably solely responsible for the European half of the second World War, Adolf Hitler (considered to be one the most evil persons the world has ever known), probably needs no introduction.

In the decades since Hitler’s death many commentators have concluded that he must have been mentally ill, and that if he wasn’t when he started his rule the pressures of his failed wars must have driven him mad. Given that he ordered genocide and ranted and raved, it is easy to see why people have come to this conclusion, but it’s important to state that there is no consensus among historians that he was insane, or what psychological problems he may have had.

Hitler wasn’t insane and didn’t rant and rave because he was mentally ill.

In 1912 he was brainwashed at his grandfather’s Society for Psychical Research (SPR) most likely at the British Military Psych-Ops War School at Tavistock in Devon and in Ireland.

This is a piece of evidence well known to any historian who wasn’t concerned with sanitizing Hitler’s image and who had bothered to interview his sister-in-law, Bridget.

Greg Hallett (“Hitler Was A British Agent”) puts Hitler in England from 1912-1913, a fact corroborated by Bridget in her book “The Memoirs of Bridget Hitler”(1979).

His sister-in-law describes Hitler as completely “wasted” when he arrived at her Liverpool home baggage-less.

“I had an idea he was ill, his color was so bad and his eyes looked so peculiar,” she wrote. “He was always reading, not books, but little pamphlets printed in German. I don’t know what was in them nor exactly where they came from.” (pp. 29,35)

Hallett says these pamphlets were Psych-Ops training manuals. That would explain Hitler’s classic symptoms of mind control (MK-Ultra) when he rants, raves and sweats during his famous speeches. [Appendix A]

Psychohistory: “the science of historical motivation”

So why would historians want to sanitize Hitler and make him “out to be more than he was”?

Is this another tin-foil hat conspiracy?


The answer can be found in the study of Psychohistory “the science of historical motivation” and the principle of methodological individualism. Broadbeck; Danto; Mandelbaum

World War II and the human rights violations committed by the SS shaped the “dispositions and beliefs” of the historians and researchers when they wrote about the evils of Nazi Germany during the period from 1939-1945.

But without a framework and a theory to explain Hitler’s background and inconsistent behavior before and during the war, historians have no choice but to ignore the incongruities in Hitler’s life and make him “out to be more than he was.”

“Hitler fought bravely in the war and was promoted to corporal and decorated with both the Iron Cross Second Class and First Class.” John Toland [1]

Without a connection of the 55 million deaths and the bloodiest and most destructive conflict in History to the creation of the state of Israel in 1947, then Hitler’s “bravery” as well as all of the following is treated as superfluous irrelevant and anomalous information:

  • Hitler’s grandfather was most probably Solomon or Nathan Meyer Rothschild. Hitler’s grandmother, Maria Schickelgruber, was a maid in the Rothschild’s Vienna mansion when Hitler’s father, Alois was conceived “in fear” in a satanic ritual rape. The Rothschilds could only marry within their extended family so they had illegitimate children who functioned as anonymous agents. [2]
  • Prior to being chancellor of Germany, Adolph Hitler was a street cleaner and a gay prostitute. [3]
  • World War II resulted from World War I, a pointless tragedy [4]
  • The Munich Agreement, which would have prevented World War II, wasn’t signed by Hitler because the Zionist are behind the assassination of a Top German official. [5]
  • Hitler’s invasion of Russia guaranteed he would lose World War II. [6]
  • The anti-semitic Nazis who claimed to hate the Jews, worked with the Zionists to get the Jews to Palestine. [7]
  • The common explanation that the Germans have always been anti-Semitic is not supported by the facts. Jews experienced a period of legal equality from 1848 until the rise of Nazi Germany. German Jews enjoyed full equality in the Weimar Republic, many receiving high political positions like foreign minister and vice chancellor. [8]
  • The Holocaust Fact: Hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed and otherwise perished during the Second World War as a direct and indirect result of the harsh anti-Jewish policies of Germany in concentration camps. Disputed fact: Revisionist scholars’ such as Faurisson, Butz ‘and best selling British historian David Irving write:

“There is no evidence for the systematic extermination of six to eight million Jews in concentration camps.”

Doctor Kubovy, from the Tel Aviv “Documentation Center”, admitted in 1960 “There is no document signed by Hitler, Himmler or Heydrich which speaks of exterminating the Jews… and in 1981, Walter Laqueur, author of The terrible secret, admitted: “Until now, we have never found Hitler’s order to destroy the European Jewish community, and in all probability the order was never given.” There is no order because Hitler used the term Entfernung of the Jews – removal or expulsion. [9]


Without the connection of WW1, WW2, Adolph Hitler and the Holocaust to The Modern State of Israel, then for Toland, historians and scholars it was choice between:

A street cleaner who enjoyed having women defecate on him while taking over the world with the help of George H.W. Bush’s father. [10]


The grandson of a Rothschilds who killed 55 million people for no apparent reason, other than a psychotic love for wars and suffering.

Therefore John Toland chose to make Hitler “more credible than he was” (sanitize) rather than confuse the world.

Katherine Smith, Ph.D., is a retired research professor of History and Peace Activist.


[1] February 5, 1914, months before war broke out, the twenty-five year old Adolf Hitler, applied for military service and was turned away as ‘Unfit for the army or auxiliary corps’, he was too weak and had a history of tuberculosis.

Unwilling to sit out the war, he begged the King of Bavaria and is allowed to join the 6th battalion of the 2nd Bavarian Infantry Regiment as a volunteer.

August 3, 1914 in its first engagement against the British and Belgians near Pyres, 2500 of the 3000 men in the Hitler’s regiment were killed, wounded or missing. Hitler escaped without a scratch. Throughout most of the war Hitler had great luck avoiding life-threatening injury. More than once, he moved away from a spot where moments later a shell exploded killing or wounding everyone. Adolf Hitler, John Toland p. 86,87.

The times that Hitler cheated death became a legend that has baffled historians ever since. He had narrowly escaped death an inordinate number of times, it was as if he led a charmed life.

Hitler came on the scene with the Beer Hall Putsch, a march on Berlin, and when the police fired into the ground, and the hero whofought bravely in the First World War, threw himself to the ground dislocating his shoulder he ran away and hid until he was arrested. Part 2: World War I, II: Providence, Miracle, or What Really Happened

Part 3: Adolph Hitler: Providence, Miracle, or What Really Happened

[2] Hitler’s grandmother received child support from a Jewish businessman who was probably an intermediary for his grandfather. Bridget Hitler quotes Hitler’s sister Paula: “Since [Adolf] started the race laws we have no grandfather, Adolf and I. Certainly anyone who wished could make a good deal out of that.” (“Memoirs,” p. 175)

Rothschild’s son, Alois Hitler’s third marriage was to his niece, Klara, who became Hitler’s mother. His father was abusive and his mother over- compensated. Hitler became destitute at age 18 when his mother died, and he lived in a Vienna men’s hostel that was a homosexual haunt. Hitler Was A British Agent, Greg Hallett

[3] According to Lothar Machtan’s, “The Hidden Hitler”(2001), Hitler was a homosexual with a long police record for seducing young men both in Munich and Vienna. These records reached both Russia and England but were never used for propaganda, more evidence that the war may have been a charade. (Machtan also says Hitler tried to join the Communist Party in 1919 but was rejected for demanding too much, evidence he may have been a “gun for hire.”)

The OSS report states that Hitler was an impotent coprophile. The Mind of Adolf Hitler: The Secret Wartime Report Langer, Walter C. (1972)

[4] The Serbian government kept a close watch on Black Hand activities and knew of the plot to kill the Archduke. The prime minister of Serbia, Nikola Pasic, gave instructions for the three men to be arrested and the Black Hander in charge of the plot was told to abort the mission but inexplicably neither order was carried out. Part 5: The War to End All Wars: Providence, Pointless Tragedy or What Really Happened, Part 2: World War I, II: Providence, Miracle, or What Really Happened

[5] The Munich Agreement, which would have avoided World War II, isn’t signed because Ernst vom Rath was killed by an unemployed illegal immigrant, Herschel Grynszpan. Grynszpan was living in an expensive hotel just round the corner from the offices of LICA, the forerunner of the modern Zionist activist group LICRA. LICA hires one of the foremost barristers in Paris to defend Grynszpan after he was arrested.

The Munich Agreement

From the World Book Encyclopedia:

On September 29, 1938, an agreement was signed between Hitler and Great Britain’s Neville Chamberlain calling for a peaceful revision of the wrongs committed by the Treaty of Versailles that would have avoided World War II. Hitler said the Sudetland was, “the last territorial claim I have to make in Europe.” However, German troops invaded Poland on Sept 1, 1939, starting World War II. The Munich Agreement was one of the worst of the tragic blunders that led up to the war.

Blunder? Unlikely.

World Book scholars neglected to read the November 14, 1938 front page of the Völkischer Beobachter, reporting the death of Vom Rath.

“Reichskristallnacht, Crystal night: cause and effect.”

The Munich agreement was not signed because Ernst vom Rath was killed when a Polish Jew, Herschel Grynszpan, walked into the German Embassy in France one week earlier and assassinates ( according to most historical accounts) a “top German” diplomat, as revenge for the expulsion of Herschel’s parents from Germany to Poland.

Joseph Goebbels suspects a Jewish conspiracy and plans a show trial hoping to demonstrate Grynszpan’s link with the RothIsms to plunge Europe into a war, but the trial is scrapped when Grynszpan fabricates a story about a homosexual liaison between the junior diplomat and himself.

The wartime court documents reveal Goebbels is correct.

Grynszpan first accosts Count Welczek, the German ambassador, in the street outside the embassy, and demanded to know “where he could find the ambassador”. Count Welczek sensing trouble, did not identify himself, but helpfully directed the stranger into the First Secretary’s office, where the assassin, who was well-heeled with both money and an expensive gun, pumped the bullets into Ernst vom Rath, believing him to be the ambassador. The unemployed illegal immigrant Grynszpan had checked into an expensive hotel just round the corner from the offices of LICA, the forerunner of the modern RothIsm activist group LICRA. One of the foremost barristers in Paris is hired by LICA to defend Grynszpan after he was arrested. [3]

People are entitled to draw their own conclusions.

“Crystal night,” or the Night of Broken Glass was the “effect”; a pogrom in Nazi Germany that marked the beginning of the systematic Entfernung of the Jews, and served as a prelude to the Holocaust that was to follow. On a single night, 91 Jews were murdered and 25,000–30,000 were arrested and deported to concentration camps. Part 2: World War I, II: Providence, Miracle, or What Really Happened, Part 3: Adolph Hitler: Providence, Miracle, or What Really Happened

[6] History books acknowledge Hitler’s invasion of Russia in the winter and letting 335,000 Allied soldiers escape at Dunkirk were blunders that probably cost him the war, but Poliakov, in his “Breviaire de la haine” emphasized other absurd contradictions.

After Stalingrad, the Allies were destroying his war production centre’s and he was forced emptying his factories to mobilize new soldiers. How could he have been fatally obsessed with the will to exterminate the Jews, instead of using them, even in inhuman conditions, in his factories?

Hannah Arendt calls it insane and Bevin Alexander in How Hitler Could Have Won World War II: The Fatal Errors That Led To Nazi Defeat writes:

The Nazis turned straightforwardly useless into the harmful when, right in the middle of the war, despite the penury of building materials and of rolling stock, they erected huge and costly extermination factories and organized the transport of millions of people…the manifest contradiction between this behavior and military imperatives gives the entire undertaking a mad, chimerical air.

With the chance to cut off the Soviet lifeline of oil, and therefore any hope of Allied victory from the east, why did Hitler insist on dividing and weakening his army, which ultimately led to the horrible battle of Stalingrad?

With the opportunity to drive the British out of Egypt and occupy all of the Middle East, opening a Nazi door to the vast oil resources of the region, why did Hitler fail to move in just a few panzer divisions to handle such an easy but crucial maneuver? Part 4: How did Hitler lose the war: Providence, Miracle, or What Really Happened

[7] When Lenni Brenner’s, 51 Documents: Zionism Collaboration with the Nazis was published the Pro-RothIsm British Jewish central organization wanted Amazon to issue a warning to their customers, “We have urged Amazon to acknowledge on the site that this book is of a dangerous and controversial nature.”

Brenner’s introduction:

The Nazi era is the most discussed period in history, yet most Jews and others are unaware of the interaction between RothIsm, Hitler and Mussolini.

What happened to the Jews is constantly utilized in RothIsm propaganda as justification for the creation of the Israeli state, the silver lining around the dark cloud of desolation.

Brenner’s 51 Documents included a secret memorandum written on June 21, 1933, from the German RothIsm Federation to the Nazis, “All German Jewish organizations, it was declared, should be dominated by the RothIsm spirit”. In 1941, the “Stern Gang,” among them Yitzhak Shamir, later Prime Minister of Israel, presented the Nazis with the Fundamental Features of the Proposal of the National Military Organization (NMO) in Palestine:

The NMO, which is well-acquainted with the goodwill of the German Reich government and its authorities towards RothIsm activity … is of the opinion that: the NMO in Palestine, … offers to actively take part in the war on Germany’s side. Part 2: World War I, II: Providence, Miracle, or What Really Happened

[8] The Weimar constitution was the work of a German Jew, Hugo Preuss, who later became minister of the interior. Marriages between Jews and non-Jews became somewhat common from the 19th century; for example, the wife of German Chancellor Gustav Stresemann was Jewish.

Jews declare war on Germany

The Reichstag fire on February 27, 1933, which was not unlike the WTC collapse on 9/11, allowed Hitler to assume emergency powers to, “protect the nation from terrorists.” The special “enabling laws”, renamed the Patriot Act in 2001, enabled Hitler and later Bush to suspend the rights of the people with warrantless spying and invade any sovereign country in the world. The fire is blamed on the Jews and the communists.

What is more unusual: on March 24, 1933, the RothIsms without consulting Jews in Germany or for that matter Jews anywhere in the world, “Declared War On Germany,” which was posted on the front page of the London Daily Express. We know they did not consult German Jews because since the Emancipation Edict of 1822, Jews were guaranteed all civil rights enjoyed by Germans. You can guess which country offered Jews a refuge from Russia when the Communist coup failed in 1905… Germany.

We are to believe the Jews persecuted throughout most of history, living in the only country in Europe which did not place restrictions on Jews, put on their yarmulkes and tefillin and went off to war against the Nazi’s with one-day economic boycott… Which had about the same effect as a fly biting an elephant.

No one was surprised when Hitler announced a one-day boycott of Jewish-owned shops and directed the German government to enact 42 laws restricting the economic and social rights of German Jews.

Many Jews in Germany packed up and left for Palestine while many other Jews wanted to go to America. Unfortunately the door to the U.S., usually open to people fleeing oppression, was suddenly closed as was just about every other door in the world. Part 3: Adolph Hitler: Providence, Miracle, or What Really Happened

[9] The Holocaust

The Six Million numbers was given judicial authority at the Nuremberg Trials between 1945 and 1949.

The proceedings proved to be the most disgraceful legal farce in history. For a far more detailed study of the iniquities of these trials, read the outstanding book Advance to Barbarism (Nelson, 1953), by the distinguished English jurist, F. J. P. Veale.

From the very outset, the Nuremberg Trials proceeded on the basis of gross statistical errors. In his speech of indictment on November 20th, 1945,

It should be emphasized straight away that there is not a single document in existence which proves that the Germans intended to, or carried out, the deliberate murder of Jews. In Poliakov and Wulf’s Das Dritte Reich und die Juden: Dokumente und Aufsätze (Berlin, 1955), the most that they can assemble are statements extracted after the war from people like Hoettl, Ohlendorf and Wisliceny, the latter under torture in a Soviet prison. In the absence of any evidence, therefore, Poliakov is forced to write:

“The three or four people chiefly involved in drawing up the plan for total extermination are dead, and no documents survive.”

This seems very convenient. Quite obviously, both the plan and the “three or four” people are nothing but nebulous assumptions on the part of the writer, and are entirely un-provable.

The “unknown holocaust” — a “horrible era of destruction, looting, starvation, rape, ‘ethnic cleansing,’ and mass killing,” in which some three million Germans died unnecessarily after the official end of the war in 1945. This number constituted approximately two million civilians, mostly women, children and elderly, and about one million prisoners of war.

This “`unknown holocaust’ of non-Jews,” he said, “is essentially ignored not because the facts are disputed or unknown, but rather because this reality does not fit well with the Judeo-centric view of history that is all but obligatory in our society, a view of the past that reflects the Jewish-Zionist hold on our cultural and educational life.”

“Jews are only three percent of the nation’s population and com prise eleven percent of what this study defines as the nation’s elite. However, Jews constitute more than 25 percent of the elite journalists and publishers, more than 17 percent of the leaders of important voluntary and public interest organiza tions, and more than 15 percent of the top ranking civil ser vants.”

An `Unknown Holocaust’ and the Hijacking of History An address by Mark Weber, director of the Institute for Historical Review, delivered at an IHR meeting in Orange County, California, on July 25, 2009. (A report on the meeting is posted here.)

[10] One of Hitler’s opponents in the Nazi Party, Otto Strasser, claimed that the Nazi dictator forced his niece Geli Raubal to urinate and defecate on him. Strasser, who fled Germany for his life, includes the allegations in his memoirs and was personally interviewed by Langer in the process of researching the wartime report.

Appendix A

1887 Lewis Carroll becomes member of the occult when he joins The Society for Psychical Research (SPR). The SPR also helped creating the Fabian Society, which was also closely tied to the Rothschild political machine. Fabian leader, Dennis Healey, became Britain’s Minister of Defense and also joined the Bilderberger movement.

“The initial organization was composed mainly of enthusiastic Spiritualists, but at the core was an experienced team of paranormal investigators, the so-called “Sidgwick Group.” The Sidgwick Group consisted of Henry Sidgwick, Frederic W.H. Myers, Edmund Gurney, Walter Leaf, Lord Raleigh, Arthur Balfour and his sisters Eleanor (who married Sidgwick in 1876) and Evelyn (Lady Raleigh), among others… This informal group had originally been formed in 1874 for the purpose of investigating mediums and Spiritualistic seances….” 27B

Balfour and Rothschild were also members of the mysterious Apostles Club to which the infamous Bible revisers, Westcott and Hort, and Henry Sidgwick of the S.P.R. belonged. 102. An important fact which has been obscured by the Zionist crusaders, including those in the Council for National Policy, is that the plan for the State of Israel was formulated in the secret societies of Great Britain. The Council For National Policy Part II the British Eugenics Establishment [A1]
Greg Hallett’s book “Hitler Was A British Agent” (2005) depicts war as a ghoulish illusion conjured by occult magicians in order to degrade and eventually enslave humanity in world government.

For example, Adolph Hitler was in England in 1912-1913, a fact supported by his sister-in-law’s book “The Memoirs of Bridget Hitler”(1979). Many historians including Hitler biographer John Toland have ignored this startling information. (If Hallett is right, historians like Toland are guilty of sanitizing Hitler and actually making him more credible than he was.)

Hallett says Hitler spent from February to November 1912 being brainwashed and trained at the British Military Psych-Ops War School at Tavistock in Devon and in Ireland. “War machines need war and [that means they need] funded, trained and supported double agents to be their patsies, their puppets and their puppet enemies.”

And while you might discount Hallett’s circumstantial claim of the occult aspect in the rise of Hitler because he bases his conclusion on the testimony of a shadowy network of retired intelligence agents, Louis Pauwels’s The Morning of the Magicians and numerous other works corroborate Hitler’s connection to the Occult.

However Pauwels’s work is full of nonsense about Hitler’s “mistakes” that cost him the war but he has numerous interesting insights:

It is true that the Nazis would have won if the modern world had only been what most of us still think it is; a legacy, purely and simply, from the materialistic and scientific 19th century, when the man in the street looked upon the Earth as a place to be exploited for his enjoyment.

[Excerpts from The Morning of the Magicians makes it clear Pauwels did not understand the connection to The Modern State of Israel]

[Page 202] Denis de Rougemont said of Hitler: ‘Some people think, from having experienced a in his presents a feeling of horror and an impression of some supernatural power that he is at the seat of Thrones, Dominiations and Powers”, by which St. Paul meant those secondary spirits which can descend into any ordinary man and occupying him like a garrison.

I have heard him pronounce one of his great speeches. Where do the superhuman powers he shows on these occasions come from?

It is quite obvious that a force of this kind is not belong to the individual, and indeed could not even manifest itself unless the individual were of no importance except as a vehicle of a force for which our psychology has no explanation.

What I’m saying would be the cheapest sort of romantic nonsense word not that what has been accomplished by this man – or other by the forces working with in him – is a reality that is of the wonders of the century.’

In point of fact, during his rise to power Hitler, who would receive instruction from Eckhart and Haushofer, seems to have used the Powers placed at his disposal or, rather possessing him, to satisfy what were, after all, rather narrow political and nationalistic ambitions.

<He got this right for sure>

He was fundamentally an insignificant little man with strong patriotic feelings and a passion for social reforms. He functioned on a low-level and there were limits to his dreams.

Suddenly, as if by miracle, he surged to the front and was successful in everything he undertook. But the medium who is possessed by outside forces is not necessarily conscious of their strength nor of the direction in which they are leading him.

He dances to a tune which is not his own. Until 1934 he thought he was doing all the correct steps. But he was not keeping strict time.

He thought that all he had to do was to make full use of his ‘ and Powers’.

But one cannot use such Powers; one can only serve them. <End of the part he got right for sure>

[Page 183] The mad, desperate, catastrophic resistance put up by Hitler at a time when it was quite obvious that all was lost can only be explained by his belief in the Horbigerian theory that the world was awaiting a second Deluge.

If the situation could not be retrieved by human means, it was still possible to provoke the judgment of the gods. The Deluge would recur as punishment for the whole human race.

Night would cover the Earth, and everything would be submerged under a tempest of water and hail. Hitler, Speer recounts with horror, ‘deliberately tried to make everything perish with him. He had reached a state in which, as far as he was concerned, the end of his own life meant the end of the world.’

Goebbels, in his last pronouncements, greeted with enthusiasm the enemy bombers which were destroying his country: ‘Under the ruins of our demolish cities the accomplishments of the stupid 19th-century lie buried.’

Hitler glorified death: he advocated a total distortion of Germany, caused all prisoners to be put to death, condemned to death his own surgeon, had his brother-in-law executed, passed sentence of death on his defeated soldiers and descended himself into the grave. ‘Hitler and Goebbels,’ wrote Trevor Roper, ‘ Hitler called upon the German people destroy their towns and factories, blow up their bridges and dams and demolish the railways in all the rolling stock, all for the sake of a legend – the Twilight of the Gods.’ Hitler called for blood, and sent his last remaining troops out to be sacrificed. ‘Our losses never seem to be high enough’, he said.

It was not Germany’s enemies who are triumphed, but the forces of the Universe which had been set in motion to drown the earth and punish humanity, because humanity and allow the ice to triumph over fire and the forces of death to prevail over the powers of life and resurrection. The vengeance of Heaven would strike; all that was left for him to do on his deathbed was to summon of the Great Flood. Hitler staged a water sacrifice and gave orders of the Berlin Underground should be flooded: 300,000 people who are taken refuge there perished in this way. It was an act of an initiative magic: this gesture would be the signal for Apocalyptic events in heavens and on the Earth.

Goebbels published one last article before putting to death in the Bunker his wife and children and committing suicide himself. He declared that the tragedy that was being enacted was not on earthly, but on a cosmic plane. “Our end will be the end of the whole Universe.”

They soared on the wings of their demented imagination into infinite space – and died in a cellar.

[Page 209] The mystical German and Japanese Warriors thought they were better magicians than they were in reality. The civilized nations would beaten them had not been aware of the higher magical significance of their own world.

They talked of Reason, Justice and Liberty Respect for Human Life, etc., on a level which no longer had a place in this second half of the 20th century when knowledge is being transformed and the transition to another state of human consciousness is already apparent.

It is true that the Nazis would have won if the modern world had only been what most of us still think it is; a legacy, purely and simply, from the materialistic and scientific 19th century, when the man in the street looked upon the Earth as a place to be exploited for his enjoyment.

There are two Devils: one that changes the divine order into disorder, and when the changes the divine Order into disorder, and one that changes order into another kind of order, which is not divine. The Black Order should have triumphed over a civilization which it considered had sunk to the level of ‘satisfying’ purely material appetites hypo critically disguised as moral values.

But it was something more than that. It presented a new face to the world, while suffering the martyrdom inflicted on it by the Nazis, like the apparition of the Face on the Holy Shroud. At every level, from that of popular education to nuclear physics, from advanced psychological exploration to interplanetary rockets, a sort of alchemy was at work, raising hopes for a transmutation of humanity and the prospect of a better life.

This civilization, criticized no less from the outside by the mystical worshipers of the past then on the inside by the naive believers in progress, had to be saved.

Diamonds cut glass. But borazon, a synthetic crystal, cuts diamonds. The structure of the diamond is more regular than that of the glass. The Nazis might have won. But an awakened intelligence can create, as it develops, figures of a purer order than those which shine in the dark.

‘When someone smites me on the cheek, I do not turn the other cheek, nor do I put up my fist; I strike with a thunderbolt.’ It was necessary that this struggle between the Lords of the underworld and the little man above, between the Powers of Darkness and humanity on the march to progress, should be decided at Hiroshima by a clear sign from the Power which admits of no discussion. <Whoa, Hiroshima. You might want to read or re-read An Ominous Drilling Sign for the Truth>

[End of Excerpt from The Morning of the Magicians]

[Review of Morning of the Magician from Amazon]

Published originally in the 60s, and having accomplished a notorious reputation, the work raises awareness about extraterrestrial intervention in human affairs, the role of the occult in Hitler’s military strategies, or conspiracies involving alchemists, underground civilizations, or secretive Masters of the paranormal.

A classic of radical literature, this revolutionary study has challenged conventional knowledge and assumptions for decades, offering unique perspectives on everything from alchemy, politics, history, and supernatural phenomena to magic, Nazi occultism, and mankind’s place in the universe. Drawing from the work of Charles Fort and Carl Jung, among others, the authors explore the importance of history and its varied perceptions and propose new ways of interpreting reality.

The work devotes a considerable amount of time to the events of the Nazi occupation of the continent. But they emphasize the pseudoscientific approach to philosophy and religion, mixing technology Magic, which aided and not seize it first and then contributed to their doom.

While German scientist for perfecting the buzz bombs that later cause such damage in England toward the end of World War II, some of their number put off their own research on an atomic bomb to direct investigation of the theory of a hollow earth.

This hollow earth concept was considered, among other advantages, a means of locating the British fleet through the use of infrared rays from inside the Earth. German belief in magic and an imagined alliance with eternal ice that climate of the Teutonic gods, moved Hitler to neglect, during the first years of the war, special winter uniforms for his troops, causing extreme suffering an eventual defeat at Stalingrad, where the remnants of his freezing sixth Army surrendered. [End of Review]

Appendix A Footnote

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About: Katherine:
Katherine Smith, Ph.D., is a retired research professor of History and Peace Activist.

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  1. telena says:

    ps there was no jewish holocaust,,did the jews have fun after ww2 in eastern yurope with their conzebntration camps? jews are the reason for all the misery in this world,usury is verboten that is the source of the magic,,what was it jesus said?as so many slavering xians seem to forget””Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it”.

    (Bible John 8:44)

  2. telena says:

    well you must havwe brown eyes since you are so full of jews are sickeninggenociding with one hand and wailing with the other. what they did to the russian people,the armeniansthe french,engluish,amelikans,serbians,and every colonial war philipines,spanish am war,vietnam,china forcing opium on them,only jews drag out hitler and only jews ignore the great commie jew party in russia and the jews behind the amwelikan presidents and the ruination of everyu country they evetr took up the roost in, parasites and demented worshiopers of satanYes ultimatley they are matwerialists and ultimately they still lovwe molech and all their pagan gods. the talmud condemns and the innocent jews silence makes them throw in with the leadrs as well.allways crying persecution perhaps there was a reason for it hmmmmmmmm?

  3. Shariq says:

    because if so, he could not escape the conclusion that there exist vastly worse sociopaths and far more of them in public office in America today than ever he would have found in the Third Reich.

    Agreed upon.

  4. When someone has nothing more meaningful to write about their default choice is almost invariably to dig Hitler up out of his grave and “expose” him as a nutjob…….I seriously wonder if the writer of this article, for all its erudite sounding pseudo-scholasticism and TWISTORY, ever once had the courage to sit down and read MEIN KAMPF either in its original German or in the one and only one authorized English translation by Murphy….because if so, he could not escape the conclusion that there exist vastly worse sociopaths and far more of them in public office in America today than ever he would have found in the Third Reich

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