Airports Install LED Lights That See You Naked

Robert Rich

New Jersey airport has recently installed a new type of technology that does the same thing as TSA body scanners. The only thing is, travelers don’t know they’re being scanned as these LED lights have the ability to see passersby virtually naked.

Being boasted as a top of the line technological advance, the airport is installing the lights while informing the public of half truths. Recently invented, the light is said to have been formatted to allow Wi-Fi signals to be transmitted through light waves that they produce. Stating that they offer the convenience of airport internet accessibility, these lights are more devious in nature as they present a direct violation to everyone’s natural Fourth Amendment right.

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Of course in the name of security, it seems that organizations such as the TSA think they aren’t being invasive enough. Despite the fact that according to reports, the newly prison-like TSA procedures have yet to actually prevent one terrorist event, they are still struggling to further infringe on the rights of traveling American’s.

This isn’t everything that American’s should be worried about either as a new development has been made to a preexisting, and already operational, technology. As we reported back in November, the Obama administration has been installing surveillance streetlights throughout major metropolitan areas. They are simply equipped with cameras and microphones that are ready to record and communicate with other lights via Wi-Fi. If one is taken out the rest of the streetlights remain operational as they each communicate with a central hub through wireless signals.

Airports Install LED Lights That See You Naked

The newest technology, simply added to the surveillance street lights, are already being installed in Europe. Just like the aforementioned LED lights, these additions also subject passersby to the peep show of snooping authorities. All in the name of safety, the technology has the ability to strip you down in search of weapons.

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As if these two instances aren’t scary enough it appears as if the government is taking legitimate action in order to invade your home. Sending in technology that has the ability to communicate with outside businesses, things as simple as your thermostat or rice cooker could become the subject of government control. No, the machines aren’t going to kill you as you sleep, but they could ultimately be shut down rendering them useless with the flip of a switch. This is being done through Google who has already clearly acknowledged to being in cahoots with Obama and his gang of thugs.

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Lastly, there are already things in your possession that contribute to government snooping. As we all know, your cell phone is the biggest contributor to what the government knows. Tracking everything from calls and texts, the government can even see what you buy and track where you are in the world. Being able to remotely flick on your microphone and camera is also helpful for those times when you’re not talking on the phone.

Other things people aren’t too aware of are things such as the Xbox. Now that all of them come with the Kinect, Microsoft has put in their “terms and services” the fact that they can turn on, and monitor your device at any time, whether you’re on the xbox or not. What makes this even more creepy is that the infrared function on the Kinect also has the ability to strip you down and view your more sensitive parts, even through a thick pair of jeans.

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It appears as if our government is running rampant while hiding behind the excuse that they are trying to create an entirely secure environment. The fact of the matter is, these technologies allow for complete government surveillance, no matter where you are. And what’s worse, is that people are buying many of the devices used by the government to snoop and paying for them out of their own pockets.

What do you think though – are these legitimate concerns or does the government truly have our best interests in mind?

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