Alert: "Prepare For Rebellion", Obama Orders US-Canadian Troops


EU Times

Kremlin position papers presented to Prime Minister Putin today on his upcoming meeting with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen state that the European-US military alliance has authorized an ‘emergency request’ from President Obama to utilize American and Canadian NATO troops to put down what is expected to be a “rebellion” after the expected January, 2010 ‘declaration of bankruptcy’ by the State of California.

According to these reports, Obama’s fears of rebellion are due to the economic health of California (the United States largest State) after the 3rd largest US State, New York, declared a ‘fiscal emergency’ and refused to release to its cities and towns over $750 Million due them this past week with the Governor of New York, David Paterson, declaring “I can’t say this enough: The state has run out of money.

New York’s fiscal crisis, however, pales in comparison to California’s, where new economic data points to its expected 5-year budget deficit reaching the staggering amount of over $100 Billion which Russian economists warn will result in budget cuts so steep as to create ‘social chaos’ among this States 36 million citizens.


Reports from the United States are, indeed, confirming the mass movement of military supplies and thousands of Canadian Special Forces Troops to California from the Canadian Forces Base of Petawawa to join their American military counterparts, with ‘secondary’ reports stating that at least 1,000 tanks are massing their too.


Russian Military Analysts are further warning in this report that Obama has decided to implement the feared RAND Corporation (one of  the most powerful research arms of the US Military-Industrial-Homeland Security Complex) police state ‘blueprint’ tilted “Stability Police Force for the United States: Justification and Creating U.S. Capabilities” that has been modeled on the Nazi German secret police forces organization Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) meant to ‘control and demoralize’ any opposition to the state.

Even worse for these American people is the legalization process currently embedded in their new health care legislation which will see everyone of them becoming virtual slaves of their government, and as warned about by the Fox News Service in their report titled “Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid of Obama’s Latest Big Brother Plan” and which says:

“Under the Democrats’ national health care scheme not only would OPM be charged with overseeing and administering federal employees health care but they will have the added charge of administering civilian federal health care as well. What does that mean? Basically, that Americans will be treated as “civil servants.” Are you starting to see the danger?

The more government seeks to control our lives the more Orwellian it gets. This “big brother” mentality that “government knows best” and that it is their mission to provide cradle to grave “care” of its citizens will doom America as we know it. Under such a system the individual becomes meaningless and the state becomes the entity upon which we are all forced to rely.”

Unfortunately, with or without these Americans succumbing to the loss of their Nation through the establishment of a police state, their fate appears to have already been sealed as new reports are showing that by their continued saving they are failing to provide China with the money needed through the buying of goods to purchase US bonds to keep them afloat, and which has led to the incredible circumstance of the United States, through its Federal Reserve and other financial entities, becoming the largest buyers of their own debt.

Not being seen in all of these dire events by the American people is that their present collapse as an independent Nation was engineered by their own President Obama, who working in concert with the previous President, George Bush, sold them out to Wall Street by packing his administration with banking insiders have, literally, pillaged the entire economic future of the United States for the benefit of their elite classes and, incredibly, supported these once collapsing banks with over $352 Billion in drug money.

And so grave has it become for ordinary Americans that new reports are now showing that in what was once the most powerful Nation on Earth, there now exists an ‘epidemic’ of child hunger and one their fastest growing cities is a tent-town of newly homeless named “Obamaville” in a stark reminder of the thousands of shanty towns named Hoovervilles built during the Great Depression.

For those American people believing their propaganda media reports that a recovery is underway they couldn’t be more mistaken, as newly released data shows that of the millions of jobs lost these past 2 years almost all of them are permanent. And, as always, these people are being kept from knowing the full and brutal truth of their economic collapse with reports also showing that the latest unemployment figures released by the US government were faked.

But to the greatest fears of these Americans should be the newly released information showing that US scientists have perfected, for the first time in history, a new drugless technique to wipe from these people’s minds their very own memories, and as we can read:

“In a scientific experiment that brings to mind the memory-erasing escapade in the 2004 film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” scientists have blocked fearful recollections in human participants, sans drugs. The results challenge the view that our long-term memories are fixed and resistant to change.”

Russian Military Psychologists have long warned that the West’s longest term plan to control their soon to be rebellious populations lie in memory altering techniques such as are being perfected in the United States and due to be deployed through their mass media in radio programmes, television, and movie broadcasts outlets as these Nations past reliance on the drugging of their citizens through mass fluoridation is becoming more and more ineffectual.

Important to note too is that the economic collapse of the United States is just one of the catastrophic dangers they are facing, as this past week the giant plant genetics company Bayer admitted in a US Federal Court that it has been “unable to control the spread of its genetically-engineered organisms despite ‘the best practices’ to stop widespread contamination” and which may very well see the destruction of the American’s ability to feed themselves as these ‘monster plants’ reap their destruction on Nature.

To all of these events, it is not in our knowing if the American people will awaken from their self induced slumber to arise, as they have many times throughout their history, to reclaim for themselves what is now rapidly being stolen from them.  But, and if their present actions are a predictor to what they may do in the future, one can only fear for them as they are marched in lockstep towards an abyss they only fail to see because they won’t open their eyes.



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11 Responses

  1. Iam calling for all religions, including Muslims, Christians, and Jews to form an interfaith group based on mutual respect, understanding, and peace. We all worship one God. Let us all pursue a course of non violence. Mohandes Ghandi, said if all men followed the principles found on the sermon on the mount that there would be no wars. The earth and the heavens belong to God. Our common enemy is satan the devil and his coharts system, which are comprised of three elements: 1-False Religion 2-Commercialist that are comprised of Elite Bankers and Industrialist 3-Elite Politicians Excess parsitic profits and usury interest rates must be eradicated from the face of the earth along with demoralizing riches and poverty. The common people are not asking for a redistribution of wealth, they are asking for a more equitable distribution of wealth, where the scales of economic justice are more evenly balanced.

    Respectfully James M Nunes
    Monetary Reformer/Social Creditor

  2. robc says:

    “China with the money needed through the buying of goods to purchase US bonds to keep them afloat, and which has led to the incredible circumstance of the United States, through its Federal Reserve and other financial entities, becoming the largest buyers of their own debt.”

    Is this something bad for the US? I do not understand why they cannot continue like this?

  3. The lawyer politicians or political hacks are surogates and pawns of the international finance hyenas. They are in the pay of Judas. In addition to the cash and barter economy, people can engage in subsistence farming, fishing and start making their own clothing and shoes instead of buying inferior products made in china that fall apart. We can form worker communities with light industries and trade goods and services among ourselves. Part of the solution lies at the grass roots. United we stand divided we fall. I was shopping in Wall Mart the day after Christmas, and I noticed the one gallon of orange juice that was 3.00 dollars a month ago was now over 5.00 a gallon. Wall Mart is one of the largest importers of products from China. They work some of their employees part time with no benefits, while other full time empolyees work for sub-standard wages of 10.00 to 12.00 dollars an hour. It is one of the few places you can work and be eligible for public assistance. You cannot support a family of 4 on Wall Mart wages. I made 12.00 dollars an hour 35 years ago as a carpenter. The wages are going backwards and the prices are going up with the over all cost of living. Yet I see these stupid American shopping there, not realizing that they are cutting their own throat. I have decided to boycot Wall Mart. The Wall Mart family is one of the 10 riches families in the U.S. The have gotten that way by employing the tacktecks of predatory capitalism. When they first open up a store they sell below cost until they run the competition out and than they gradually raise their prices up higher than their former competition. They are also engaging in unethical business practices by using bait and switch. I have bought items that are suppose to be on sale, and when you get to the cash register, it rings up at a higher price. This has happened to me several times. I usually go to customer service and get my money back. Wake-up America, before it is too late.

    Respectfully James M Nunes
    Monetary Reformer/Social Creditor

  4. Jim Haynes says:

    Well, viewers of this military deployment video what more must you see to understand what is happening in this country! This military operation that surpasses any operation that was held during the Viet Nam era and that should be evidence enough that the Government is preparing to meet force with force and totally eliminate all constitutional laws restricting any avenues of freedom expressing dialogue and legal recourse for the people. You may think that this report is all folly and conspiratorial but an exercise of this magnitude is unheard of on American soil with the exception of Waco which was a mini exercise against women and children and you already know the results of that action.

    What can we the people do to address and remedy this travesty of unwarranted display of force, talk, talk, talk to your local congressman, senators, friends neighbors about of what is going on. This is the safest and most legal method of resistance to this nightmare that is unfolding before our eyes. The military can make self sustaining commentary of what is happening but that won’t change or alter reality. I didn’t mention foreign forces being used to assist our troops which is another issue that deserves more space then allowed to address this illegal freedom destroying problem.

    In summation, OUR military is basically good and is serviced by the best of our sons and daughters, but it is being manipulated and used by the worst evil minds imaginable that want total control of us to usher in the New World Order (NWO). In the NWO there will be only two classes of people, master and slave and the adversary has already started this process with economic slavery (joblessness) along with present and future socialistic programs to make us totally dependent on the government to survive.

    Jim, the old patriot

  5. kalkichrist says:

    There’s the one hand looking to see what the other hand is doing and thinking it’s all such a relative thing, and secrets revealed would still not crack the shell of illusion.
    It’s not about politics, NWO’s and who wants to do what to who with a gun or a country.
    It’s about rounding up the Humans to wake up in silence of mind so the demons can be trapped, okay!! Calm down and get a grip on the bigger picture, folks. It’s all in good time and process. “Keep silence before me, O islands; and let the people renew their strength: let them come near ; then let them speak : let us come near together to judgment.” Isaiah 41:1
    That’s the true meditative state of Spirit-knowledge, the Powerful people who are rising behind the scenes to secret out the secreters. Obama is actually a Deity Incarnation, but from inside the bottle view, you can’t see how or why. So was Lenin of Russian revolution. It is about conscious evolution towards freedom. Trap yourselves in your minds, and you’re going to be completely trapped forever by this fellow here: “And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.” Luke 20-28
    Go within, not without.

  6. Three ways to eleminate the parasitic international finance hyenas.
    1-Go a round the obstacle The underground cash and barter economy
    2-Remove the obstacle Abolish the Federal Reserve
    3-Remove the host or food that the parasite feeds off of, which is the control over the monetary system through the banking system. Repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and restore monetary authority to the U.S. Treasury to create and extinguish, honest debt free money based on gold and silver.

    Respectfully James M Nunes
    Monetary Reformer/Social Creditor

  7. David Scott says:

    There is not enough difference between the Democrats and Republicans. Because, I live in very blue voting district, for the first time in my life I had the luxury of “voting my conscience,” instead of voting for “the lesser of two evils.” I voted for the Green Party candidate, not because I thought she would make a great president, but because I really agree with the Green Party agenda, and I wanted to send a message to the Democrats. I agree that Obama was a better choice than McCain, but only by a small margin. Both Democrats and Republicans have been ripping off the taxpayers, since way before I was born. The thing that worried me about Obama right from the beginning was his warlike and hawkish attitudes. We need to stop giving money to the military, and Obama never talked about that. I invite you to my website devoted to raising awareness on this puritan attack on freedom:

  8. Obama Sucks says:

    I think Obama should NOT be associated with Hitler. Hitler was a racialist advocating for his people. Obama is a communist advocating for world union, N.W.O., ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT! Hitler on the other hand wouldn’t have desired to live under the same government with non-white people because he disliked them.

    Obama = Karl Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky but never Hitler! If Obama would have = Hitler, then Obama should have loved Americans but he hates America and wants to destroy it and demolish it’s constitution and by uniting it with Canada and Mexico to form the North American Union and the new currency , the Amero!

    Fuck OBAMA and if such a civil war breaks loose as this article says, I will be prepared, so Obama I’m waiting for you! You fucking cunt! You Bilderberg tool!

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