* AGE of Deceit * (FULL ) Fallen Angels and the New World Order


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  1. Time Watcher says:

    That's right, I just watched it dude, great stuff. When you see these things come to pass HOLD YOU HEAD UP AND LOOK ON HIGH FOR YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NEAR

  2. love this video..going right to the next one as soon as this one's done..watched this twice…can't wait for the next one Lol❤ but you really could do WITHOUT the music in the background…gets very annoying..:) Great job though…thanks

  3. oh yeah i forgot to thank everybody for their awesome comments!! Made it even more special!! 🙂 Thank you all

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  5. Thank you very much for this post!  Bless you!

  6. Celtic Rose says:

    A few years ago, I was deeply into the new age movement. I had become a master reiki practitioner and a medium/psychic. I remember finding this documentary on Amazon and wanting to watch but my blu-ray player all of sudden stopped working every time I would try to play this. It also wouldn't load on YouTube. It was weird because every other video would play except for this one. I thought "someone doesn't want me to see this.". Finally I got it to work after a few hours. Wow my eyes were opened! It made so much sense! The deeper I got into the new age, the more my life started to fall apart. I was tormented after watching this. My bed would shake at night, I would hear stomping on the stairs outside of my room….there was just this presence of evil. I realized then that the "angels" and spirit guides I had been working with were actually demons. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior soon after. All of the tormenting stopped and I was finally free. Thank you so much for this movie!!

  7. Good stuff here! God Bless You for this important ministry. I'm an Orthodox Christian, and one of our brothers has a YouTube presentation called "The Abomination of Desolation" which might add some further weight to your presentation. Its done by Constantine Zalalas. Marana Tha!

  8. Kuro Dre says:

    Thank you for putting this vid out, Be strong in the Lord and the power of his might.

  9. Check this out: What will happen instead of the New world Order? It's human-led, it will change everything, and it will blow your m,ind!!!


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  11. Why no mention about the harlot , the papacy / rome along with their ruthless jesuit preisthood the head / leader of all secret societies ? To gather all of this knowledge and present it and then exclude the harlot of revelation from this video doesn't make God sense and points to other motives for the production of this video. I would suggest to all viewers of this video to read Jeremiah 33: 3 which says : Call unto me and I will answer thee and show you great and mighty things , things that ye do not know. There are so many people that are offering up today what they say is truth but the only way to receive truth is from God through Jesus Christ the Son. Stay or Get connected it is the only way to avoid deception and receive Gods way , truth and life which is Jesus Christ the Son of God.

  12. I continued to watch the entire video and there was a brief mention of the catholic church / papacy . Thank you for showing that salvation through Christ is the only answer. I would also humbly suggest looking at Alberto Rivera's (ex jesuit priest ) writtings and interviews who gave his life as a martyr exposing romes plans for a one world goverment and religion. Blessings

  13. satan's plan to distract you. Shock and Awe tactics to promote fear in the masses! Keep your head,Renew your mind by the washing of the water of the Word! Draw near, it's time!

  14. Everybody wants to be Captain Picard or Luke Skywalker.

  15. New Age movement = movement to achive global peace. It's simple as that.
    Those who oppose this go against the most basic teaching of Jesus so you are the one serving the Devil….

  16. rooneye says:

    Woah whats that BBC video from? Those women were crazy, what were they originally stopped for? Is there a longer version of that with the whole story?

  17. halve truths and bullshit. Everyone has the ability to connect with God and understand their origins. Go find the truth for yourself and quit believing another without proof, this kind of stuff is akin to another religious viewpoint.

  18. Last Ryde says:

    Got to admit it's a very entertaining video. Sucks though how these closet atheist fraudulent fake christian leaders use more plausible conspiracy theories, and combine them with all this religious crap. It's like a way for the shadow government to make every sort of conspiracy theorist debunk one another so the rest of America can remain sedated by consumerism while labeling the conspiracy theorists as kooks on the count that they all seem to debunk each other.

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