Alcohol Will Kill You ! You Must Watch This Documentary (Shocking, Undisputed truth)


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  1. Me an alcoholic no chance i work and im a nice person.well your in for a shock ,i could tell the people who had a drink problem but no chance would i become one ,if their was anyone who deserved a drink it was me ,first it was my friend then it turned on me very slowly untill it made me insane ,i wouldnt listen because im not like them i thought ,and now i cant have one single drink because the first drink sets off a craving in me which will not stop untill i cant drink any more or pass out, its a mind altering DRUG, not what the media shows as a social exciting drink, lots of you will look at this and say what a sad person this is ,yes i am ,you too can be like me just keep taking the alcohol

  2. opal1920able says:

    who cares, so what, I have nightmares every single night and have intrusive thoughts all day long, I relive frightening memories everyday, so fuck off.

  3. Why is this channel namned HD when no of the videos is been watching is in High Definition, please 360p is garbage

  4. It's a shame that so much terrible things are associated with alcohol. Alcohol is used in all situations, whether we're sad or happy or just wanting to relax.

  5. Dont worry the government will cute your addiction by making your affliction more expensive

  6. Kevin White says:

    I've been sober 14 years. I stayed sober even through losing my dear sister to the disease. If you can't stop ask Jesus to deliver you to Sobriety. Ignore comments from insensitive users. It is a disease and you CAN regain your life. Ask Today.

  7. if i don't get a great life, i will drink myself to death.

  8. Adiel Khan says:

    40 year old girl??? does he not mean lady

  9. This has honestly put me off booze. Cheers for the upload more people should see this

  10. I definitely agree with how damaging and deadly alcohol is, but I seriously question the opinion in this film saying that people drink more now. My parents have told me how rampant drinking was back in the day and cheap beer was readily available and people drank as fiendishly then as they do now. Alcohol is definitely a poison and I personally don't drink, however, this doc sounds like a lot of govt propaganda where they're trying to sway people into supporting hefty taxes on booze while pretending they give a damn about people's health.

  11. I suppport drinking among assholes

  12. Every drug is better being illegal só u do not pay taxes to corrupt governement, instead give money to better People such as drug dealer

  13. Pathetic governement should maybe warn about the risks of knives …. People choose by themselves if they want to jump from a bridge they maybe should put warnings on every place saying that, bunch of useless bureaucrats

  14. When he was cutting the liver like a chunk of red meat i was thinking about the seasoning I should make to , to make a perfect steak. Delicious

  15. ▬▬► Hi friends. If you or a loved оne neeеds help with drugs or alcccohоl addiсtion CALL ►►► 1-888-966-2616 (Toll-Free)
    Don't wait until its too latee where therе is life thеre is hope peaсe and bleessings!

  16. Tom Jackson says:

    WAKE UP INTO REALITY: God the Father, Jesus Christ Son of God/Lord and Savior, and the Holy Spirit is your Hope. That's the Trinity. Jesus Christ, Son of God/Lord and Savior, said to love God the Father, love your neighbor, and beware all evil, both internal and external. Beware the evil; beware those criminals! And use your brains! If you go along unthinkingly with the herd, expect to be led to slaughter. Follow your Leader, the Lord Jesus Christ, be a good Christian Soldier, and march on into Heaven with the strength of the knowledge that you did spread the Word of Hope to your fellow man in the Hell of earth. God bless you with the Holy Spirit of the living God. In Jesus Christ's name I pray. Never doubt, never relent, never take counsel of your fears. Amen.

  17. i drink 20-30 bears sometimes this is scary :S

  18. 28? she looks about 60 years old

  19. There are absolutely no be benefits to consuming alcohol or cigarettes, people need to get there act together. Its interesting to me that the largest demographic to consume alcohol and cigarettes are on the low income level and also on the low educated level but that is not surprising.

  20. damn I drink at least 10 beers a day and on the weekends who knows how many and liquor, maybe I should stop

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