Afternoon Heavy Arrivals at London Heathrow Airport, RWY27L “Myrtle Avenue” | 11/07/16


This video is property of Train_PlaneHub, “RachaelMatt” 1080p HD! A rather wet, grey afternoon at London Heathrow Airport. Decided to head down to Myrtle …


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  1. At 6:59 BA268 was from Los Angeles not San Francisco.

  2. Great video!!! That Ethiopian Dreamliner was amazing, quite rare to see at LHR these days, it's usually a 777-200

  3. I love the shot of the 744 and A330 in crosswind:)

  4. issam islam says:

    That's a lot of 787's at LHR

  5. how do you know where they departed from Matt?

  6. Max Bee says:

    Did you here that VA are getting the a350-1000 in 2019?

  7. Great to see some new updates!

  8. Nice Video mate how often do Kuwait Airways send 747-400's to LHR?

  9. p2002pl says:

    On which height are these planes when they are above you?

    Btw. Great video ;)

  10. David Pyatt says:

    Great video I often take stills at Myrtle… which video camera do you use… and hand held or monopod..??

  11. I was on that BA 787-8 from Chengdu and I think I saw you as we came in over Myrtle Ave!! btw amazing vid

  12. AClove says:

    Here's you 100th like.. Excellent stuff

  13. Don't know what future could bring, but looks like Boeing is winning the battle against Airbus to me!

  14. Howard Zinko says:

    Great video as always. Beautiful!!

  15. 120 liker 787 my favourite

  16. NatNat Mrqz says:

    Why did the Saudia Boeing 777's left engine stopped 13:22, then went back on again?

  17. John Perry says:

    You finally changed the profile pic! I'm going to miss the Thomson 737 🙁 been there for years

  18. John Perry says:

    Why was the flight empty from Cardiff?

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