Air Tattoo 2016 DVD Trailer – Planes TV


Expertly shot with high definition, ultra high definition and slow motion cameras, the official souvenir will be a superb way to re-live the action from the Royal …


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  1. MidgetHD says:

    Absolutely amazing event! Cannot wait until next year

  2. max martin says:

    Awesome trailer so gonna get it!!!

  3. martin king says:

    Amazing air show, can't wait to get DVD

  4. Awesome did anyone see the f22s tail vibrating at 0:51

  5. Andy love says:

    we want our DVDs we cant wait much longer! was a great show!

  6. Tom Hadler says:

    Superb footage, looking forward to receiving it. Great lineup this year.

    I wonder, does anyone know whether the soloturk pilot was involved or had knowledge of the Turkish coup plans at all?

  7. extremely well done . amazing video

  8. Mysticman2k7 says:

    Is the audio on the DVD of the jets , or is it all overdubbed with music?

  9. Alnan says:

    This gave me goosebumps

  10. Andy love says:

    dispatched in october i was told september by your website and when i purchased at RIAT 2016

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