Aether Flow — The True Electric Current?


Could it be that the flow of aether in the form of electric field is the true “electric current”, and electron flow is only a byproduct? Some researchers, including potentially Nikola Tesla, seem to think so!

by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

The modern day concept of electricity is pretty straightforward. Electrical current is defined by the motion of electrons traveling through a conductive material — usually a metal such as copper. With a few basic formulas engineers are able to electrify our world, keeping our lights and appliances running.

However, there are some researchers who argue that mainstream science ignores the “true” nature of electricity, and what really constitutes electric current. They claim mainstream science incorrectly eliminated the concept of the aether, or the all pervasive medium in which electromagnetic waves were originally thought to travel. By ignoring the work of the early pioneers of electromagnetism, and dumbing down the original equations of Maxwell (the father of electromagnetism) they are obscuring the aether as the true source of electricity.

Nikola Tesla is an example of an individual who was convinced the aether existed, and built systems to harness it for the benefit of mankind. Some of his systems (today known as Tesla coils) used high frequency, high voltage discharges from capacitors to create disturbances in the aether. In some of his writings, he called these disturbances “impulses”, because he could feel radiant effects from them. Typically, he would have a primary coil of a few turns of wire that would direct these impulses towards a secondary coil. The secondary coil in the system was a flat pancake coil of many turns of wire that was placed inside of the primary. When in operation, the secondary coil would increase the “voltage” produced to very high levels. In his systems, the “tension” as he called it, could reach millions of volts.

What is even more interesting is that his system seemed to be utilizing a transformer effect without electric current or magnetism being the driving force. It was operating due to an electrostatic induction mechanism that increased the voltage of the system. To explain what was happening in his setup, here is an excerpt from the book, Cold War Technology: Project HAARP and Beyond, written by Gerry Vassilatos.

He had discovered a new induction law, one where radiant shockwaves actually autointensified when encountering segmented objects. The segmentation was the key to releasing the action. Radiant shockwaves encountered a helix and “flashed over” the outer skin, from end to end. This shockwave did not pass through the windings of the coil at all, treating the coil surface as an aerodynamic plane. A consistent increase in electrical pressure was measured along the coil surface. Indeed, Tesla stated that voltages could often be increased at an amazing 10,000 volts per inch of axial coil surface. This meant that a 24-inch coil could absorb radiant shockwaves, which initially measured 10,000 volts, with a subsequent maximum rise to 240,000 volts! Such transformations of voltage were unheard with apparatus of this volume and simplicity. Tesla further discovered that the output voltages were mathematically related to the resistance of turns in the helix. High resistance meant higher voltage maxima.He began referring to his disrupter line as his special “primary’, and to the helical coil placed within the shockzone, as his special “secondary”. But he never intended anyone to equate these terms with those referring to magneto-electric transformers. This discovery was indeed completely different from magneto-induction. There was a real and measurable reason why he could make this outlandish statement. There was an attribute which completely baffled Tesla for a time. Tesla measured a zero current condition in these long copper secondary coils. He determined that the current, which should have appeared, was completely absent.

Pure voltage was rising with each inch of coil surface. Tesla constantly referred to his “electrostatic induction laws”, a principle which few comprehended. Tesla called the combined disrupter and secondary helix a “Transformer”. Tesla Transformers are not electromagnetic devices; they use radiant shockwaves, and produce pure voltage without current. Each transformer conducted a specific impulse duration with special force. Therefore each had to be “tuned” by adjusting the disrupter to that specific impulse duration. Adjustments of arc distance provided this control factor. Once each transformer was tuned to its own special response rate, impulses could flow smoothly through the system like gas flowing in a pipe.

Interestingly, it is alleged by many researchers that in addition to magnifying the input voltage, these systems were magnifying the total power — producing overunity. However, some of these same researchers deny that any significant amount of “conventional” current travels through a well optimized Tesla coil. Since “mainstream” physics teaches power (watts) is the product of volts times amps (current or electron flow), how could the system magnify the total power if little or no current was present?

The only way we can find an answer is if we are willing to accept the possibility our present understanding of electrical current is not correct. One reason it is likely the mainstream understanding of electricity could be in error is because we do not use the original equations of Maxwell. Instead we use “dumbed down” versions that are easier for electricians and engineers to utilize while designing conventional power systems.

In his paper, “A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field” Maxwell listed eight equations (that when broken down to their bare components equaled twenty equations) that would explain all of electromagnetism. Later, Oliver Heaviside reduced these twenty equations down to only four, in a simpler form of math. In doing so, he eliminated all the possibilities that were allowed for in the original work of Maxwell. For example, the aether and longitudinal waves.

If we are willing to admit that the dogma taught by mainstream science is not divinely inspired, then we should be open to the possibility our understanding of electricity is wrong. When it comes to Tesla’s systems, many propose that the “voltage” flowing through his system was actually a pure form of aether. Perhaps by a combination of high switching rates and other methods of preventing current from flowing (he often quenched his spark gap with blowing air or a magnetic field) he was able to isolate the aether. Then using his secondary coil, he was able to “suck in” aether from the surroundings, and intensify the overall aether pressure in the system.

It seems Tesla found a way to magnify “power” without needing to utilize electrical current. What this could potentially mean is that what we call current (defined by the motion of electrons) is actually just a by-product of the aether. The electron flow could actually be impeding or killing the flow of aether, which is the true source of power.

Tesla expert Eric Dollard speaks about this topic in his paper, “The Fallacy of Conductors.” He explains how the electric field or aether tension is what really carries current across a wire, and not electron flow. The flow of electrons is simply a by-product.

The physicist Frederick David Tombes also describes how aether is responsible for current in his paper titled, “Maxwell’s Original Equations.”

An electric current begins as pure pressurized aether flow. It may or may not involve the flow of particles as a secondary effect. Positive particles may be pushed along with the aether flow and negative particles may eat their way in the opposite direction towards the source, but the primary event is the flow of pure pressurized aether. Hence when we first switch an electric circuit on, there will be a net injection of charge into the circuit from the power source. The pressurized aether will flow in a closed circuit which will inflate and expand until it settles inside the conducting wires. Conducting wires act like arteries for aether flow. As the current is initially expanding inside the circuit, there will be a step, or a bore, of pressurized aether flow advancing laterally between the wires. Linear polarization of the luminiferous medium will be occurring at this step, and this will actually induce more charge which will in turn act to oppose the driving current. Hence the current will go wide of this impedance, causing the step to advance in a wave like fashion. This is the principle behind cable telegraphy and capacitor circuits.

It seems a significant number of researchers feel like the abandoned concept of the aether is responsible for electric current, as well as many other phenomena. But how would the existence of the aether benefit humanity? How could it be put to use?

An Aetheric Future

If the aether is what truly powers an electric circuit, it means that mainstream science has gone extremely off-track over the past hundred years. To go back on track, we would need to admit the existence of the aether, study its properties, and figure out how it can be harnessed and manipulated — or captured from the environment to produce free energy!

From Tesla’s writings, it seems like aether acts like a highly compressed gas. With his Tesla coil he was able to first isolate the aether (pure voltage) from the current, and then magnify it with his secondary spiral or pancake coil to produce a gain of energy. If this is possible, then there must be many ways to extract energy from this limitless source that fills the universe. We just have to find them.

This “cold” form of electricity (devoid of electron flow) has many unique properties that are being demonstrated on a regular basis by multiple inventors. For example, when hooked up to an antenna (like the sphere on top of a Tesla coil) it can transmit power wirelessly via longitudinal waves. These waves can then penetrate Faraday cages, unlike conventional transverse waves. Also, aether flow or “cold electricity” can be used to transmit power down one wire for long distances, in a way that would not be possible with conventional current. In addition, it does not “burn” like hot electricity, in that individuals have used it to illuminate light bulbs underwater, without getting shocked.

If mainstream science took the time to study and understand the properties of the aether flow, it could allow for a new technological revolution to take place. Not only could we extract free energy from the environment instead of burning fossil fuels, but we could build devices custom engineered to work optimally with cold electricity. Until those devices were broadly proliferated, we could simply extract energy from the aether, convert it from cold electricity to normal electricity (with electron flow), and use it to power the grid.

Of course the aether is suspected to be involved in more than just electricity. It is suspected to be involved in gravity, inertia, and perhaps even time itself. Perhaps the UFOs flying through the sky are somehow manipulating the aether, and as a result producing a propulsive force. Technologies that utilize the aether could be what takes us to the stars!

Another way to look at the situation, is that until we *really* understand the aether, we cannot have a true understanding of any of the forces of the universe. For example, scientists today cannot tell you for sure exactly what is the “stuff” that composes a magnetic field or an electric field. They may claim something about “virtual photons” flying in and out of our dimension, but they really do not know for sure what is taking place. If they studied the aether, they may be able to come up with an answer.

Instead, we are being kept in the dark by ignorant, cult like scientists who refuse to look at outside of the box ideas.

Food for Thought

To end this article, I want to include the posting that inspired this article. It may not provide all the answers, but it makes some interesting points.

David L. Wenbert:

Let them all have The Big Secret: that ‘Voltage’ is FASTER than ‘Current’, and that fast switching can exploit this, drawing on any source of ambient electrons in the environment (earth, air, water). Its ultimately how ALL FE/OU devices work; Bearden was right – establish the Dipole, and switch so that it is never discharged/shorted and you can draw free current forever. Voltage propagates faster (up to at least 8x “c”, speed of light), whereas current in a solid conductor propagates at something slightly less than “c”. That’s IT, that’s the Secret. Everything else is window dressing. It’s like Hans Bethe said about the Atom Bomb, “the big secret was that it was possible; once you know THAT, anyone could figure out how to make it work…”

There are a few reasons why I think his comments have merit.

  • Tesla claimed that longitudinal waves from his system propagated faster than the speed of light.
  • When you close a circuit the current lags the voltage. The voltage seems to be there instantly.
  • Tesla used fast switching to produce disturbances or impulses in the aether and prevent current flow, by doing so he was able to produce a pure flow of aether that he could magnify.

What are your thoughts on the aether? How do you think it should be harnessed?

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  1. katesisco says:

    As for aether flow, since science has determined the sun is from loose galactic cloud M67 remaindered on a passage through the galactic ecliptic, and most if not all the planets are not Sol, it seems that we are not a system created naturally. If that is true then it stands to reason the electrical nature that we see is not the normal order and perhaps the aether is ‘stretched’ or thinned unnaturally so that we are hard pressed to determine what is correct. Kepler shows just how odd we are.
    The compression that occurs when our LT starbit in the past incurred into our system may have brought us back to ‘normal.’ Unfortunately the compression attained in the past by the LT starbit will not occur again as the LT has degraded into a neutron bitsy by burping its gas. Now the only effects are much reduced compression and massive neutrino shedding. How this will effect our electrical aether is unknown.

  2. katesisco says:

    I found this on C Thomas’ site. While I note her posting of a historical double sun as correct she misinterprets. The historical double sun is due to a LT (light terminus) starbit misnamed black hole. The enormous electromagnetic energy enveloping even a minute starbit would be immense; sufficient to bend light and create a ‘double sun.’
    I propose the LT starbit of possibly 10 to the 8 mass existed and indeed imposed itself on Sol’s system by entering through the ORT shell. Fortunately for us here on E, it almost immediately reached apogee of its orbit (Promixa Centauri) and perigee to Earth and reversed course back through the ORT shell at which time E ceased to feel effects. Perhaps one of the reasons why the ORT shell has maintained its structure when there is no reason for the spherical shell to be supported in space.

    Science discovered G1.9 displayed a gas cloud in 2005 when none existed in 1984. This gas cloud was the gas interior of the LT starbit in quantum order of zero K. Once burped out the gas was hot and through the gas glowed the newly ordered neutron bitsy. This neutron bitsy is the incursor of our system now and no longer can create the massive electromagnetic effects it once did. The degraded LT starbit, now a neutron bitsy is shedding neutrinos massively. That is the effects we are currently undergoing and will suddenly cease when the ORT shell experiences the passage of our neighbor back to its own neighborhood.

  3. Ali Adams says:

    Salam all,

    Thank you for this wonderful information.

    Please also watch this 1 hour video about scalar waves (standing waves) as the building blocks of our universe:

    Ali Adams
    God > infinity

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