Alert Trump To Destroy America Martial Law World War 3


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  1. Al Ives says:

    Everyone's arguing amongst themselves and looking for answers, in Antartica, Planet X, aliens; high expectations of impending disaster, but nobody's willing to do anything because when you go outside it's not the same as it is on the Internet. The real sky is not the YouTube sky! The real neighbourhood is not the mainstream media fake news neighbourhood! Everything on the screen–any screen–is merely entertainment, it's a Bollywood movie.

  2. You sound like a Muslim cocksucker Fuck yourself and your channel! :-)

  3. leroy umland says:

    Trump, the time is can come fast, The big Gates what say in office, the water need to be drain fast, from the swamp and clean out the swamp water out too!!

  4. Consider what we the American people had as a president…A liar that was not what he portrayed himself to be. A law breaker someone that was interested in helping others and not the American people. We welcome Trump…

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