ALERT World War 3 is underway EVERYONE MUST WATCH THIS and Wake others

Pakalert January 23, 2016 4



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  1. GJS January 24, 2016 at 10:53 pm - Reply

    So much hatred in the world, while the leaders of both sides plot & conspire us into yet another war we just continue fighting each other INSTEAD of demanding our leaders act & respect OUR wishes.
    The masses have the power weather it be in a democratic way or an uprising, leaders will ONLY listen & react when WE stop fighting each other & direct our anger at them.
    There is so much hatred in so many areas weather it be race, colour, religion, sex, creed, inclination & even a persons size is argued about, it’s as if mankind has a predisposition towards hating something no matter how trifling it is, hatred is what will KILL off the human race, the ONLY race here on Earth, all the other aspects of life we manage to find hatred with are so infinitesimal & trivial it’s truly ridiculous we find the time & breath to argue about.
    Hatred will only overcome us if we ALLOW it to, the same thing goes for war, instead of fighting each other try & unite, overlook what ever petty things that were upsetting you because if we allow our LEADERS to take us to war we will soon REALISE that none of us had anything worth complaining about before. Start now & write or tell your leaders you DO NOT want war, you want negotiation & action for peace.
    After all aren’t we all working for the same future ? PEACE in a world worth bringing our next generations into, NOT a ravaged planet where hatred rules !

  2. Gonzo la magnifico January 24, 2016 at 11:12 am - Reply

    ALERT GREECE has a Gamma radiation 1,330,000 nSv/hr  at the MEGALOPOLIS REACTOR

  3. Nicky Britton January 24, 2016 at 11:12 am - Reply

    Thank god there are people on TV in other countries that are not 'with the look of it JEW Zionists controlled tv and government goyim
    This would not happen in the UK or anywhere else in Western Europe!! It's fuck obvious enough for over 15 years now iv been saying all this mass immigration can only be controlled normal governments don't pile mass multiculturalism on the people with out asking them first???? It's obvious its to bush for race wars or so they can push terrorism to go on in Europe for years and years
    This clip needs to be everywhere so normal thinking european people can wake up shut our boarders then throw out the JEWS because let's be honest that's what they meant but just couldn't get away with
    All european governments = JEWISH Zionists bought and paid for
    Know your enemy

  4. MaxEndah January 24, 2016 at 11:12 am - Reply

    WATCHMAN WARNING! Soon Child peace takeover, you know I am in England for the touchdown Babylon destruction one son untouchable, Theophany Theocracy heralding my arrival. Feel no way, there shall be plenty of provision provided for you to gather onto Heaven on Earth UK zero midday MAST no dummy can cut my ark. "Every eye shall see" #XYZ Earth Ruler

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